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Friday, January 20, 2023

Xi Jinping's Lies Were Exposed by Western Countries. Your Countries is being tricked too??

    Did China spread the "Artificial Virus" around the world? once again we ask this question to serve as a lesson for the next pandemic attack which may have a different model but one goal.

    Does China cooperate with globalists to make the world submit to a new hegemony, namely non-America, non-Western allies, but submit to China, which uses globalists as partners for conquest or yesterday's pandemic was indeed an 'ACCIDENCE' which China took advantage of by producing counterfeit vaccines that were spread to the whole world with the name of "vaccine diplomacy" to conquer a weak world to continue to be under China's control, it seems the answer is YES TRUE.

    Although Beijing will never admit it by saying there is no evidence or where is the proof? 

    We all know that China with its vaccine always says that its vaccine is among the first to come to solve the deadly "Artificial Virus". China distributes millions or even billions of vaccines and uses vaccine diplomacy to countries that cannot afford to pay by being provided in the form of loans. Just like America and the West helping Ukraine there is no word "HELP" for free. 

    All this assistance is a loan from the west to the Ukrainian side, as well as Chinese-style vaccine diplomacy given in the form of a loan,  but now in the end it has to be admitted that injections from vaccines originating from China don't work properly, they don't even work at all, they are even a mockery of cheap goods made in a hurry from China nothing is right again echoing around the world today's world health.

    Why is information about the Wuhan virus back in the world's spotlight? We all know there have been big problems in China in the last 6 months so China's great leader Xi Jinping had to strictly implement the Zero Covid Policy (ZCP) that it closed many cities which resulted in China's economy only growing below 1 percent, very far from achieving its economic target i.e. above 5%.

    Why is it that the severity of the city lockdown crackdown has to be carried out by imprisoning residents in their respective homes in order to achieve Zero Covid which is still at high speed exposing the Chinese population?

    Until last Sunday, the Chinese government finally had to take the drug "Virus Made in China" from other countries from other companies that have proven successful in curing patient exposure due to the "Artificial Virus", one of which is taking it from Pfizer in large quantities, because their vaccine does not work at all in the body of the patient. 

    It turns out that there is a massive backlash from the "Artificial Virus" in China at this time in an extremely large amount far greater than what is reported in world data.

    China is reducing and not telling the truth, but the fact is that China is still in Lockdown because none of the vaccines used in China work so there is no immunity in the Chinese population. Herd Immunity is the immunity of a population that is greater than the sum of the pandemic it is exposed to. Immunity occurs because it is indeed high immunity or assisted by vaccines. 

    A working vaccine of course. On the political side, Xi Jinping no longer feels strong enough to force residents to stay at home in prison in their own homes. The government finally gave in to the voices of the people who shouted asking Xi Jinping to step down and even dissolve the Chinese Communist Party. 

    The only way is to give up and cover up defeat by buying antiviral drugs that will be given to the Chinese people and no longer using the Sinovac vaccine. In the end, China was forced to buy an effective anti-covid drug from Pfizer called "Paxlovid".

    When this "Paxlovid" was available in online shops in China in one the hour it sold out instantly millions of packages were sold in a matter of hours showing how bad things are in China at this time with the massive attack of the third 

wave of "Artificial Virus", not only the Chinese people being pranked by their country's officials, but China spreads and uses this Paxlovid in many countries as a weapon to suppress the economy as a "debt trap".

    1.8 billion doses of Paxlovid have been distributed worldwide. 300 million doses as a donation, but the remaining 1.5 billion is sold and given as debt to poor countries like Cambodia, one of the countries that were given this vaccine debt, there are 30 million doses of vaccine Cambodia finally got this debt vaccine.

    What is vaccine diplomacy by China? such as the recognition of the state of Nicaragua to accept donations of vaccines, then Nicaragua must cut off business relations with Taiwan. Finally, after thinking long and hard about Nicaragua and having no choice when millions of people had been exposed to the Chinese virus, Nicaragua accepted China's terms, namely to let go of business relations with Taiwan and then land two vaccine planes from China the next day.

    The same offer was made to Paraguay, but Paraguay did not accept the free offer from China. 

    Paraguay chose to buy from Pfizer even though at a high price, but it was proven later that Paraguay managed to deal with the "Virus Made in China".

    While the result of Nicaragua is not different, it is the same as not giving a vaccine which in the end gets another vaccine, not a Chinese vaccine, after that it can solve problems in the country of Nicaragua. This was discovered recently, not in 2020. 

    Xi Jinping's campaign on the world in 2020 said that China's vaccine is the solution, the world is turning against itself now.

    In terms of numbers, the country of Bangladesh,  for example, lost a lot of medical personnel because it used the Sinovac vaccine, but the Sinovac vaccine did not work, so the people of Bangladesh finally got help from India, where medicine from India managed to cure the "Virus Made in China" and did not use the Sinovac vaccine, but used drugs. 

    Many countries close to China that were stuck with the Chinese vaccine experienced problems at the beginning of the pandemic because they eliminated many paramedics, and health workers including doctors in countries such as Iran, Brazil, the Philippines, Cambodia, Pakistan, and Turkiye, all medical staff and doctors died who in the end finally these countries realized and used vaccines from other non-Chinese products and only then effectively dealt with the "Virus Made in China" problem in their respective countries. 

    The second vaccine injection and Booster from other vaccine products after that can counteract this "Virus Made in China".

    If at first this "Artificial Virus" was a disaster for the world, which was tricked into using the ineffective Sinovac vaccine from China, China should once again be held responsible. China has indeed made billions of dollars or profits from this pandemic. But now it turns out to be hit by his own karma. 

    If we look at China from a human rights perspective, what China is doing is an Extra Ordinary Crime, which must be held responsible for the deaths of 7 millions people around the world at the start of the pandemic because they believed what China's great leader said.

    Many medical workers remain exposed after being injected with China's Sinovac vaccine in 2020 and That explains why the Sinovac vaccine doesn't work those who believe in it should be held responsible for believing in the counterfeit vaccine that doesn't work. 

    Many countries immediately gave other vaccines such as AstraZeneca, and Pfizer, after that the pandemic was resolved and many countries were no longer focusing on vaccine use, but on administering drug therapy because vaccines have limitations, and drugs were found to be more effective for those who were exposed.

    We are back in China now where at the moment the Lockdown has not been opened and we are still strictly implementing the Zero Covid Policy. 

    What is it? because Herd Immunity in China was not achieved, drugs from western countries were opened and they began to relax the Zero Covid policy with shame. It should be that the Chinese leader has a big "SHAME" but it will never happen that officials admit to "blaming their subordinates" which is more certain.

    Let's try to detail why China has been building hospitals at an extraordinary speed to increase the facilities and the number of patient inpatients?

 Isn't there a "Virus Made in China" in there? There are many every day to this day, and the people have not yet reached the massive scale immunity power that 80% of the population is immune to.

    Herd immunity hasn't been achieved yet, it looks like it's still a long way off. That is the disaster of their own creation that they are feeling now. Okay friends, what do you think about the information this time? Let's share our opinions in the comments column below wisely. Show you care for the world to be better.


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