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Saturday, March 11, 2023

Nord Stream Blow Up with Code Name BALTOPS 22

    In a video from youtube, USA Senator Richard Black, reveals the purpose of the US occupation of Syria.

    This is the statement from USA Senator Richard Black: "Syria used to have a  significant grain surplus, people in Syria used to be very well off before the w4r"

"We (the US) want to take the wheat to create hunger.

    The idea is that by stealing Syrian oil and gas we can shut down  the transportation system in Syria and at the same time same, in winter we can freeze to death Syrian civilians"

"We facilitate the arrival of t3rr0r1sts from 100 countries of the world. They are given information that when they come to Syria it is legal to k1ll their husbands, then they can control their wives and children. Then they do it massively, so what happens is a campaign of r4pe, this is a campaign of r4pe organized"

    The point is that Syria was attacked by ISIS, and behind ISIS  there is the support of Israel, America, and Britain, especially America, who are the masterminds.

Baltic Operations 2022

    The aim is to reduce Syria's power in the Middle East so that the balance of power remains with western countries. Who is helping Syria? obviously Russian. Bashar Al-Assad is an ally of Russia.

    It's the same with Turkey, therefore Bashar Al-Assad, even though the Turkish army earlier this year entered as far as 30 km into Syrian territory, Bashar Al-Assad doesn't mind, because together strengthening their respective territories against the Kurdish uprising movement.

    It is very clear that also behind the Kurds is America. Syria used to be a prosperous country in the Middle East, but now it is devastated by America's targets so that there is no power other than a country whose leaders are puppets who are obedient under American control or who are weak leaders that America can control who are not attacked by their leaders.

    Russia was very lucky to protect Bashar Al-Assad, if not been protected by Russia, Bashar Al-Assad is the third leader killed by America in 20 years after Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and Muammar Gaddafi in Libya was wiped off the earth.

    The world is silent, not daring to blaspheme. In contrast to Russia, which is fighting against NATO is considered a crime, even though the Self Defense of the Offense is America. Then we head to the Nord Stream pipe.

    Six months ago we all know there was an explosion in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines and we have confirmed it was the Americans because not many troops or soldiers could carry out bomb attacks in underwater explosions such as in cold Baltic Sea positions, very deep, and undetected by countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania.

    The Nord Stream pipeline is two pipelines each 750 miles long or about 1100 KM in length from Russia to Germany via the Baltic sea. Why is it important that we discuss it? because as a sovereign country, your country must take the right attitude and be able to take advantage of the situation so that your country becomes a superpower country, a global player.

    Nord Stream 1 is an important gas that powers 60% of electricity in Germany and 30% of the rest of Western Europe.

    Nord Stream 2 in 2021 was barely operational when Russia invaded Ukraine. And on September 26, 2022, 2 bombs blew up the pipe. Whoever blew up the pipe was not just sabotaging t3rror1sm but an act of w4r on Russia and w4r on the German people.

    The climax is the Pulitzer Winner, a journalist named Seymour Hers reveals all the secrets of the bomb attack.

    The Nord Stream pipeline whose headwaters are in the Viborg region of Russia through the baltic exclusive zone 5 lands in Germany in the Greifswald region; the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is upstream from the Russian territory in Ust Luger, it also lands in Germany's Greifswald. The 2 bombs that detonated occurred near the Danish island of Bornholm.

    Intelligence data confirms that the military operation to attack the Nord Stream gas pipeline was carried out directly by Jake Sullivan, chairman of the NSC (American National Security Council) or Joe Biden's current security advisor.

    Jake Sullivan, a young man, an aggressive, 47-year-old man who is known to be aggressive and close to the defense of American military contractors who are the most important part of the Industrial

    The American Military Complex and international news have spread that the Nord Stream detonation plan is planned for December 2021, which is 3 months before Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

    An official meeting which was attended by Joe Biden and Jake Sullivan was also attended by the Chief of Staff of the military or joint staff of the American Army and the Director of the CIA, then after several weeks of brainstorming, divers from the US Navy, from the Salvage Center in Panama City.

    Panama was chosen directly by top military officials, and the CIA, to execute the task. This is done so that there is no leakage of information until this sabotage operation is completed or forever nothing is leaked to the media with a very secretive level, the Highly Secretive Mission.

    The Nord Stream pipeline blasting exercise was carried out directly in the batik sea because this operation became a multinational effort in which 3 countries assisted, namely Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

    Why Norway? This large European gas-producing country is an early member country of NATO. It has reliable sailors, especially the Navy, it is the Norwegian sea troop that helps determine where the exact bombing spot is that is not detected by the Russian sea controllers.

    Then the American navy detonated the bomb after dozens of drills or "Baltops 22" in the Baltic area which is a multinational diving drill.

    All of that was finally done on September 6, 2022 yesterday. When the bomb exploded in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipes, America celebrated the happiness of millions of other people. 

    The Potus said through its foreign minister, Blinken, that "this is the time when Europe will no longer depend on Russian gas because Putin has made gas a weapon to paralyze Europe."

    America forgot a little and pretended to forget that the bomb that detonated harmed Western Europe, especially its own allies, namely the German people.

    This is an action that can create a long war in Europe, which according to America's wishes that it can sell weapons and territory away from the American mainland so that America continues to colonize Europe, just as America colonized the Middle East, colonized Asia, colonized Africa, all of which are continuously gripped by America.

    Next question Is Putin going to push his nuclear button aboard the Russian doomsday plane?

 #Peace. #Geopolitics

Friday, January 20, 2023



How can North Korea finance its country, especially by building ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads? Have any other countries owed North Korea? Where did Kim Jong Un get the funds to be able to make nuclear weapons and nuclear power plant reactors in North Korea?

