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Friday, July 8, 2022


    Once again we discuss the export debt. We will continue with information about the Belt Road Initiative (BRI). We discussed Pakistan's export debt.

    China builds a port in Pakistan, creates a road that divides Pakistan from the northeastern tip of Pakistan to mainland China the final destination of a seaport in southern Pakistan, builds five power plants, all of which are built with loans owed by China, while the contents of the port, the management of the port, the electricity generated used, and the road and rail facilities are for Chinese goods, most of which are actually goods from China.

    China exports debt to Pakistan, which exports debt, and imports debt is Pakistan, the estimated total amount of Pakistan's debt from China is 20.8 billing dollars, which is 23% of Pakistan's foreign debt with an interest of 5 percent per year with a loan tenor of 10- 20 years.

    This means that 5% multiplied by 20 years equals 100%. Even though the assets have been pledged as collateral, the dollars are taken to China, the goods are used by China, the payment is twice as much, even though the price has been marked up very large, that's the simple meaning of export debt.

    What happens if Pakistan fails to pay the debt, then the Chinese SOEs will take over the assets, so whatever it is whether it can pay the loan or fail to pay the loan, China is in control of the weight, really BRI is not a gift, BRI is also not helping let alone helping but a trap, very evil actually lending money for something that is not needed by the country, lending money for needs that are not really needed, indeed the country needs to build roads, it needs trains, but China is much more in need of these facilities, who really needs all of these things? who pays who once they are stuck with debts that cannot be paid, then Pakistan's valuable assets or strategic assets will be forcibly taken with a deal that is very profitable for the borrower aka China, sorry, this information is not anti-China propaganda.

    There are many facts in the world about the expropriation of strategic assets and natural resources that occur in many developing countries that get loans from China that cannot repay them.

    Gwadar port in Pakistan, for example, was taken by China because it was unable to pay Pakistan's debt so that it would be managed by China for the next 40 years.

    The port country of Djibouti, Aubock, is used as China's military base with nearly 10,000 Chinese troops there as security forces for Chinese assets in Africa managed by China for the next 20 years.

    Tajikistan has to hand over 1000 km2 of land to China, the ASEAN country Laos is even more sadistic, the Laos state electricity company is 100% managed by China at this time, then the handmaiden port, the high seas port of Sri Lanka has been managed by China for 99 years, the same as Malacca gateway in Malaysia was controlled by China for 99 years, and by the way, the 99 years were the same as Hong Kong was managed by the British which started in 1898.

    Financially, the World Bank said that there are 23 developing countries that take loans from China's debt or make China the financing and contractors of their projects, such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, which are already bankrupt, Laos, Pakistan, and these 23 countries, 8 countries are already in a state of disrepair. emergency to save, and ask the IMF (International Monetary Fund) for help.

    Why is the crisis because the country's foreign debt on average is 50% owed to China, all countries affected by China's influence, of which 23 countries have weak democracies, their leaders suppress the people, in other words, are authoritarian, and their officials play with business people.

    Why did the officials accept China's offer? because the shine of the infrastructure hopes that it will make the country look developed so that its leaders can be said to be successful even though they use large debts.

    There is another fact that many countries that are hit by China's debt loans to be able to pay interest on loans are by borrowing again, and this is a red flag because it risks state sovereignty, its officials sell state assets in the name of a person, and group profits. And of course, the debt made China richer.

    What is the evidence that China is getting richer? the proof is that 7 out of 10 world construction companies are from China, a total of all Chinese projects are worth 350 billion dollars in the eight years since 2013 or this value is equal to 3x the Indonesian state budget where all projects were given by the Chinese government with Chinese money. The proof again is that 5 of the 20 wealthiest banks in the world are Chinese banks.

    Bank of China is involved in 612 projects in 37 countries worth 510 billion dollars, strangely free consultation and financing by Chinese banks. Earlier, it only contributed to China's national GDP of no more than 3%. What is it telling you? Do you understand?

    This means roughly meaning that all of this is not the main source of China's profits, but only one of the strategies for China to become rich and powerful because the original source of China's state profits is from what fills the road and port infrastructure, China's biggest profit actually.

    As many as 9 ports that are controlled by China 100% and control 80 ports of the world is another key to the success of China, and this is part of BRI, and this is a strategy to make high profits for China.

