Several hundred years ago there was a very wide human journey that was very far away, but actively passed by traders connecting the western world and the eastern world with a route of more than 10,000 KM there was an exchange of goods, ideas, and culture which was later called the "Silk Road".

    In 2013 a country wanted to revive the "Silk Road" and Xi Jinping added The Belt Road Initiative or BRI.

News Silk Road Belt Road Initiative (BRI)

    BRI binds the trade of countries under China's management which will bind 70% of world trade, accounting for 65% of global GDP!!!

    It will also link 65% of the world's population, control 70% of the world's energy resources, provide 70% of food needs and rotate 80% of the world's mineral resources.

    So BRI China launched multiple projects in all countries that agreed to be part of the BRI, such as multiple projects in Pakistan to build roads.

    In Sri Lanka, a very large seaport and then building a city for Chinese citizens in Malaysia, a hydropower plant in Uganda, and a highway in Serbia, and that is only a small part of what BRI plans to link the world.

    The first goal is indeed the distribution lines that have been built such as roads, railways, port shipping lines, oil refinery industrial parks, and power plants, all of which have been built in 72 countries that agreed to build with Chinese money and became part of BRI at the beginning, the deep Belt and Road. the simple meaning is the road and economic ties in their propaganda but what the nationalists fear is that it will soon be emphasized that the yuan is a means of payment and this is above the economy because the currency is sovereignty if you understand the state.

    Then ideology will enter through Chinese culture which becomes an understanding of the political ideology of course and this is feared by nationalists, China's political videos are part of a country, so many see this as a superhighway or fast track to make China a superpower.

    This is Xi Jinping's plan to become a World Power. Will the plan work? Are America and its allies under threat? Is your country stuck between the two and will not become a big country because it does not have an international policy? we will discuss this in more detail.

    Back to Belt and Road China's strategic initiatives tie the world together to make China a superpower. In China, the name of BRI is Yi Dai Yi Lu, and instead of spelling it wrong, we simplify it with BRI only.

    This BRI is estimated to require an investment of UD$ 8 trillion, a very large value, equal to 40 times the Indonesian state budget.

    Don't ask where the money came from, this is something that is always reminded without MMT, there will be no funds.

    The figure of 8 trillion is in 200 countries, there are only 16 countries whose GDP exceeds that number. So, how can BRI operate?

    Which countries are bound by it? Is it only economic integration BRI? or will you enter the politics of a country that does not agree to be included in the BRI cooperation plan, but the natural resources of a country that are bound by China's BRI must be taken? then the targeted country's politics are designed and capitalized so that the winner is the BRI person from China.

    Important questions must be answered immediately, will Indonesia's economic strategy benefit the participating countries in the long term or will it only benefit China?

    We will begin to explore it, we go back to October 2013 in Kazakhstan, Xi Jinping said the first time about the spirit of rebuilding the history of the past in the modern era about the medieval silk road which will become the driving force of the economy in this modern era BRI was inaugurated as unify the global market or unification global market started to run.

    One year later, Xi Jinping went to Indonesia and announced a new plan, namely the Maritime Silk Road, where the maritime sea route is expected because it is the cheapest compared to the land route, and the air route, in the distribution of goods in large quantities, the maritime route is the best.

    The sea route and without Indonesia joining, the Maritime Silk Road's big plan will fail, the sea in Indonesian territory and also the strait in Indonesia is important to the traffic of 80% of Made in China goods.

Silk Road and Maritime Road of BRI

    There are six main road plans in BRI, namely the first route from Guilin to Saint Petersburg, the land route, of course, using rail, Then the second is from Xiandong to Denmark, also through Kazakhstan, and Turkiye then from Heinan to Malaysia.

    Then from Guangdong to Bangladesh then from Xin Jian to Pakistan. Pakistan is very important to China because it cuts the sea route to Central China including entering energy sources from the Middle East, Aamir Khan is a figure of a Pakistani leader who is supported by China.

    Anything China wants in Pakistan, Aamir Khan will give it. But unfortunately, now Aamir Khan is no longer in power, and is no longer Prime Minister, but continues to shake Pakistani politics at home and abroad over a new official, namely Prime Minister Sharif.

    We focus our attention on Pakistan, in the BRI plan because the head of the belt is Pakistan. Pakistan is not only a road connection by land between the central region of China and the western region of China but also meets maritime routes that pass through Indonesia on the East Side and through the Suez Canal on the west side, all in the pool in Pakistan.

    Pakistan is where the Silk Road meets the maritime road, Pakistan's position is very strategic in the Arabian sea, this is a new alternative route for oil and gas supply to China, for Islamabad, this is a route for money to enter Pakistan.

    From the perspective of western countries, Pakistan was not a strategic choice and Western countries were shocked by China's strategy, Highway, railways, and hydropower were built in Pakistan on a massive scale worth half of Pakistan's GDP which is worth 270 billion dollars. Which country is financed? all of these projects are supported by Chinese loans. Once again with a full loan from China.

    China builds a channel in Pakistan for the distribution of Chinese goods but the capital uses assets of other countries, which finance is the Chinese state bank, and the recipient of the loan is the government of Pakistan, this project is definitely to facilitate Chinese goods, China is very much benefited, but the Pakistani government instead owe to China, have you come to understand so far?


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