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Wednesday, October 5, 2022



    The fact that the data is happening in the European Union is currently getting worse, the increase in electricity prices for example has been increased more than 10 times in the last 8 months and is currently increasing 5 times more electricity bills compared to last year, rising by 500%, prices in the market are rising 2 to 3 times more.

    Hotel room prices usually range from US $ 100-200 to US $ 200-400, so travelers are drastically reduced to European countries, quiet, even though the Euro is the weakest in 22 years at this time, the British pound sterling fell drastically the weakest in 40 years now, its value is the same as the dollar which should make more tourists enter Europe, but the price of airline tickets, then the price of food beverage and accommodation rose 3 times more.

    Europe is getting gloomy at the moment. Even more surprising is Winter comes early. It's now early winter, which usually happens at the end of October, now it's winter, and it's still dry.

    High electricity prices not only disrupted the economy of all European citizens but industrial factories and businesses were affected and all of this led to a recession with purchasing power dropping drastically in Europe plus now the European Union has new problems to face, namely food shortages, and energy shortages. even worse, the Russian gas pipeline leaked and exploded!!!

    Amazingly, this leak not only occurred in the North Stream 1 gas pipeline but also in the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline at the same time as the leak. Russia, which has increased gas prices twice more and reduced gas supply to only 50 percent, is suddenly unable to deliver gas at all soon because of the leak.

    Did this happen by chance or was it deliberately created so that the European community would be cold without gas from Russia?!! Whereas their country can buy gas from America, Norway, China, UAE, etc.

    Germany and Denmark say this is sabotage. Is that true?!! Russia built two pipelines North stream 1 originating from Vyborg, and Ust Luga for Nordstream 2 onshore to Greifswald Germany via the Baltic seabed pipeline.

    Coincidentally a few days ago both pipes mysteriously leaked together, starting with a sudden drop in pressure in the Nord Stream 1 pipe.

    Sweden was the first country to report air bubbles in the baltic sea which was confirmed to be from an underwater gas leak from the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, with two leaks in different places, then Denmark reported the same thing in Nord Stream 2. Even though the Nordstream 2 pipeline has not been fully utilized even though it is ready to flow gas, the war in Ukraine has already occurred and has hampered gas delivery operations to Europe.

    We review the field data again where in 2021 there is data that 45% of European Union countries get gas from Nordstream 1. By country, Germany uses Nord Stream 1 gas for 50% of Germany's national needs, France for 25% of national gas, and Italy for 46 % of national gas imported from this Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline as a Nord Stream 1 user country.

    Since the war in Ukraine, the capacity of the Nord Stream1 has been reduced by 20 to 50% which was downsized by Russia. According to Russia's plan, because of having to reduce the capacity of these products due to American and NATO sanctions, gas turbine goods for maintenance repairs purchased from European countries and Canada are hampered, detained, and complicated, Europe is actually getting Europe own loss. Moscow said the point is that if Europe wants gas to continue to grow, it will flow smoothly into Europe, and stop economic sanctions against Russia from now on.

    We're back to gas pipe leaks. Swedish intelligence got the facts and the explosion was near the pipe before the leak occurred. The question is Who did the sabotage the pipeline? Is it Europe, if you do it yourself, can you call it a stupid move that forces European countries to freeze or the Ukraine war could spread to all of mainland Europe while Russia claims it is not Russia that is carrying out sabotage, but underwater drones or sea gliders of "Foreign" countries, because of pipe damage gas is definitely 100% detrimental to Russia.

    Russian gas is a tool to suppress European countries if it is turned off 100%, Russia will experience a huge loss. If the pipeline is good, countries like Hungary, Bulgaria, and Italy have started to succumb now and it is better to get Russian gas, and this benefits Russia.

    Russia only needs to open gas channels to countries that are willing to comply with the Russian terms and conditions. This Russian strategy has proven to be very effective in suppressing European countries, especially NATO members, but if the Nord Stream pipeline is damaged, it can cause the dissolution of European countries and Russia as well as the former Soviet Union.

    How about we ask the defense intelligence expert whose dialogue I summarized when I asked this the answer is most likely America was behind the sabotage of the gas leak at Nord Stream 1.

    The goal is that there is no dualism, double agent, and doubt in the European Union to fight Russia and support Ukraine. I also need a more detailed explanation of what it means to make Europe angry, frozen and in recession, so that Europe is solid in supporting Ukraine and against Russia.

    So far, Europe is still two-faced, because it is still considering the energy supply from Russia. Now it's no longer possible, so its stance is more solid not to rely on Russia to strengthen the Abraham Accord, Europe's energy supply has been directed by America so that Europe buys into the Middle East, and asks the Middle East to serve Europe's needs using dollars.

    I also asked, what about American Shale gas? American shale gas is being processed, but it still takes a long time, therefore the dollar is made to strengthen its exchange rate so that when Europe buys gas from America later the price is very good, with the large debt of Europe to America later, it will be easier for America to maintain its hegemony in Europe which So far, since the second world war in recent years, Europe has begun to dare to fight America, especially Germany.

    It's the American version of looking at Europe today. When President Trump asked the European Union to set aside a portion of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to be able to participate in financing NATO operations, Europe left it alone, and Europe said the European Union did not need NATO at all, especially Germany. Now Russia's war in Ukraine is causing the European Union to panic, begging, asking NATO to be maintained in the European region.

    America in many positions is now in triumph. The dollar strengthened, and America's domestic oil and gas reserves were very independent. If European countries how anticipate the energy crisis, food, and recession with very expensive prices like today.

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