    All ports are like a string of pearls starting from Chinese ports to all corners of the world, this is China's Naval base connected all over the world, they can control ports, control ship routes, place Chinese warships, and of course dictate world trade shipping routes.

    So actually BRI is not an economic plan, but a plan to control the world. When will the BRI development plan end, in 2049, which coincides with the celebration of China's 100th anniversary!!!

    It is hoped by China that there will be 100 world ports tied up in one Chinese country, and Chinese ownership through the BRI strategy, aka at that time China was already dominating the world. Friends, hopefully, this can be material for all of us to think about.


Wednesday, July 6, 2022


    The world today has shifted its axis, the map, and the players. We are talking about geopolitics and this must continue to be studied. Starting from European-style colonialism throughout the world until the peak of the First World War and ending in the 2nd world war, then the New World order period entered.

    Under the control of allies, namely Quote-Unquote America, America's Axis Centrum of Gravitates the map is America's foreign policy and the player is America and its allies. Initially from the '50s until the early '90s, the enemy was communism under the Soviet Union and communist countries against democracy.

    China is still an under-developing country, still assisted by the Soviets in Mao Ze Dong's era until half of the time Deng Xiaoping was still assisted by the Soviets, which we will discuss specifically to analyze Deng Xiaoping.

    We will dissect Ezra Vogel's book, about China's economic reform in a special chapter for that. We return to America when the democratic war against communism was called the cold war, because of the war against spies, the James Bond 007-style war, the west killed Soviet scientists, the KGB took intelligence data, NASA data, and Pentagon data.

My Name Bond, James Bond. Shake not Stir

    The two sides fight each other Spy, data competition, attack each other in Shadow and silent operations, each creates weapons of mass destruction, both biological warfare and nuclear bombs, intercepts communications, and competes for the best in the air, whether fighter planes, communication tools such as wireless internet networks. until the satellite, then the Soviets disbanded with the entry of the understanding of the capitalist economy, the openness of Perestroika, and Mikhail Gorbachev's Glasnost, splitting the Soviet countries, each liberating their own country. Then Russia changed its shape of country.

    Then NATO was supposed to be disbanded because NATO was formed by the Defense Pact against the Warsaw Pact, namely Threat from the East. NATO was created to anticipate communist teachings and military threats from the east, namely from the Soviet bloc AKA Russia.

    Once the Eastern countries liberated themselves from communism to form democracy, it turns out that NATO is still carrying out its mission until now, but its mission is an economy camouflaged with defense, and control of the Eastern European market with the influence of military power, this is in the war book called colonialization 2.0.

    Finally, one by one the Eastern Bloc countries joined NATO, even if it is now 20 years since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, there have been 15 former Soviet countries that have joined NATO and have become a military power and their economic strength has strengthened.

    This makes Russia especially President Putin anxious. From Putin's point of view, Putin's actions against Ukraine have been since Ukraine said it would join NATO. Putin considers this a serious threat because NATO is already on Russia's borders, the countries that separate Russia from NATO countries are Finland, Belarus, and then Ukraine.

    Therefore Russia had to seize Georgia and then Crimea, Belarus has been in the hands of Russia for a long time and has been conquered. Finland, a Nordic country, has a neutral attitude and does not have a strong army nor is it a member of NATO, then Ukraine and Zelensky, who is descended from a Jewish minority, where the Jewish population is only 200,000 people compared to 40 million Ukrainians who became president of Ukraine, of course, assisted by NATO, and America, then Ukraine register as a member of NATO.

    Russia became very angry and burned his brain. So we are starting to understand more deeply now. Why did Russia use the Muslim forces of the Syrian army and the Chechen troops, namely Chechnya? because apart from their anti-Jewish ideology, they understand very well about the Urban War.

    In his campaign, Putin tends to relate to the Islamic world of Middle Eastern countries, including South and Southeast Asian countries, the Arabian block, Turkey, Persia, Iran-Iraq, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India to Indonesia, who continue to promote his spirit of uraaa between the powers of Russia versus NATO, and America, there is a country that always plays pretty and smooth, namely China.