    Okay, let's explain in detail. In the last 11 months of  2022, North Korea angered and worried western countries and western allies by launching more than 80 ballistic missile launches from 20 different locations near the coast and mountains, this being a new record for Kim Jong's country. This has never happened in the last 50 years or even since the last 10 years there have been missile launches at more than 20 locations by North Korea.

    What is this? there's even the visceral question of where did North Korea get its dollars? 

    It is impossible for Kim Jong Un to print money because North Korea has no products to export. Isn't that the logic? That's right.

  One of the conditions for printing money is that the product is exported or there is another way. 

    While North Korea needs to buy raw materials from outside Korea, where should it be paid in dollars? This is the North Korean way of being a state where each country is required to survive, live without debt, must have its own strategy, as well as all of your countries, must be creative.

    We go back to North Korea through a time machine for a moment, on January 5, 2022, North Korea launched the first sophisticated hypersonic missile of its own making. Continued on 10, 11, and 12 January 2022 then launched another missile, then launched another missile in February, continuing in the following months with a large series ICBM or Inter Continental Ballistic Missile. Where did North Korea get the dollars to do it all? Everything is beyond the estimates of economists around the world. 

Hwasong 17

    North Korea apparently uses "Stolen Cryptocurrency" from Hacker bureau 121, they mine and steal cryptocurrencies.

 In 2020, North Korea's Cyber Bureau 121 stole more than $200 million USD of cryptocurrency digital assets.

Park Jin Hyork Bureau 121

    In 2021, international intelligence data obtained data that the Cyber Army Bureau 121, or North Korea's Hacking Division stole cryptocurrency digital assets estimated at a value of US $ 500 million, even this year the North Korean cyber army robbed and hacked online games worth 1 billion US dollars.

    Data on the money stolen by North Korea, if added up from 2019 until now, is US $ 3 billion. Pyongyang raises money from cyber attacks on Cryptocurrencies. 

    North Korea has thousands of world-class hackers and every year the military campus creates hundreds of new hackers. All of this is managed and financed by the state.

Squad Bureau 121

    North Korea has been implementing this strategy since 2010. This cryptocurrency digital asset is the US dollar valuation in value and this is underlying North Korea printing their money domestically. 

    The category of North Korean hackers is "Aces Cyber Crime" or "Ace hacker the best of the best" and there are thousands of them. Bureau 121 decodes Microsoft, hacks crypto Mining, makes computer viruses, and decodes various sources of world wealth including the wealth of other countries.

    The Windows operating system is a system that has been coded by North Korean hackers so that it can enter data from more than 130 other countries.

    There has been a lot of data on this by counter-cyber army hackers in many developed countries in the world, but the Korean hackers have never been defeated. Bureau 121 is North Korea's Cyber Crime Attack division which is feared all over the world, frightening, very sophisticated, complicated, and genius. 

    Failing just a little, the Bureau 121 hackers could be executed by Kim Jong Un. Therefore they are very afraid and rarely smile.

    Bureau 121 is a cyber special force part of the North Korean elite spy agency, it is estimated that in the coming years up to tens of billions of US dollars will be robbed around the world of various digital assets other than crypto, such as NFTs, Forex stocks, and many more, then North Korea's foreign exchange will become very thick and strong. Printing money is strengthened by its underlying stolen crypto reserves. 

    So apart from having a lot of nukes with a range of up to 5000 Km that can reach America, North Korea has become a frightening enemy for the business world, and the country's cyber defense is weak. Kim Jong-un is very smart because he studied in France. 

    It seems that we have to learn how to be a state in North Korea so that we can have our own nuclear power like Kim Jong Un. But don't forget to always smile and don't frown. Also, don't forget to Hair Style the Ambitious model of a smart person, Kim Jong Un. Cheers.



    As a prospective Global Player, your country must know what's happening in the world and how to make all of that a benefit for your country's position. On the other hand, lessons about a regime in a country can be used as lessons that will make the younger generation understand how to be smart as a state, understand which leaders should be elected, which groups are behind the elected leaders, and what if the younger generation manages the country, the reduction of sentences for corruptors carried out in real life is the work of whose era? 

    For example, our children and grandchildren ask whose era of government produced immoral people, was applauded, in which era was religion used as a political tool, and by whom was religion used for politics.

    In whose era did America rule as much as it pleased all of your countries? In whose era did China rule and protect your own country, as if it were the work of your own nation's children. All of this is food for reflection, for that we enter into the latest information so that what is bad in other countries does not happen in our place and what is good is very suitable to be applied to our own country. Let's imitate this method.

    For this reason, we briefly go to Iran using a time machine when in 1979 the new regime controlled the country of Iran, the monarchy system was changed to a theocracy, the royal system was changed to a religion-based system, the religious system was used as the basis of the state, and its leaders were executors of God's orders. 

    Going against government officials themselves means going against God's will. Wow, that sounds scary and scary. Yes, right. His claim is that the new regime of Ayatollah is building a new paramilitary force. Since then the elite troops of the Iranian army have been named "Sepah E Pasdaran E Enghelab Islami" which means the Army Of Guardians of the Islamic Revolution. 

    Since then the world has known him by the name of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps or IRGC, namely, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards army formed on the orders of Ayatollah Khomeini as the first Iranian spiritual leader created to defend the regime from threats from within and from outside, but now its function has expanded to become very powerful. 

    The IRGC determines Iran's foreign policy, controls society, controls public security and order, makes the government anti-demonstration, manages Iran's economy also controls military operations to control who will be the managing leader of the government of the President of Iran who will be elected collectively from spiritual leaders Iran, the Collegium decides. 

