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Friday, January 20, 2023


    As a prospective Global Player, your country must know what's happening in the world and how to make all of that a benefit for your country's position. On the other hand, lessons about a regime in a country can be used as lessons that will make the younger generation understand how to be smart as a state, understand which leaders should be elected, which groups are behind the elected leaders, and what if the younger generation manages the country, the reduction of sentences for corruptors carried out in real life is the work of whose era? 

    For example, our children and grandchildren ask whose era of government produced immoral people, was applauded, in which era was religion used as a political tool, and by whom was religion used for politics.

    In whose era did America rule as much as it pleased all of your countries? In whose era did China rule and protect your own country, as if it were the work of your own nation's children. All of this is food for reflection, for that we enter into the latest information so that what is bad in other countries does not happen in our place and what is good is very suitable to be applied to our own country. Let's imitate this method.

    For this reason, we briefly go to Iran using a time machine when in 1979 the new regime controlled the country of Iran, the monarchy system was changed to a theocracy, the royal system was changed to a religion-based system, the religious system was used as the basis of the state, and its leaders were executors of God's orders. 

    Going against government officials themselves means going against God's will. Wow, that sounds scary and scary. Yes, right. His claim is that the new regime of Ayatollah is building a new paramilitary force. Since then the elite troops of the Iranian army have been named "Sepah E Pasdaran E Enghelab Islami" which means the Army Of Guardians of the Islamic Revolution. 

    Since then the world has known him by the name of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps or IRGC, namely, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards army formed on the orders of Ayatollah Khomeini as the first Iranian spiritual leader created to defend the regime from threats from within and from outside, but now its function has expanded to become very powerful. 

    The IRGC determines Iran's foreign policy, controls society, controls public security and order, makes the government anti-demonstration, manages Iran's economy also controls military operations to control who will be the managing leader of the government of the President of Iran who will be elected collectively from spiritual leaders Iran, the Collegium decides. 

    But all controlled by the Revolutionary Garden Army "IRGC" is a "regime within a regime" or in world language we know it as "SHADOW" which is called the "Deep State".

    We continue to understand Iran and understand that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards can be said to be the strongest military force in West Asia. We start with their courage to challenge American hegemony where on December 6, 2022, American warships in the Hormous Strait were harassed by the Iranian Revolutionary 

    Guards, then on December 8, 2022, heavy weapons were sent to Hezbollah in Beirut which was used to attack Israel in a very large amount.

    We step back into a time machine for a moment to November 2022, the Canadian government includes the IRGC category as a terrorist organization where previously a Drone from the IRGC Iranian military base attacked a tanker belonging to the country of Liberia which was protected by the American 5th Fleet. 

    Western countries know the IRGC as a terrorist who attacks many countries including cyber attacks and espionage in western countries, in addition to attacks on Western countries, Iran's 2 neighboring countries namely Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are labeling the IRGC as a terrorist organization. The question is for information, how did the IRGC become as powerful as it is today? 

We go back in a time machine again to the 70s as the IRGC's prefix, but not in the regime of a theocratic government based on religion, but still in the regime of Shah Reza Pahlavi, who is a monarchy. 

    Syahreza has a Secret Service, which is a secret troop that protects his power. This troop is very elite, cruel, ruthless, and inhumane, and has a license to kill like James Bond 007, when Shah Reza was overthrown by the Iranian Shia special forces, all of them were eliminated by the IRGC.

    Then the Ayatollah regime built a special elite force to protect the Ayatollah regime who obeyed the regime, not the state. 

    That is the origin of the IRGC, the government regime also made a special law that separates the military which protects the Iranian nation from the IRGC which protects the ruling regime. 

    This makes the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Army a legitimate institution in Iran to do whatever it wants to protect the regime in political decisions and control of the country. This is coupled with the events in which Iraq, supported by Russia, invaded Iran, which is supported by America, in the 80s of the war. 

    The length of 8 years has changed the landscape of the functioning and existence of the IRGC far above the Iranian national army.

    The Iranian regime doesn't trust the Iranian army, it trusts the IRGC more. Because during the war against Saddam Husein in Iraq, the Iranian army did not fight wholeheartedly and even released Iraqi soldiers so they could enter Iraq. 

    Finally, 31 divisions of the IRGC exist in 31 provinces in Iran and organizationally the IRGC is not like an army in a country in general, the IRGC is more of a paramilitary or militia or militia group of rebel forces more like ISIS or Al-Qaeda model of its organizational structure.

    Within the IRGC there is a Quds division or Purification division. This purification is the most fearsome division because it controls unconventional warfare and intelligence operations. If there is valuable information like this, it's like the contents of your head are being charged. 

    It is this Quds Division that supports all organizations in many countries to fight against American and Israeli hegemony, or the term shadow for Non-State Actors, the Quds division provides weapons ranging from personal attack weapons to Heavy Artery Rocket RPGs, Attack Drones, and Kamikaze Drones shahid 136 in Ukraine, to missile rockets, Hezbollah rebel forces, Houthi forces in Yemen, Hamas in Palestine, and Quds are staunch opponents of Israel's Mossad.

    Returning to the IRGC, apart from military strength, the IRGC has economic power similar to the Iranian State Owned Enterprises. 

    Currently, the IRGC holds Two-thirds of Iran's economy which is administered by the IRGC. The conclusion is that the Revolutionary Guards do not get funds from the State Budget, but directly from business units such as construction, road construction, dam construction, oil, engineering, vehicles, real estate, manufacturing plants, and banks.

    Khatam Al-Anbiya is the economic division of the Revolutionary Guards which annually generates 12 billion US dollars, estimated by western countries to be no wonder. 

    It's true, the point is that the IGRC is an armed conglomerate corporate business, so it starts to imagine in your mind, What the regime within the regime operating on Human Rights law which is important to continue to rule on earth. Hopefully useful for all of you. Show you care for the world to be better. 


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