    Inside China, Putin is highly exalted and respected. Putin's struggle against America's New World Order and Nato, Putin throughout the Chinese media is defended, supported, even trade with Russia continues to be increased where trade with Russia-China has increased more than 100% in the last 4 months especially energy and China is willing to pay using Ruble, that is a very close bilateral friendship solidarity.

    Putin before attacking Ukraine, Putin reported to Xi Jinping at the winter Olympics in Beijing to have a private one-on-one meeting. They talked for a long time at the beginning of February 2022 and it turns out that a few days later on February 24, what will be recorded in history, Putin finally attacked Ukraine after getting the Go-Ahead from Xi Jinping. The world only found out later, having just realized how close the two of them would be at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

    Back to the new world order whose ideals are that there should be no 3rd world war, then world transactions must use dollars, then use the euro as the number two currency in the world, which indeed America and its western allies are playing.

    After the Soviet Union was disbanded due to the Cold War, America had to create an Enemy. Indeed, the management of the country is an Enemy. America is centric on the Enemy. The country is always on the alert and in trade, the term is "Create Demand".

    Without war or without enemies, the demand for weapons and technology is slow to grow, but with enemies, we are alert and always in a hurry to be more prepared and faster, slower to grow if there are no targets or without competition. Just look at the analogy like excited boys if many of the girls they love become secret admirers.

    It doesn't matter whether it's morning or night, Fight tries his best to charm his lover, but his fighting spirit will lessen. That is very important there is an enemy, there is a common enemy, there is a fear, there is a passion to be a winner in the competition. If there are no enemies, all friends, free and active politics will be crushed!! state like a merchant.

    We return to America after there is no opponent. In the 90s began to be created a new opponent, again, was created. Dozens of people at the Pentagon built an understanding of Salafi Jihadi, which then planned for this ideology in the south of the Arabian Peninsula by creating ISIS so that Muslims would fight each other, and America without joining the war only supported weapons, then around Syria and the Iraqi region which the area was called Sham. They were originally built as a "Hornet Nest" only to protect Israel and America's interests in oil and gas in the Middle East.

    So America's initial intention was to have enemies and after the communist sect was destroyed, the hard-line Islamic ideology became their next game. Once again, it was only the Hornet's Nest Strategy, but when America continued to make war in the oil-producing countries, they finally fought America with an Islamic ideological campaign against America everywhere the blaze of war was Islam being fought by America.

    America then realized this mistake was at its peak when the Twin Towers were attacked by Al-Qaeda, America realized too late that its creation of a common enemy was hardline Islam, ISIS, and terrorists, which America promoted too late, misguided, and destroyed it.

    Islamophobia in the world has been created in a hurry, now the Islamic world is different from the world during the cold war, the Islamic world has drawn a red line with America, a thick line is anti-American and many parts of the world are allergic to Islam, especially white western countries and white America, America very conscious but discovered too late, due to Already Done damage. The damage has already been done.

    Then you are late next while relaxing and having fun war in the Middle East, taking the Middle East treasure that is the country of gold and oil, China played smoothly with Deng Xiaoping's strategy in the early '80s and peaked at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, America snapped startled!! The business is not finished with "What So Call Terrorist" which is framed with Islam, the economic enemy appears with China's new weapon, namely OBOR-(One Belt One Road).




    Several hundred years ago there was a very wide human journey that was very far away, but actively passed by traders connecting the western world and the eastern world with a route of more than 10,000 KM there was an exchange of goods, ideas, and culture which was later called the "Silk Road".

    In 2013 a country wanted to revive the "Silk Road" and Xi Jinping added The Belt Road Initiative or BRI.

News Silk Road Belt Road Initiative (BRI)

    BRI binds the trade of countries under China's management which will bind 70% of world trade, accounting for 65% of global GDP!!!

    It will also link 65% of the world's population, control 70% of the world's energy resources, provide 70% of food needs and rotate 80% of the world's mineral resources.

    So BRI China launched multiple projects in all countries that agreed to be part of the BRI, such as multiple projects in Pakistan to build roads.

    In Sri Lanka, a very large seaport and then building a city for Chinese citizens in Malaysia, a hydropower plant in Uganda, and a highway in Serbia, and that is only a small part of what BRI plans to link the world.