    But all controlled by the Revolutionary Garden Army "IRGC" is a "regime within a regime" or in world language we know it as "SHADOW" which is called the "Deep State".

    We continue to understand Iran and understand that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards can be said to be the strongest military force in West Asia. We start with their courage to challenge American hegemony where on December 6, 2022, American warships in the Hormous Strait were harassed by the Iranian Revolutionary 

    Guards, then on December 8, 2022, heavy weapons were sent to Hezbollah in Beirut which was used to attack Israel in a very large amount.

    We step back into a time machine for a moment to November 2022, the Canadian government includes the IRGC category as a terrorist organization where previously a Drone from the IRGC Iranian military base attacked a tanker belonging to the country of Liberia which was protected by the American 5th Fleet. 

    Western countries know the IRGC as a terrorist who attacks many countries including cyber attacks and espionage in western countries, in addition to attacks on Western countries, Iran's 2 neighboring countries namely Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are labeling the IRGC as a terrorist organization. The question is for information, how did the IRGC become as powerful as it is today? 

We go back in a time machine again to the 70s as the IRGC's prefix, but not in the regime of a theocratic government based on religion, but still in the regime of Shah Reza Pahlavi, who is a monarchy. 

    Syahreza has a Secret Service, which is a secret troop that protects his power. This troop is very elite, cruel, ruthless, and inhumane, and has a license to kill like James Bond 007, when Shah Reza was overthrown by the Iranian Shia special forces, all of them were eliminated by the IRGC.

    Then the Ayatollah regime built a special elite force to protect the Ayatollah regime who obeyed the regime, not the state. 

    That is the origin of the IRGC, the government regime also made a special law that separates the military which protects the Iranian nation from the IRGC which protects the ruling regime. 

    This makes the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Army a legitimate institution in Iran to do whatever it wants to protect the regime in political decisions and control of the country. This is coupled with the events in which Iraq, supported by Russia, invaded Iran, which is supported by America, in the 80s of the war. 

    The length of 8 years has changed the landscape of the functioning and existence of the IRGC far above the Iranian national army.

    The Iranian regime doesn't trust the Iranian army, it trusts the IRGC more. Because during the war against Saddam Husein in Iraq, the Iranian army did not fight wholeheartedly and even released Iraqi soldiers so they could enter Iraq. 

    Finally, 31 divisions of the IRGC exist in 31 provinces in Iran and organizationally the IRGC is not like an army in a country in general, the IRGC is more of a paramilitary or militia or militia group of rebel forces more like ISIS or Al-Qaeda model of its organizational structure.

    Within the IRGC there is a Quds division or Purification division. This purification is the most fearsome division because it controls unconventional warfare and intelligence operations. If there is valuable information like this, it's like the contents of your head are being charged. 

    It is this Quds Division that supports all organizations in many countries to fight against American and Israeli hegemony, or the term shadow for Non-State Actors, the Quds division provides weapons ranging from personal attack weapons to Heavy Artery Rocket RPGs, Attack Drones, and Kamikaze Drones shahid 136 in Ukraine, to missile rockets, Hezbollah rebel forces, Houthi forces in Yemen, Hamas in Palestine, and Quds are staunch opponents of Israel's Mossad.

    Returning to the IRGC, apart from military strength, the IRGC has economic power similar to the Iranian State Owned Enterprises. 

    Currently, the IRGC holds Two-thirds of Iran's economy which is administered by the IRGC. The conclusion is that the Revolutionary Guards do not get funds from the State Budget, but directly from business units such as construction, road construction, dam construction, oil, engineering, vehicles, real estate, manufacturing plants, and banks.

    Khatam Al-Anbiya is the economic division of the Revolutionary Guards which annually generates 12 billion US dollars, estimated by western countries to be no wonder. 

    It's true, the point is that the IGRC is an armed conglomerate corporate business, so it starts to imagine in your mind, What the regime within the regime operating on Human Rights law which is important to continue to rule on earth. Hopefully useful for all of you. Show you care for the world to be better. 


Xi Jinping's Lies Were Exposed by Western Countries. Your Countries is being tricked too??

    Did China spread the "Artificial Virus" around the world? once again we ask this question to serve as a lesson for the next pandemic attack which may have a different model but one goal.

    Does China cooperate with globalists to make the world submit to a new hegemony, namely non-America, non-Western allies, but submit to China, which uses globalists as partners for conquest or yesterday's pandemic was indeed an 'ACCIDENCE' which China took advantage of by producing counterfeit vaccines that were spread to the whole world with the name of "vaccine diplomacy" to conquer a weak world to continue to be under China's control, it seems the answer is YES TRUE.

    Although Beijing will never admit it by saying there is no evidence or where is the proof? 

    We all know that China with its vaccine always says that its vaccine is among the first to come to solve the deadly "Artificial Virus". China distributes millions or even billions of vaccines and uses vaccine diplomacy to countries that cannot afford to pay by being provided in the form of loans. Just like America and the West helping Ukraine there is no word "HELP" for free. 

    All this assistance is a loan from the west to the Ukrainian side, as well as Chinese-style vaccine diplomacy given in the form of a loan,  but now in the end it has to be admitted that injections from vaccines originating from China don't work properly, they don't even work at all, they are even a mockery of cheap goods made in a hurry from China nothing is right again echoing around the world today's world health.

    Why is information about the Wuhan virus back in the world's spotlight? We all know there have been big problems in China in the last 6 months so China's great leader Xi Jinping had to strictly implement the Zero Covid Policy (ZCP) that it closed many cities which resulted in China's economy only growing below 1 percent, very far from achieving its economic target i.e. above 5%.

