One of China's state strategies that should be imitated at home is to prepare all online digital facilities, internet, and satellites for the needs of social media transactions to navigation.

    Long before declaring his country a Global Player in 2013 with the OBOR (One Belt One Road) colonization strategy. China prepared its country well in advance as a digital country.

    We all know that in the future, even from now on, the new world governance will be reset, namely the digital world, digital economy, digital payments, digital living, as well as digital politics.

    We also all know that the millennial Generation Z and the generations below are the digitally connected generation or what is called Gen C, the connected generation.

    Currently, 60% of the population in Indonesia or your country are those under the age of 40 years, and to you, I want to speak were in the year of the 2024 Presidential Election, the population of those under the age of 40 reached almost 70 percent in Indonesia.

    This is your era. I and those of us who are over fifty years old are the generations of introductions. We emphasize we are the intermediary generation, we have to get you take-off immediately. It is our sin to prevent you from hindering your progress to make Indonesia or your country the controller of this world.

    We feel guilty for delaying you from doing what you have which is the Potential to be at the forefront. We are very stupid if we still ask for power again or even prevent you from holding control of the country so that we are forever in power or become the new dictator.

    The next two years, this is an important time for you to master the digital economy in a capable manner. We look briefly at what is happening in "the Tale of 2 countries" the two countries of America and China which are at war and controlled by globalists.

    Militarily America still dominates but technologically China has been able to match the USA, in trade China has controlled the world. In logistics and distribution, China wins. Money? Wall Street? China has its own and I have repeatedly written about China's "Hudsonian New Economic Model".

    Social media, information? is America the winner now? maybe in today's world Leading America, But in China, within China, America can not achieve at all.

Social Media China Vs the USA

    We consider the list below Baidu is China's Google, Alibaba is China's Amazon, Didi Chuxing is China's Uber, Baike is China's Wikipedia, Nice is China's Instagram, Wei Bo is China's Twitter, Renren is Facebook, China WeChat is China's Whatsapp, Youku is China's YouTube, QQ is China's Gmail, China TikTok is China's Instagram.

    Young friends, looking at this in the future, Let's build a digital platform, and this time we ask the government to help imitate what China is doing for its country. After we built hundreds of platforms, earlier, the government must bravely do what a revolutionary country dares to do like China, or imitate Nigeria, which has imitated China since five years ago to have its own digital platform.

    We return to China within the country to protect its private sector and national interests from foreign attacks, for example, Uber cannot enter China until Didi Chuxing controls 80% of the Chinese market. Alibaba holds 80% of the market, after which Amazon can enter China.

    WeChat controls 90%, then Whatsapp can enter China. Weibo controlled 80% after that Twitter was allowed to enter China, it was very nationalist in its name. If an official of your country dares to do what China does with its social media, that's called a patriotic official.

    Your young friends must be able to build this platform from now on so that when the government takes protective measures, you are ready.

    Once again I remind you that the next 2 years is a very fast period and we all know that in just 3-6 months you can build all these platforms, let's do it now. In 2022, start creating and running these platforms so that you can simply We calculate that next year in 2002, three, when 80% of the population has access to the internet, even the 5G communication platform has been used by more than 30% of communication tools plus the various social media applications that have already belonged to your nation and have become a digital country.

    That's the "New World Order" in 2022 after the world was reset by "PLANDEMIC" during the military problem of the Ukraine war, at a time of rising world food and energy prices, when the world changed all of that, the world changed to a faster direction towards digital word namely the digital world.

    For that we are ready for the digital economy, we are ready for digital living, after that one more step forward for you millennials and generation Z in 2023, start preparing to enter a new era of digital politics.

    This is where I personally and some of my friends who are over 55 years old leave a message to you, "take over elegantly all digital things from now onwards" make sure the future leaders of this nation in 2024 are those who are under 50 years old. the most.

    If you need to choose a top leader from the millennial generation who understands the world of young people and digital, also make sure to choose a leader who is fresh new blood, don't choose old out-to-date officials who are the same as previous dynasties who will make your country bankrupt, despite the name, or the person, if it is that person who leads the dynasty again or the people around him, there must still be the interests of the old rulers and the oligarchs, cross out and delete all of their names.

    Your millennial generation is the leader. Forget about sinners like us and we, uh like me LOL, Forget about those who keep wanting to fast even though it doesn't make the nation and country better all this time. In fact, it makes the country bankrupt.

    Once again, make the older generation only as a reference, not a god of words, don't imitate their behavior again, I'm just an ideologue who helps a little by analyzing how to be smart in the state and your young friends have to learn your teeth with thousands of world literature other recent.

    Make a new design for your country, don't use our brains that have been proven unable to make everyone prosperous. I am sure that all senior leaders must be sincere when they see what you are doing for the next two years, you deserve to lead this nation constitutionally in the next 1 year. If you don't take this opportunity and do nothing, then in 2023 I will be back through the time machine and become a nightmare for your country.




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