    The first goal is indeed the distribution lines that have been built such as roads, railways, port shipping lines, oil refinery industrial parks, and power plants, all of which have been built in 72 countries that agreed to build with Chinese money and became part of BRI at the beginning, the deep Belt and Road. the simple meaning is the road and economic ties in their propaganda but what the nationalists fear is that it will soon be emphasized that the yuan is a means of payment and this is above the economy because the currency is sovereignty if you understand the state.

    Then ideology will enter through Chinese culture which becomes an understanding of the political ideology of course and this is feared by nationalists, China's political videos are part of a country, so many see this as a superhighway or fast track to make China a superpower.

    This is Xi Jinping's plan to become a World Power. Will the plan work? Are America and its allies under threat? Is your country stuck between the two and will not become a big country because it does not have an international policy? we will discuss this in more detail.

    Back to Belt and Road China's strategic initiatives tie the world together to make China a superpower. In China, the name of BRI is Yi Dai Yi Lu, and instead of spelling it wrong, we simplify it with BRI only.

    This BRI is estimated to require an investment of UD$ 8 trillion, a very large value, equal to 40 times the Indonesian state budget.

    Don't ask where the money came from, this is something that is always reminded without MMT, there will be no funds.

    The figure of 8 trillion is in 200 countries, there are only 16 countries whose GDP exceeds that number. So, how can BRI operate?

    Which countries are bound by it? Is it only economic integration BRI? or will you enter the politics of a country that does not agree to be included in the BRI cooperation plan, but the natural resources of a country that are bound by China's BRI must be taken? then the targeted country's politics are designed and capitalized so that the winner is the BRI person from China.

    Important questions must be answered immediately, will Indonesia's economic strategy benefit the participating countries in the long term or will it only benefit China?

    We will begin to explore it, we go back to October 2013 in Kazakhstan, Xi Jinping said the first time about the spirit of rebuilding the history of the past in the modern era about the medieval silk road which will become the driving force of the economy in this modern era BRI was inaugurated as unify the global market or unification global market started to run.

    One year later, Xi Jinping went to Indonesia and announced a new plan, namely the Maritime Silk Road, where the maritime sea route is expected because it is the cheapest compared to the land route, and the air route, in the distribution of goods in large quantities, the maritime route is the best.

    The sea route and without Indonesia joining, the Maritime Silk Road's big plan will fail, the sea in Indonesian territory and also the strait in Indonesia is important to the traffic of 80% of Made in China goods.

Silk Road and Maritime Road of BRI

    There are six main road plans in BRI, namely the first route from Guilin to Saint Petersburg, the land route, of course, using rail, Then the second is from Xiandong to Denmark, also through Kazakhstan, and Turkiye then from Heinan to Malaysia.

    Then from Guangdong to Bangladesh then from Xin Jian to Pakistan. Pakistan is very important to China because it cuts the sea route to Central China including entering energy sources from the Middle East, Aamir Khan is a figure of a Pakistani leader who is supported by China.

    Anything China wants in Pakistan, Aamir Khan will give it. But unfortunately, now Aamir Khan is no longer in power, and is no longer Prime Minister, but continues to shake Pakistani politics at home and abroad over a new official, namely Prime Minister Sharif.

    We focus our attention on Pakistan, in the BRI plan because the head of the belt is Pakistan. Pakistan is not only a road connection by land between the central region of China and the western region of China but also meets maritime routes that pass through Indonesia on the East Side and through the Suez Canal on the west side, all in the pool in Pakistan.

    Pakistan is where the Silk Road meets the maritime road, Pakistan's position is very strategic in the Arabian sea, this is a new alternative route for oil and gas supply to China, for Islamabad, this is a route for money to enter Pakistan.

    From the perspective of western countries, Pakistan was not a strategic choice and Western countries were shocked by China's strategy, Highway, railways, and hydropower were built in Pakistan on a massive scale worth half of Pakistan's GDP which is worth 270 billion dollars. Which country is financed? all of these projects are supported by Chinese loans. Once again with a full loan from China.

    China builds a channel in Pakistan for the distribution of Chinese goods but the capital uses assets of other countries, which finance is the Chinese state bank, and the recipient of the loan is the government of Pakistan, this project is definitely to facilitate Chinese goods, China is very much benefited, but the Pakistani government instead owe to China, have you come to understand so far?