    Why is it that the severity of the city lockdown crackdown has to be carried out by imprisoning residents in their respective homes in order to achieve Zero Covid which is still at high speed exposing the Chinese population?

    Until last Sunday, the Chinese government finally had to take the drug "Virus Made in China" from other countries from other companies that have proven successful in curing patient exposure due to the "Artificial Virus", one of which is taking it from Pfizer in large quantities, because their vaccine does not work at all in the body of the patient. 

    It turns out that there is a massive backlash from the "Artificial Virus" in China at this time in an extremely large amount far greater than what is reported in world data.

    China is reducing and not telling the truth, but the fact is that China is still in Lockdown because none of the vaccines used in China work so there is no immunity in the Chinese population. Herd Immunity is the immunity of a population that is greater than the sum of the pandemic it is exposed to. Immunity occurs because it is indeed high immunity or assisted by vaccines. 

    A working vaccine of course. On the political side, Xi Jinping no longer feels strong enough to force residents to stay at home in prison in their own homes. The government finally gave in to the voices of the people who shouted asking Xi Jinping to step down and even dissolve the Chinese Communist Party. 

    The only way is to give up and cover up defeat by buying antiviral drugs that will be given to the Chinese people and no longer using the Sinovac vaccine. In the end, China was forced to buy an effective anti-covid drug from Pfizer called "Paxlovid".

    When this "Paxlovid" was available in online shops in China in one the hour it sold out instantly millions of packages were sold in a matter of hours showing how bad things are in China at this time with the massive attack of the third 

wave of "Artificial Virus", not only the Chinese people being pranked by their country's officials, but China spreads and uses this Paxlovid in many countries as a weapon to suppress the economy as a "debt trap".

    1.8 billion doses of Paxlovid have been distributed worldwide. 300 million doses as a donation, but the remaining 1.5 billion is sold and given as debt to poor countries like Cambodia, one of the countries that were given this vaccine debt, there are 30 million doses of vaccine Cambodia finally got this debt vaccine.

    What is vaccine diplomacy by China? such as the recognition of the state of Nicaragua to accept donations of vaccines, then Nicaragua must cut off business relations with Taiwan. Finally, after thinking long and hard about Nicaragua and having no choice when millions of people had been exposed to the Chinese virus, Nicaragua accepted China's terms, namely to let go of business relations with Taiwan and then land two vaccine planes from China the next day.

    The same offer was made to Paraguay, but Paraguay did not accept the free offer from China. 

    Paraguay chose to buy from Pfizer even though at a high price, but it was proven later that Paraguay managed to deal with the "Virus Made in China".

    While the result of Nicaragua is not different, it is the same as not giving a vaccine which in the end gets another vaccine, not a Chinese vaccine, after that it can solve problems in the country of Nicaragua. This was discovered recently, not in 2020. 

    Xi Jinping's campaign on the world in 2020 said that China's vaccine is the solution, the world is turning against itself now.

    In terms of numbers, the country of Bangladesh,  for example, lost a lot of medical personnel because it used the Sinovac vaccine, but the Sinovac vaccine did not work, so the people of Bangladesh finally got help from India, where medicine from India managed to cure the "Virus Made in China" and did not use the Sinovac vaccine, but used drugs. 

    Many countries close to China that were stuck with the Chinese vaccine experienced problems at the beginning of the pandemic because they eliminated many paramedics, and health workers including doctors in countries such as Iran, Brazil, the Philippines, Cambodia, Pakistan, and Turkiye, all medical staff and doctors died who in the end finally these countries realized and used vaccines from other non-Chinese products and only then effectively dealt with the "Virus Made in China" problem in their respective countries. 

    The second vaccine injection and Booster from other vaccine products after that can counteract this "Virus Made in China".

    If at first this "Artificial Virus" was a disaster for the world, which was tricked into using the ineffective Sinovac vaccine from China, China should once again be held responsible. China has indeed made billions of dollars or profits from this pandemic. But now it turns out to be hit by his own karma. 

    If we look at China from a human rights perspective, what China is doing is an Extra Ordinary Crime, which must be held responsible for the deaths of 7 millions people around the world at the start of the pandemic because they believed what China's great leader said.

    Many medical workers remain exposed after being injected with China's Sinovac vaccine in 2020 and That explains why the Sinovac vaccine doesn't work those who believe in it should be held responsible for believing in the counterfeit vaccine that doesn't work. 

    Many countries immediately gave other vaccines such as AstraZeneca, and Pfizer, after that the pandemic was resolved and many countries were no longer focusing on vaccine use, but on administering drug therapy because vaccines have limitations, and drugs were found to be more effective for those who were exposed.

    We are back in China now where at the moment the Lockdown has not been opened and we are still strictly implementing the Zero Covid Policy. 

    What is it? because Herd Immunity in China was not achieved, drugs from western countries were opened and they began to relax the Zero Covid policy with shame. It should be that the Chinese leader has a big "SHAME" but it will never happen that officials admit to "blaming their subordinates" which is more certain.

    Let's try to detail why China has been building hospitals at an extraordinary speed to increase the facilities and the number of patient inpatients?

 Isn't there a "Virus Made in China" in there? There are many every day to this day, and the people have not yet reached the massive scale immunity power that 80% of the population is immune to.

    Herd immunity hasn't been achieved yet, it looks like it's still a long way off. That is the disaster of their own creation that they are feeling now. Okay friends, what do you think about the information this time? Let's share our opinions in the comments column below wisely. Show you care for the world to be better.


