The world today has shifted its axis, the map, and the players. We are talking about geopolitics and this must continue to be studied. Starting from European-style colonialism throughout the world until the peak of the First World War and ending in the 2nd world war, then the New World order period entered.

    Under the control of allies, namely Quote-Unquote America, America's Axis Centrum of Gravitates the map is America's foreign policy and the player is America and its allies. Initially from the '50s until the early '90s, the enemy was communism under the Soviet Union and communist countries against democracy.

    China is still an under-developing country, still assisted by the Soviets in Mao Ze Dong's era until half of the time Deng Xiaoping was still assisted by the Soviets, which we will discuss specifically to analyze Deng Xiaoping.

    We will dissect Ezra Vogel's book, about China's economic reform in a special chapter for that. We return to America when the democratic war against communism was called the cold war, because of the war against spies, the James Bond 007-style war, the west killed Soviet scientists, the KGB took intelligence data, NASA data, and Pentagon data.

My Name Bond, James Bond. Shake not Stir

    The two sides fight each other Spy, data competition, attack each other in Shadow and silent operations, each creates weapons of mass destruction, both biological warfare and nuclear bombs, intercepts communications, and competes for the best in the air, whether fighter planes, communication tools such as wireless internet networks. until the satellite, then the Soviets disbanded with the entry of the understanding of the capitalist economy, the openness of Perestroika, and Mikhail Gorbachev's Glasnost, splitting the Soviet countries, each liberating their own country. Then Russia changed its shape of country.

    Then NATO was supposed to be disbanded because NATO was formed by the Defense Pact against the Warsaw Pact, namely Threat from the East. NATO was created to anticipate communist teachings and military threats from the east, namely from the Soviet bloc AKA Russia.

    Once the Eastern countries liberated themselves from communism to form democracy, it turns out that NATO is still carrying out its mission until now, but its mission is an economy camouflaged with defense, and control of the Eastern European market with the influence of military power, this is in the war book called colonialization 2.0.

    Finally, one by one the Eastern Bloc countries joined NATO, even if it is now 20 years since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, there have been 15 former Soviet countries that have joined NATO and have become a military power and their economic strength has strengthened.

    This makes Russia especially President Putin anxious. From Putin's point of view, Putin's actions against Ukraine have been since Ukraine said it would join NATO. Putin considers this a serious threat because NATO is already on Russia's borders, the countries that separate Russia from NATO countries are Finland, Belarus, and then Ukraine.

    Therefore Russia had to seize Georgia and then Crimea, Belarus has been in the hands of Russia for a long time and has been conquered. Finland, a Nordic country, has a neutral attitude and does not have a strong army nor is it a member of NATO, then Ukraine and Zelensky, who is descended from a Jewish minority, where the Jewish population is only 200,000 people compared to 40 million Ukrainians who became president of Ukraine, of course, assisted by NATO, and America, then Ukraine register as a member of NATO.

    Russia became very angry and burned his brain. So we are starting to understand more deeply now. Why did Russia use the Muslim forces of the Syrian army and the Chechen troops, namely Chechnya? because apart from their anti-Jewish ideology, they understand very well about the Urban War.

    In his campaign, Putin tends to relate to the Islamic world of Middle Eastern countries, including South and Southeast Asian countries, the Arabian block, Turkey, Persia, Iran-Iraq, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India to Indonesia, who continue to promote his spirit of uraaa between the powers of Russia versus NATO, and America, there is a country that always plays pretty and smooth, namely China.

    Inside China, Putin is highly exalted and respected. Putin's struggle against America's New World Order and Nato, Putin throughout the Chinese media is defended, supported, even trade with Russia continues to be increased where trade with Russia-China has increased more than 100% in the last 4 months especially energy and China is willing to pay using Ruble, that is a very close bilateral friendship solidarity.

    Putin before attacking Ukraine, Putin reported to Xi Jinping at the winter Olympics in Beijing to have a private one-on-one meeting. They talked for a long time at the beginning of February 2022 and it turns out that a few days later on February 24, what will be recorded in history, Putin finally attacked Ukraine after getting the Go-Ahead from Xi Jinping. The world only found out later, having just realized how close the two of them would be at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

    Back to the new world order whose ideals are that there should be no 3rd world war, then world transactions must use dollars, then use the euro as the number two currency in the world, which indeed America and its western allies are playing.

    After the Soviet Union was disbanded due to the Cold War, America had to create an Enemy. Indeed, the management of the country is an Enemy. America is centric on the Enemy. The country is always on the alert and in trade, the term is "Create Demand".

    Without war or without enemies, the demand for weapons and technology is slow to grow, but with enemies, we are alert and always in a hurry to be more prepared and faster, slower to grow if there are no targets or without competition. Just look at the analogy like excited boys if many of the girls they love become secret admirers.

    It doesn't matter whether it's morning or night, Fight tries his best to charm his lover, but his fighting spirit will lessen. That is very important there is an enemy, there is a common enemy, there is a fear, there is a passion to be a winner in the competition. If there are no enemies, all friends, free and active politics will be crushed!! state like a merchant.

    We return to America after there is no opponent. In the 90s began to be created a new opponent, again, was created. Dozens of people at the Pentagon built an understanding of Salafi Jihadi, which then planned for this ideology in the south of the Arabian Peninsula by creating ISIS so that Muslims would fight each other, and America without joining the war only supported weapons, then around Syria and the Iraqi region which the area was called Sham. They were originally built as a "Hornet Nest" only to protect Israel and America's interests in oil and gas in the Middle East.

    So America's initial intention was to have enemies and after the communist sect was destroyed, the hard-line Islamic ideology became their next game. Once again, it was only the Hornet's Nest Strategy, but when America continued to make war in the oil-producing countries, they finally fought America with an Islamic ideological campaign against America everywhere the blaze of war was Islam being fought by America.

    America then realized this mistake was at its peak when the Twin Towers were attacked by Al-Qaeda, America realized too late that its creation of a common enemy was hardline Islam, ISIS, and terrorists, which America promoted too late, misguided, and destroyed it.

    Islamophobia in the world has been created in a hurry, now the Islamic world is different from the world during the cold war, the Islamic world has drawn a red line with America, a thick line is anti-American and many parts of the world are allergic to Islam, especially white western countries and white America, America very conscious but discovered too late, due to Already Done damage. The damage has already been done.

    Then you are late next while relaxing and having fun war in the Middle East, taking the Middle East treasure that is the country of gold and oil, China played smoothly with Deng Xiaoping's strategy in the early '80s and peaked at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, America snapped startled!! The business is not finished with "What So Call Terrorist" which is framed with Islam, the economic enemy appears with China's new weapon, namely OBOR-(One Belt One Road).


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