Tuesday, July 5, 2022


    One of China's state strategies that should be imitated at home is to prepare all online digital facilities, internet, and satellites for the needs of social media transactions to navigation.

    Long before declaring his country a Global Player in 2013 with the OBOR (One Belt One Road) colonization strategy. China prepared its country well in advance as a digital country.

    We all know that in the future, even from now on, the new world governance will be reset, namely the digital world, digital economy, digital payments, digital living, as well as digital politics.

    We also all know that the millennial Generation Z and the generations below are the digitally connected generation or what is called Gen C, the connected generation.

    Currently, 60% of the population in Indonesia or your country are those under the age of 40 years, and to you, I want to speak were in the year of the 2024 Presidential Election, the population of those under the age of 40 reached almost 70 percent in Indonesia.

    This is your era. I and those of us who are over fifty years old are the generations of introductions. We emphasize we are the intermediary generation, we have to get you take-off immediately. It is our sin to prevent you from hindering your progress to make Indonesia or your country the controller of this world.

    We feel guilty for delaying you from doing what you have which is the Potential to be at the forefront. We are very stupid if we still ask for power again or even prevent you from holding control of the country so that we are forever in power or become the new dictator.

    The next two years, this is an important time for you to master the digital economy in a capable manner. We look briefly at what is happening in "the Tale of 2 countries" the two countries of America and China which are at war and controlled by globalists.

    Militarily America still dominates but technologically China has been able to match the USA, in trade China has controlled the world. In logistics and distribution, China wins. Money? Wall Street? China has its own and I have repeatedly written about China's "Hudsonian New Economic Model".

    Social media, information? is America the winner now? maybe in today's world Leading America, But in China, within China, America can not achieve at all.

Social Media China Vs the USA

    We consider the list below Baidu is China's Google, Alibaba is China's Amazon, Didi Chuxing is China's Uber, Baike is China's Wikipedia, Nice is China's Instagram, Wei Bo is China's Twitter, Renren is Facebook, China WeChat is China's Whatsapp, Youku is China's YouTube, QQ is China's Gmail, China TikTok is China's Instagram.

    Young friends, looking at this in the future, Let's build a digital platform, and this time we ask the government to help imitate what China is doing for its country. After we built hundreds of platforms, earlier, the government must bravely do what a revolutionary country dares to do like China, or imitate Nigeria, which has imitated China since five years ago to have its own digital platform.

    We return to China within the country to protect its private sector and national interests from foreign attacks, for example, Uber cannot enter China until Didi Chuxing controls 80% of the Chinese market. Alibaba holds 80% of the market, after which Amazon can enter China.

    WeChat controls 90%, then Whatsapp can enter China. Weibo controlled 80% after that Twitter was allowed to enter China, it was very nationalist in its name. If an official of your country dares to do what China does with its social media, that's called a patriotic official.

    Your young friends must be able to build this platform from now on so that when the government takes protective measures, you are ready.

    Once again I remind you that the next 2 years is a very fast period and we all know that in just 3-6 months you can build all these platforms, let's do it now. In 2022, start creating and running these platforms so that you can simply We calculate that next year in 2002, three, when 80% of the population has access to the internet, even the 5G communication platform has been used by more than 30% of communication tools plus the various social media applications that have already belonged to your nation and have become a digital country.

    That's the "New World Order" in 2022 after the world was reset by "PLANDEMIC" during the military problem of the Ukraine war, at a time of rising world food and energy prices, when the world changed all of that, the world changed to a faster direction towards digital word namely the digital world.

    For that we are ready for the digital economy, we are ready for digital living, after that one more step forward for you millennials and generation Z in 2023, start preparing to enter a new era of digital politics.

    This is where I personally and some of my friends who are over 55 years old leave a message to you, "take over elegantly all digital things from now onwards" make sure the future leaders of this nation in 2024 are those who are under 50 years old. the most.

    If you need to choose a top leader from the millennial generation who understands the world of young people and digital, also make sure to choose a leader who is fresh new blood, don't choose old out-to-date officials who are the same as previous dynasties who will make your country bankrupt, despite the name, or the person, if it is that person who leads the dynasty again or the people around him, there must still be the interests of the old rulers and the oligarchs, cross out and delete all of their names.