Wednesday, October 5, 2022



    The fact that the data is happening in the European Union is currently getting worse, the increase in electricity prices for example has been increased more than 10 times in the last 8 months and is currently increasing 5 times more electricity bills compared to last year, rising by 500%, prices in the market are rising 2 to 3 times more.

    Hotel room prices usually range from US $ 100-200 to US $ 200-400, so travelers are drastically reduced to European countries, quiet, even though the Euro is the weakest in 22 years at this time, the British pound sterling fell drastically the weakest in 40 years now, its value is the same as the dollar which should make more tourists enter Europe, but the price of airline tickets, then the price of food beverage and accommodation rose 3 times more.

    Europe is getting gloomy at the moment. Even more surprising is Winter comes early. It's now early winter, which usually happens at the end of October, now it's winter, and it's still dry.

    High electricity prices not only disrupted the economy of all European citizens but industrial factories and businesses were affected and all of this led to a recession with purchasing power dropping drastically in Europe plus now the European Union has new problems to face, namely food shortages, and energy shortages. even worse, the Russian gas pipeline leaked and exploded!!!

    Amazingly, this leak not only occurred in the North Stream 1 gas pipeline but also in the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline at the same time as the leak. Russia, which has increased gas prices twice more and reduced gas supply to only 50 percent, is suddenly unable to deliver gas at all soon because of the leak.

    Did this happen by chance or was it deliberately created so that the European community would be cold without gas from Russia?!! Whereas their country can buy gas from America, Norway, China, UAE, etc.

    Germany and Denmark say this is sabotage. Is that true?!! Russia built two pipelines North stream 1 originating from Vyborg, and Ust Luga for Nordstream 2 onshore to Greifswald Germany via the Baltic seabed pipeline.

    Coincidentally a few days ago both pipes mysteriously leaked together, starting with a sudden drop in pressure in the Nord Stream 1 pipe.

    Sweden was the first country to report air bubbles in the baltic sea which was confirmed to be from an underwater gas leak from the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, with two leaks in different places, then Denmark reported the same thing in Nord Stream 2. Even though the Nordstream 2 pipeline has not been fully utilized even though it is ready to flow gas, the war in Ukraine has already occurred and has hampered gas delivery operations to Europe.

    We review the field data again where in 2021 there is data that 45% of European Union countries get gas from Nordstream 1. By country, Germany uses Nord Stream 1 gas for 50% of Germany's national needs, France for 25% of national gas, and Italy for 46 % of national gas imported from this Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline as a Nord Stream 1 user country.

    Since the war in Ukraine, the capacity of the Nord Stream1 has been reduced by 20 to 50% which was downsized by Russia. According to Russia's plan, because of having to reduce the capacity of these products due to American and NATO sanctions, gas turbine goods for maintenance repairs purchased from European countries and Canada are hampered, detained, and complicated, Europe is actually getting Europe own loss. Moscow said the point is that if Europe wants gas to continue to grow, it will flow smoothly into Europe, and stop economic sanctions against Russia from now on.

    We're back to gas pipe leaks. Swedish intelligence got the facts and the explosion was near the pipe before the leak occurred. The question is Who did the sabotage the pipeline? Is it Europe, if you do it yourself, can you call it a stupid move that forces European countries to freeze or the Ukraine war could spread to all of mainland Europe while Russia claims it is not Russia that is carrying out sabotage, but underwater drones or sea gliders of "Foreign" countries, because of pipe damage gas is definitely 100% detrimental to Russia.

    Russian gas is a tool to suppress European countries if it is turned off 100%, Russia will experience a huge loss. If the pipeline is good, countries like Hungary, Bulgaria, and Italy have started to succumb now and it is better to get Russian gas, and this benefits Russia.

    Russia only needs to open gas channels to countries that are willing to comply with the Russian terms and conditions. This Russian strategy has proven to be very effective in suppressing European countries, especially NATO members, but if the Nord Stream pipeline is damaged, it can cause the dissolution of European countries and Russia as well as the former Soviet Union.

    How about we ask the defense intelligence expert whose dialogue I summarized when I asked this the answer is most likely America was behind the sabotage of the gas leak at Nord Stream 1.

    The goal is that there is no dualism, double agent, and doubt in the European Union to fight Russia and support Ukraine. I also need a more detailed explanation of what it means to make Europe angry, frozen and in recession, so that Europe is solid in supporting Ukraine and against Russia.

    So far, Europe is still two-faced, because it is still considering the energy supply from Russia. Now it's no longer possible, so its stance is more solid not to rely on Russia to strengthen the Abraham Accord, Europe's energy supply has been directed by America so that Europe buys into the Middle East, and asks the Middle East to serve Europe's needs using dollars.

    I also asked, what about American Shale gas? American shale gas is being processed, but it still takes a long time, therefore the dollar is made to strengthen its exchange rate so that when Europe buys gas from America later the price is very good, with the large debt of Europe to America later, it will be easier for America to maintain its hegemony in Europe which So far, since the second world war in recent years, Europe has begun to dare to fight America, especially Germany.

    It's the American version of looking at Europe today. When President Trump asked the European Union to set aside a portion of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to be able to participate in financing NATO operations, Europe left it alone, and Europe said the European Union did not need NATO at all, especially Germany. Now Russia's war in Ukraine is causing the European Union to panic, begging, asking NATO to be maintained in the European region.

    America in many positions is now in triumph. The dollar strengthened, and America's domestic oil and gas reserves were very independent. If European countries how anticipate the energy crisis, food, and recession with very expensive prices like today.

