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How can North Korea finance its country, especially by building ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads? Have any other countries owed North Korea? Where did Kim Jong Un get the funds to be able to make nuclear weapons and nuclear power plant reactors in North Korea?

    Okay, let's explain in detail. In the last 11 months of  2022, North Korea angered and worried western countries and western allies by launching more than 80 ballistic missile launches from 20 different locations near the coast and mountains, this being a new record for Kim Jong's country. This has never happened in the last 50 years or even since the last 10 years there have been missile launches at more than 20 locations by North Korea.

    What is this? there's even the visceral question of where did North Korea get its dollars? 

    It is impossible for Kim Jong Un to print money because North Korea has no products to export. Isn't that the logic? That's right.

  One of the conditions for printing money is that the product is exported or there is another way. 

    While North Korea needs to buy raw materials from outside Korea, where should it be paid in dollars? This is the North Korean way of being a state where each country is required to survive, live without debt, must have its own strategy, as well as all of your countries, must be creative.

    We go back to North Korea through a time machine for a moment, on January 5, 2022, North Korea launched the first sophisticated hypersonic missile of its own making. Continued on 10, 11, and 12 January 2022 then launched another missile, then launched another missile in February, continuing in the following months with a large series ICBM or Inter Continental Ballistic Missile. Where did North Korea get the dollars to do it all? Everything is beyond the estimates of economists around the world. 

Hwasong 17

    North Korea apparently uses "Stolen Cryptocurrency" from Hacker bureau 121, they mine and steal cryptocurrencies.

 In 2020, North Korea's Cyber Bureau 121 stole more than $200 million USD of cryptocurrency digital assets.

Park Jin Hyork Bureau 121

    In 2021, international intelligence data obtained data that the Cyber Army Bureau 121, or North Korea's Hacking Division stole cryptocurrency digital assets estimated at a value of US $ 500 million, even this year the North Korean cyber army robbed and hacked online games worth 1 billion US dollars.

    Data on the money stolen by North Korea, if added up from 2019 until now, is US $ 3 billion. Pyongyang raises money from cyber attacks on Cryptocurrencies. 

    North Korea has thousands of world-class hackers and every year the military campus creates hundreds of new hackers. All of this is managed and financed by the state.

Squad Bureau 121

    North Korea has been implementing this strategy since 2010. This cryptocurrency digital asset is the US dollar valuation in value and this is underlying North Korea printing their money domestically. 

    The category of North Korean hackers is "Aces Cyber Crime" or "Ace hacker the best of the best" and there are thousands of them. Bureau 121 decodes Microsoft, hacks crypto Mining, makes computer viruses, and decodes various sources of world wealth including the wealth of other countries.

    The Windows operating system is a system that has been coded by North Korean hackers so that it can enter data from more than 130 other countries.

    There has been a lot of data on this by counter-cyber army hackers in many developed countries in the world, but the Korean hackers have never been defeated. Bureau 121 is North Korea's Cyber Crime Attack division which is feared all over the world, frightening, very sophisticated, complicated, and genius. 

    Failing just a little, the Bureau 121 hackers could be executed by Kim Jong Un. Therefore they are very afraid and rarely smile.

    Bureau 121 is a cyber special force part of the North Korean elite spy agency, it is estimated that in the coming years up to tens of billions of US dollars will be robbed around the world of various digital assets other than crypto, such as NFTs, Forex stocks, and many more, then North Korea's foreign exchange will become very thick and strong. Printing money is strengthened by its underlying stolen crypto reserves. 

    So apart from having a lot of nukes with a range of up to 5000 Km that can reach America, North Korea has become a frightening enemy for the business world, and the country's cyber defense is weak. Kim Jong-un is very smart because he studied in France. 

    It seems that we have to learn how to be a state in North Korea so that we can have our own nuclear power like Kim Jong Un. But don't forget to always smile and don't frown. Also, don't forget to Hair Style the Ambitious model of a smart person, Kim Jong Un. Cheers.


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