    Your millennial generation is the leader. Forget about sinners like us and we, uh like me LOL, Forget about those who keep wanting to fast even though it doesn't make the nation and country better all this time. In fact, it makes the country bankrupt.

    Once again, make the older generation only as a reference, not a god of words, don't imitate their behavior again, I'm just an ideologue who helps a little by analyzing how to be smart in the state and your young friends have to learn your teeth with thousands of world literature other recent.

    Make a new design for your country, don't use our brains that have been proven unable to make everyone prosperous. I am sure that all senior leaders must be sincere when they see what you are doing for the next two years, you deserve to lead this nation constitutionally in the next 1 year. If you don't take this opportunity and do nothing, then in 2023 I will be back through the time machine and become a nightmare for your country.


Monday, July 4, 2022


    We have all been informed about how the Economist at War or the economists who practice their knowledge to win the First World War and the Second World War.

    It has been said over and over again that the basis of MMT (modern monetary theory) is that economists build war power so that they can win wars in the First World War and the Second World War.

    Likewise in world war 3 today. Currently, physically, it may only be the war in Ukraine with Russia considered the aggressor, but there are data on more than 26,000 private soldiers in Ukraine from 27 countries around the world who are fighting against Russia. This means that even though it is an individual name, it turns out that many countries were also involved at the beginning of the 3rd world war, and we can interpret the war in Ukraine as a third world war.

    We know that to become a big country this time we have to learn from Russia, from the way Russia handles war economically. how even if you have to pay for the war, even if it is embargoed, even if it is subject to economic sanctions, the Russian ruble is the strongest currency in the world today.

    Why did it happen like that? We've all heard the same information in recent weeks around the world food prices are rising, scarce goods are out of stock, energy prices are rising, and many world currencies are weakening.

    We discussed the last one, namely currencies in many countries of the world losing value or weakening since the beginning of 2022. We see the Japanese Yen which has weakened 18 percent against the dollar since the beginning of the year which is the worst Yen weakening in the last 27 years.

    Currently, One dollar = 136 yen compared to when Russia invaded Ukraine, One dollar = 115 yen. Likewise in South Korea in February One dollar = 1,221 won, and now the exchange rate of 1 US$ = 1,300 won.

    Likewise with the Philippine Peso, US $ 1 = 54 Pesos which is the lowest value in 17 years the peso against the dollar. The Indian Rupee is down, the Indonesian Rupiah is down, the Chinese Yuan is down, and guess which currency hasn't fallen in value?

    Your guess is right. Russian ruble. We explain briefly when the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the exchange rate of 1 US$ = 85 rubles. Then came the embargoes, boycotts, and trade sanctions on Russia that should have destroyed the Russian economy.

    It turns out that today 1 dollar = 53 Rubles. This means that the Ruble strengthened by 35 percent within four months. How can the ruble strengthen against the dollar?

    As we know, the currencies of countries directly involved in war usually weaken, let alone those that were invaded. The Russian ruble is the other way around, why? How did it happen? supposedly economic sanctions would render the ruble worthless. Perhaps the value of the ruble remaining half should be.

    If before the war, the exchange rate of 1 dollar = 85 rubles maybe $1 should now be 500 rubles, but why is it strengthening? which happened for three reasons.

    First. Russia runs a Capital Control Measure, which is about anticipating what steps will happen if an economic war is carried out by the opposing party to defend the Russian economy.

    Russia must maintain the Russian currency, namely the ruble. Russia's Central Bank has made anticipatory policies Long before the west acted to attack the Russian economy with sanctions, embargoes, and boycotts, namely with a strategy to keep money from Russia from leaving Russia or keep the money Inside Russia.

    If you are a businessman in Russia, you are an export company that generates income in foreign currency. Say $100,000,000,- then 80% of what has to be exchanged is Russian rubles, you can't leave Russia, and you are forced to exchange foreign currency for rubles and force money to circulate in Russia.

    2nd Answer. Western countries pay for gas in rubles or gold. With this policy, the need for rubles continues to increase.

    3rd answer. Import control. Russia restricts imports so that Russia's need for dollars is almost non-existent. Russia forbids all things related to imports using foreign currencies plus Russia's strategic partner, namely China, uses the ruble in trade between two countries, this country is really playing smart with both of them.