#Nord Stream 1 blowout
#Nord Stream 2 leak

Friday, July 8, 2022


    Once again we discuss the export debt. We will continue with information about the Belt Road Initiative (BRI). We discussed Pakistan's export debt.

    China builds a port in Pakistan, creates a road that divides Pakistan from the northeastern tip of Pakistan to mainland China the final destination of a seaport in southern Pakistan, builds five power plants, all of which are built with loans owed by China, while the contents of the port, the management of the port, the electricity generated used, and the road and rail facilities are for Chinese goods, most of which are actually goods from China.

    China exports debt to Pakistan, which exports debt, and imports debt is Pakistan, the estimated total amount of Pakistan's debt from China is 20.8 billing dollars, which is 23% of Pakistan's foreign debt with an interest of 5 percent per year with a loan tenor of 10- 20 years.

    This means that 5% multiplied by 20 years equals 100%. Even though the assets have been pledged as collateral, the dollars are taken to China, the goods are used by China, the payment is twice as much, even though the price has been marked up very large, that's the simple meaning of export debt.

    What happens if Pakistan fails to pay the debt, then the Chinese SOEs will take over the assets, so whatever it is whether it can pay the loan or fail to pay the loan, China is in control of the weight, really BRI is not a gift, BRI is also not helping let alone helping but a trap, very evil actually lending money for something that is not needed by the country, lending money for needs that are not really needed, indeed the country needs to build roads, it needs trains, but China is much more in need of these facilities, who really needs all of these things? who pays who once they are stuck with debts that cannot be paid, then Pakistan's valuable assets or strategic assets will be forcibly taken with a deal that is very profitable for the borrower aka China, sorry, this information is not anti-China propaganda.

    There are many facts in the world about the expropriation of strategic assets and natural resources that occur in many developing countries that get loans from China that cannot repay them.

    Gwadar port in Pakistan, for example, was taken by China because it was unable to pay Pakistan's debt so that it would be managed by China for the next 40 years.

    The port country of Djibouti, Aubock, is used as China's military base with nearly 10,000 Chinese troops there as security forces for Chinese assets in Africa managed by China for the next 20 years.

    Tajikistan has to hand over 1000 km2 of land to China, the ASEAN country Laos is even more sadistic, the Laos state electricity company is 100% managed by China at this time, then the handmaiden port, the high seas port of Sri Lanka has been managed by China for 99 years, the same as Malacca gateway in Malaysia was controlled by China for 99 years, and by the way, the 99 years were the same as Hong Kong was managed by the British which started in 1898.

    Financially, the World Bank said that there are 23 developing countries that take loans from China's debt or make China the financing and contractors of their projects, such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, which are already bankrupt, Laos, Pakistan, and these 23 countries, 8 countries are already in a state of disrepair. emergency to save, and ask the IMF (International Monetary Fund) for help.

    Why is the crisis because the country's foreign debt on average is 50% owed to China, all countries affected by China's influence, of which 23 countries have weak democracies, their leaders suppress the people, in other words, are authoritarian, and their officials play with business people.

    Why did the officials accept China's offer? because the shine of the infrastructure hopes that it will make the country look developed so that its leaders can be said to be successful even though they use large debts.

    There is another fact that many countries that are hit by China's debt loans to be able to pay interest on loans are by borrowing again, and this is a red flag because it risks state sovereignty, its officials sell state assets in the name of a person, and group profits. And of course, the debt made China richer.

    What is the evidence that China is getting richer? the proof is that 7 out of 10 world construction companies are from China, a total of all Chinese projects are worth 350 billion dollars in the eight years since 2013 or this value is equal to 3x the Indonesian state budget where all projects were given by the Chinese government with Chinese money. The proof again is that 5 of the 20 wealthiest banks in the world are Chinese banks.

    Bank of China is involved in 612 projects in 37 countries worth 510 billion dollars, strangely free consultation and financing by Chinese banks. Earlier, it only contributed to China's national GDP of no more than 3%. What is it telling you? Do you understand?

    This means roughly meaning that all of this is not the main source of China's profits, but only one of the strategies for China to become rich and powerful because the original source of China's state profits is from what fills the road and port infrastructure, China's biggest profit actually.

    As many as 9 ports that are controlled by China 100% and control 80 ports of the world is another key to the success of China, and this is part of BRI, and this is a strategy to make high profits for China.

    All ports are like a string of pearls starting from Chinese ports to all corners of the world, this is China's Naval base connected all over the world, they can control ports, control ship routes, place Chinese warships, and of course dictate world trade shipping routes.

    So actually BRI is not an economic plan, but a plan to control the world. When will the BRI development plan end, in 2049, which coincides with the celebration of China's 100th anniversary!!!

    It is hoped by China that there will be 100 world ports tied up in one Chinese country, and Chinese ownership through the BRI strategy, aka at that time China was already dominating the world. Friends, hopefully, this can be material for all of us to think about.


Wednesday, July 6, 2022


    The world today has shifted its axis, the map, and the players. We are talking about geopolitics and this must continue to be studied. Starting from European-style colonialism throughout the world until the peak of the First World War and ending in the 2nd world war, then the New World order period entered.

    Under the control of allies, namely Quote-Unquote America, America's Axis Centrum of Gravitates the map is America's foreign policy and the player is America and its allies. Initially from the '50s until the early '90s, the enemy was communism under the Soviet Union and communist countries against democracy.

    China is still an under-developing country, still assisted by the Soviets in Mao Ze Dong's era until half of the time Deng Xiaoping was still assisted by the Soviets, which we will discuss specifically to analyze Deng Xiaoping.

