Once again we discuss the export debt. We will continue with information about the Belt Road Initiative (BRI). We discussed Pakistan's export debt.

    China builds a port in Pakistan, creates a road that divides Pakistan from the northeastern tip of Pakistan to mainland China the final destination of a seaport in southern Pakistan, builds five power plants, all of which are built with loans owed by China, while the contents of the port, the management of the port, the electricity generated used, and the road and rail facilities are for Chinese goods, most of which are actually goods from China.

    China exports debt to Pakistan, which exports debt, and imports debt is Pakistan, the estimated total amount of Pakistan's debt from China is 20.8 billing dollars, which is 23% of Pakistan's foreign debt with an interest of 5 percent per year with a loan tenor of 10- 20 years.

    This means that 5% multiplied by 20 years equals 100%. Even though the assets have been pledged as collateral, the dollars are taken to China, the goods are used by China, the payment is twice as much, even though the price has been marked up very large, that's the simple meaning of export debt.

    What happens if Pakistan fails to pay the debt, then the Chinese SOEs will take over the assets, so whatever it is whether it can pay the loan or fail to pay the loan, China is in control of the weight, really BRI is not a gift, BRI is also not helping let alone helping but a trap, very evil actually lending money for something that is not needed by the country, lending money for needs that are not really needed, indeed the country needs to build roads, it needs trains, but China is much more in need of these facilities, who really needs all of these things? who pays who once they are stuck with debts that cannot be paid, then Pakistan's valuable assets or strategic assets will be forcibly taken with a deal that is very profitable for the borrower aka China, sorry, this information is not anti-China propaganda.

    There are many facts in the world about the expropriation of strategic assets and natural resources that occur in many developing countries that get loans from China that cannot repay them.

    Gwadar port in Pakistan, for example, was taken by China because it was unable to pay Pakistan's debt so that it would be managed by China for the next 40 years.

    The port country of Djibouti, Aubock, is used as China's military base with nearly 10,000 Chinese troops there as security forces for Chinese assets in Africa managed by China for the next 20 years.

    Tajikistan has to hand over 1000 km2 of land to China, the ASEAN country Laos is even more sadistic, the Laos state electricity company is 100% managed by China at this time, then the handmaiden port, the high seas port of Sri Lanka has been managed by China for 99 years, the same as Malacca gateway in Malaysia was controlled by China for 99 years, and by the way, the 99 years were the same as Hong Kong was managed by the British which started in 1898.

    Financially, the World Bank said that there are 23 developing countries that take loans from China's debt or make China the financing and contractors of their projects, such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, which are already bankrupt, Laos, Pakistan, and these 23 countries, 8 countries are already in a state of disrepair. emergency to save, and ask the IMF (International Monetary Fund) for help.

    Why is the crisis because the country's foreign debt on average is 50% owed to China, all countries affected by China's influence, of which 23 countries have weak democracies, their leaders suppress the people, in other words, are authoritarian, and their officials play with business people.

    Why did the officials accept China's offer? because the shine of the infrastructure hopes that it will make the country look developed so that its leaders can be said to be successful even though they use large debts.

    There is another fact that many countries that are hit by China's debt loans to be able to pay interest on loans are by borrowing again, and this is a red flag because it risks state sovereignty, its officials sell state assets in the name of a person, and group profits. And of course, the debt made China richer.

    What is the evidence that China is getting richer? the proof is that 7 out of 10 world construction companies are from China, a total of all Chinese projects are worth 350 billion dollars in the eight years since 2013 or this value is equal to 3x the Indonesian state budget where all projects were given by the Chinese government with Chinese money. The proof again is that 5 of the 20 wealthiest banks in the world are Chinese banks.

    Bank of China is involved in 612 projects in 37 countries worth 510 billion dollars, strangely free consultation and financing by Chinese banks. Earlier, it only contributed to China's national GDP of no more than 3%. What is it telling you? Do you understand?

    This means roughly meaning that all of this is not the main source of China's profits, but only one of the strategies for China to become rich and powerful because the original source of China's state profits is from what fills the road and port infrastructure, China's biggest profit actually.

    As many as 9 ports that are controlled by China 100% and control 80 ports of the world is another key to the success of China, and this is part of BRI, and this is a strategy to make high profits for China.

    All ports are like a string of pearls starting from Chinese ports to all corners of the world, this is China's Naval base connected all over the world, they can control ports, control ship routes, place Chinese warships, and of course dictate world trade shipping routes.

    So actually BRI is not an economic plan, but a plan to control the world. When will the BRI development plan end, in 2049, which coincides with the celebration of China's 100th anniversary!!!

    It is hoped by China that there will be 100 world ports tied up in one Chinese country, and Chinese ownership through the BRI strategy, aka at that time China was already dominating the world. Friends, hopefully, this can be material for all of us to think about.


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