    So the strengthening of the Russian ruble is not an organic market reaction but it is indeed well designed, indeed creating a need for the ruble. Many bits of intelligence do not think China's power can reach 53 China per dollar.

    It is estimated that the most strengthening up to 70 rubles per dollar even though the trade price of Russian goods is becoming expensive at this time. But the Russian economy knows that Russian-produced goods are irreplaceable such as gas, oil, coal, grain fertilizers, and so on.

    At least Russian products cannot be replaced quickly, it will take 2 years to build a new gas pipeline, while in 1 month Germany will experience darkness because there is no electricity, and Germany returns to using dirty energy, namely Coal, which Germany used to insult new coal-producing countries as a dirty country. 

    Now Germany was hit by karma for his own statement. European countries will experience winter, need a lot of gas that can't be met in 2 months, and it is possible to buy gas from India, but it is very expensive.

    There is another negative side in Russia when compared to the strengthening of the ruble or the effect of the ruble, namely inflation in Russia reached 17% to 7% decreased, the unemployment rate increased to 9%, but the shockwave or deteriorating economic indicators did not only belong to Russia.

    England for example, inflation is 9% which is the worst in the last 40 years. This exacerbates the situation The Bank Of England estimates that UK inflation will double-digit to 11% by the end of 2002.

    This resulted in many demonstrations taking place in the UK such as the railroad workers in England who quit work recently then the teachers in the UK are preparing for demonstrations demanding the government deal with the severe inflation problem by for example raising their salaries or lowering taxes, but the Prime Minister England's Boris Johnson did not want to comply with the demonstrators' wishes for fear that something like the 1970s would happen where the Government, to deal with inflation, increased wages, turned out to be counter-productive, and inflation increased because they were lazy, pending goods not made in England.

    With this information, prepare your gold investment savings reserves, because the value of gold is increasing every year, due to hyperinflation in European and Western countries that have not been announced. Do you want to be like Sri Lanka?



    We continue to learn from many countries, especially from countries that intend to dominate the world, such as Russia, America, China, Turkey, Britain, France, and Israel.

    We all know that as far as modern human civilization is concerned, the world has taken turns being ruled by a nation or state which was started by the Roman empire, then the Mongols, then Great Britain in the Middle Ages until the Second World War, and since the 2nd World War until now America is still the center of the world. the controller, at least with Soft power, namely the dollar which is used for more than 70% of transactions between countries in the world today.

    America to dominate the world in its future vision of a "New World Order" has faced many challenges from the beginning, namely since the Second World War was challenged by the Soviet Union with its cold war which was finally won by America with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

    Since 2008 America began to be challenged by China in the domination of the world at least economically where many countries were starting to be controlled by China at that time when countries under China's influence began to dare to say "we don't need America anymore" which peaked at In 2017, the trade war between the two countries began.

    And then since the competition between the two has started everywhere and everywhere, there has been an escalation of competition, initially a trade war then a military strategy in 2022. This is interesting to watch and your country must always be aware of its effects and have anticipatory steps so as not to go bankrupt like Sri Lanka. Lanka.

    What is the evidence of America vs China tensions? a fact at the Shangri-La dialogue a while ago in Singapore. China's Defense Minister Wei Fenghe turned out to have to the point of challenging America in terms of the military, of course, in the affairs of Taiwan.

Wei Fenghe

    The Chinese defense minister said in the sentence that if Taiwan declares its independence, that is the right tipping point that China will attack Taiwan and we will destroy anyone who defends Taiwan, this is a very bold and courageous statement.

    Right now the world is analyzing this statement because it is like throwing water from a glass directly in America's face. Dare America act to defend Taiwan? There are two things that we will explain in this information, namely America's hypocrisy and China's strategy to dominate the world.

    Let's go to America first. When Joe Biden was elected president of America his campaign platform was "Reviving America" ​​or reviving America, namely his American spirit was built where we know America has propaganda as a country called "Land of Opportunity", Land of The Brave, Land of Freedom, and that is the campaign platform for Joe Biden who wants to revive his American spirit and that looks noble as his campaign promise. Joe Biden says America is back to how it used to be. A year later we know what Joe Biden meant.

    America is shooting at children again in schools, America is entering a period of armed terror again, America is betraying its friends again, America is betraying its allies again, and all of this happened under the Joe Biden administration.