    We will dissect Ezra Vogel's book, about China's economic reform in a special chapter for that. We return to America when the democratic war against communism was called the cold war, because of the war against spies, the James Bond 007-style war, the west killed Soviet scientists, the KGB took intelligence data, NASA data, and Pentagon data.

My Name Bond, James Bond. Shake not Stir

    The two sides fight each other Spy, data competition, attack each other in Shadow and silent operations, each creates weapons of mass destruction, both biological warfare and nuclear bombs, intercepts communications, and competes for the best in the air, whether fighter planes, communication tools such as wireless internet networks. until the satellite, then the Soviets disbanded with the entry of the understanding of the capitalist economy, the openness of Perestroika, and Mikhail Gorbachev's Glasnost, splitting the Soviet countries, each liberating their own country. Then Russia changed its shape of country.

    Then NATO was supposed to be disbanded because NATO was formed by the Defense Pact against the Warsaw Pact, namely Threat from the East. NATO was created to anticipate communist teachings and military threats from the east, namely from the Soviet bloc AKA Russia.

    Once the Eastern countries liberated themselves from communism to form democracy, it turns out that NATO is still carrying out its mission until now, but its mission is an economy camouflaged with defense, and control of the Eastern European market with the influence of military power, this is in the war book called colonialization 2.0.

    Finally, one by one the Eastern Bloc countries joined NATO, even if it is now 20 years since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, there have been 15 former Soviet countries that have joined NATO and have become a military power and their economic strength has strengthened.

    This makes Russia especially President Putin anxious. From Putin's point of view, Putin's actions against Ukraine have been since Ukraine said it would join NATO. Putin considers this a serious threat because NATO is already on Russia's borders, the countries that separate Russia from NATO countries are Finland, Belarus, and then Ukraine.

    Therefore Russia had to seize Georgia and then Crimea, Belarus has been in the hands of Russia for a long time and has been conquered. Finland, a Nordic country, has a neutral attitude and does not have a strong army nor is it a member of NATO, then Ukraine and Zelensky, who is descended from a Jewish minority, where the Jewish population is only 200,000 people compared to 40 million Ukrainians who became president of Ukraine, of course, assisted by NATO, and America, then Ukraine register as a member of NATO.

    Russia became very angry and burned his brain. So we are starting to understand more deeply now. Why did Russia use the Muslim forces of the Syrian army and the Chechen troops, namely Chechnya? because apart from their anti-Jewish ideology, they understand very well about the Urban War.

    In his campaign, Putin tends to relate to the Islamic world of Middle Eastern countries, including South and Southeast Asian countries, the Arabian block, Turkey, Persia, Iran-Iraq, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India to Indonesia, who continue to promote his spirit of uraaa between the powers of Russia versus NATO, and America, there is a country that always plays pretty and smooth, namely China.

    Inside China, Putin is highly exalted and respected. Putin's struggle against America's New World Order and Nato, Putin throughout the Chinese media is defended, supported, even trade with Russia continues to be increased where trade with Russia-China has increased more than 100% in the last 4 months especially energy and China is willing to pay using Ruble, that is a very close bilateral friendship solidarity.

    Putin before attacking Ukraine, Putin reported to Xi Jinping at the winter Olympics in Beijing to have a private one-on-one meeting. They talked for a long time at the beginning of February 2022 and it turns out that a few days later on February 24, what will be recorded in history, Putin finally attacked Ukraine after getting the Go-Ahead from Xi Jinping. The world only found out later, having just realized how close the two of them would be at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

    Back to the new world order whose ideals are that there should be no 3rd world war, then world transactions must use dollars, then use the euro as the number two currency in the world, which indeed America and its western allies are playing.

    After the Soviet Union was disbanded due to the Cold War, America had to create an Enemy. Indeed, the management of the country is an Enemy. America is centric on the Enemy. The country is always on the alert and in trade, the term is "Create Demand".

    Without war or without enemies, the demand for weapons and technology is slow to grow, but with enemies, we are alert and always in a hurry to be more prepared and faster, slower to grow if there are no targets or without competition. Just look at the analogy like excited boys if many of the girls they love become secret admirers.

    It doesn't matter whether it's morning or night, Fight tries his best to charm his lover, but his fighting spirit will lessen. That is very important there is an enemy, there is a common enemy, there is a fear, there is a passion to be a winner in the competition. If there are no enemies, all friends, free and active politics will be crushed!! state like a merchant.

    We return to America after there is no opponent. In the 90s began to be created a new opponent, again, was created. Dozens of people at the Pentagon built an understanding of Salafi Jihadi, which then planned for this ideology in the south of the Arabian Peninsula by creating ISIS so that Muslims would fight each other, and America without joining the war only supported weapons, then around Syria and the Iraqi region which the area was called Sham. They were originally built as a "Hornet Nest" only to protect Israel and America's interests in oil and gas in the Middle East.

    So America's initial intention was to have enemies and after the communist sect was destroyed, the hard-line Islamic ideology became their next game. Once again, it was only the Hornet's Nest Strategy, but when America continued to make war in the oil-producing countries, they finally fought America with an Islamic ideological campaign against America everywhere the blaze of war was Islam being fought by America.

    America then realized this mistake was at its peak when the Twin Towers were attacked by Al-Qaeda, America realized too late that its creation of a common enemy was hardline Islam, ISIS, and terrorists, which America promoted too late, misguided, and destroyed it.

    Islamophobia in the world has been created in a hurry, now the Islamic world is different from the world during the cold war, the Islamic world has drawn a red line with America, a thick line is anti-American and many parts of the world are allergic to Islam, especially white western countries and white America, America very conscious but discovered too late, due to Already Done damage. The damage has already been done.

    Then you are late next while relaxing and having fun war in the Middle East, taking the Middle East treasure that is the country of gold and oil, China played smoothly with Deng Xiaoping's strategy in the early '80s and peaked at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, America snapped startled!! The business is not finished with "What So Call Terrorist" which is framed with Islam, the economic enemy appears with China's new weapon, namely OBOR-(One Belt One Road).




    Several hundred years ago there was a very wide human journey that was very far away, but actively passed by traders connecting the western world and the eastern world with a route of more than 10,000 KM there was an exchange of goods, ideas, and culture which was later called the "Silk Road".

    In 2013 a country wanted to revive the "Silk Road" and Xi Jinping added The Belt Road Initiative or BRI.

News Silk Road Belt Road Initiative (BRI)

    BRI binds the trade of countries under China's management which will bind 70% of world trade, accounting for 65% of global GDP!!!

    It will also link 65% of the world's population, control 70% of the world's energy resources, provide 70% of food needs and rotate 80% of the world's mineral resources.

    So BRI China launched multiple projects in all countries that agreed to be part of the BRI, such as multiple projects in Pakistan to build roads.

    In Sri Lanka, a very large seaport and then building a city for Chinese citizens in Malaysia, a hydropower plant in Uganda, and a highway in Serbia, and that is only a small part of what BRI plans to link the world.

    The first goal is indeed the distribution lines that have been built such as roads, railways, port shipping lines, oil refinery industrial parks, and power plants, all of which have been built in 72 countries that agreed to build with Chinese money and became part of BRI at the beginning, the deep Belt and Road. the simple meaning is the road and economic ties in their propaganda but what the nationalists fear is that it will soon be emphasized that the yuan is a means of payment and this is above the economy because the currency is sovereignty if you understand the state.

    Then ideology will enter through Chinese culture which becomes an understanding of the political ideology of course and this is feared by nationalists, China's political videos are part of a country, so many see this as a superhighway or fast track to make China a superpower.

    This is Xi Jinping's plan to become a World Power. Will the plan work? Are America and its allies under threat? Is your country stuck between the two and will not become a big country because it does not have an international policy? we will discuss this in more detail.

    Back to Belt and Road China's strategic initiatives tie the world together to make China a superpower. In China, the name of BRI is Yi Dai Yi Lu, and instead of spelling it wrong, we simplify it with BRI only.

    This BRI is estimated to require an investment of UD$ 8 trillion, a very large value, equal to 40 times the Indonesian state budget.

    Don't ask where the money came from, this is something that is always reminded without MMT, there will be no funds.

    The figure of 8 trillion is in 200 countries, there are only 16 countries whose GDP exceeds that number. So, how can BRI operate?

    Which countries are bound by it? Is it only economic integration BRI? or will you enter the politics of a country that does not agree to be included in the BRI cooperation plan, but the natural resources of a country that are bound by China's BRI must be taken? then the targeted country's politics are designed and capitalized so that the winner is the BRI person from China.

    Important questions must be answered immediately, will Indonesia's economic strategy benefit the participating countries in the long term or will it only benefit China?

    We will begin to explore it, we go back to October 2013 in Kazakhstan, Xi Jinping said the first time about the spirit of rebuilding the history of the past in the modern era about the medieval silk road which will become the driving force of the economy in this modern era BRI was inaugurated as unify the global market or unification global market started to run.

    One year later, Xi Jinping went to Indonesia and announced a new plan, namely the Maritime Silk Road, where the maritime sea route is expected because it is the cheapest compared to the land route, and the air route, in the distribution of goods in large quantities, the maritime route is the best.

    The sea route and without Indonesia joining, the Maritime Silk Road's big plan will fail, the sea in Indonesian territory and also the strait in Indonesia is important to the traffic of 80% of Made in China goods.

Silk Road and Maritime Road of BRI

    There are six main road plans in BRI, namely the first route from Guilin to Saint Petersburg, the land route, of course, using rail, Then the second is from Xiandong to Denmark, also through Kazakhstan, and Turkiye then from Heinan to Malaysia.

    Then from Guangdong to Bangladesh then from Xin Jian to Pakistan. Pakistan is very important to China because it cuts the sea route to Central China including entering energy sources from the Middle East, Aamir Khan is a figure of a Pakistani leader who is supported by China.

    Anything China wants in Pakistan, Aamir Khan will give it. But unfortunately, now Aamir Khan is no longer in power, and is no longer Prime Minister, but continues to shake Pakistani politics at home and abroad over a new official, namely Prime Minister Sharif.

    We focus our attention on Pakistan, in the BRI plan because the head of the belt is Pakistan. Pakistan is not only a road connection by land between the central region of China and the western region of China but also meets maritime routes that pass through Indonesia on the East Side and through the Suez Canal on the west side, all in the pool in Pakistan.

    Pakistan is where the Silk Road meets the maritime road, Pakistan's position is very strategic in the Arabian sea, this is a new alternative route for oil and gas supply to China, for Islamabad, this is a route for money to enter Pakistan.

    From the perspective of western countries, Pakistan was not a strategic choice and Western countries were shocked by China's strategy, Highway, railways, and hydropower were built in Pakistan on a massive scale worth half of Pakistan's GDP which is worth 270 billion dollars. Which country is financed? all of these projects are supported by Chinese loans. Once again with a full loan from China.

    China builds a channel in Pakistan for the distribution of Chinese goods but the capital uses assets of other countries, which finance is the Chinese state bank, and the recipient of the loan is the government of Pakistan, this project is definitely to facilitate Chinese goods, China is very much benefited, but the Pakistani government instead owe to China, have you come to understand so far?