    We were shocked by armed terror where there were 13 incidents in less than three months in America that claimed the lives of schoolchildren, incidents at graduation parties, incidents in class, events in the dining room, incidents in front of schools, also in public places such as cafes, places of worship. which should be a safe place for the public, where it is said to be the "Land of Freedom" everywhere people with guns are now easily shooting other people freely.

    Is that what Reviving America means? Of course, we can't blame Joe Biden as a madman or a psychopath. But we blame Joe Biden for dealing with guns that are freely available to anyone in America.

    In 2022 alone, there have been 246 violent shootings in the masses. Remember, it's still June, aka every day there are shootings in America right now, and how can Joe Biden explain this? what kind of head of state is Joe Biden? At home, Joe Biden is being ridiculed, so to gain sympathy, Joe Biden builds diplomacy abroad, but the results are the same.

    America was dumped by its neighbors. America is currently holding a high-level meeting "The Summit of America's" namely the group of countries of the Americas, OAS, in the organization of American States.

    The OAS consists of 34 countries from the Americas, starting from Canada to the South of Argentina, apparently, the meeting was underestimated by many other American countries because America was considered selfish, and uncooperative.

    Mexico as a neighboring country to America that attaches the border fence with America did not attend and did not send its head of state, only sent its Minister of Foreign Affairs. Summit This is the first time America has hosted the Summit since 1994.

    Mexico's absence was a serious blow to America because, after America, Mexico is the second-largest economy in the Americas, apart from the absence of Mexican leaders, many leaders from other countries did not attend, such as Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

    So what is the explanation for the boycott of the leaders of these countries not attending? Among the absences due to the boycott, there were three American countries that were not invited to the "Sumit of America's" namely Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua on the grounds that these three countries were not invited because they did not implement democracy in their respective countries, and America did not want to have anything to do with it. they, when they say they don't want to have anything to do with a non-democratic country, America turns out to be very different from China, America turns out to be very shrunken, and can't do anything about it.

    China is not a democracy, but it is America's biggest trading partner. So, if you see America pretending to put pressure on other Latin American countries that are not democratic, China will take this opportunity, and China will make them a trading partner where for example Venezuela's oil is taken by China.

    Countries that did not attend the "summit of America" ​​due to a boycott or were not invited are all China's partners, trading partners, and China's largest business. With all these events Joe Biden must improve the condition of America from inside and outside the country.

    But overseas, without the Mexico that China has taken, there is little chance that America will be victorious again. Friends, this is the time for us to understand and take the sovereign opportunity of all information, and opportunities for those who understand a good state.



    When a war occurs in a region, there are interesting facts about the Coronavirus, because the Corona virus does not circulate in an area that is at war. Are viruses afraid of bullets, Howitzers, NLAW, Switch Blade Drones, SAM-400, TOR-M2? answer: Yes!!!

    Some people believe that the Wuhan virus pandemic is a "Natural Sisaster" like the "Spanish flu" in the early 20th century or the Black Death in medieval Europe, some people believe this is a "PLANDEMIC" that was "planned" or planned to be known by the famous slogan "PLANDEMIC". It is very clear that there are targets for achievement.

    The Wuhan Effect has an achievement target, there is a need that is created or "Creates Demand", and there are solutions that have been prepared. The country that owns the Giant Pharmacy agrees with "Plandemic". They think that seeing officials who suppress their people, officials or governments are afraid or unable to compete with oligarchs, means that "Plandemic" is carried out by oligarchs who benefit materially by influencing officials and government which are used as "tools" as extensions of the provider of these needs. People of a conspiracy for those who believe.

Let's see now. Is there a correlation between the war in Ukraine versus the pandemic? also previously we saw What are Russia's war tactics in Ukraine, and what is the Counter-Attack Strategy of Ukraine's defense and counterattack?

    As the world learned on 24 February 2002, within 48 hours or two days after the Russian aggressor's attack on Ukraine, progress was very fast, reaching more than 80 km from the Ukrainian border, partly because the Ukrainian military and officials did not believe that Russia would enter into attacking Ukraine.

    Then the Russian attack began to slow down, even two weeks after reaching 80 KM, it turned out that the attack only increased the range of 15-20 KM. Until now, only the port city of Mariupol has been destroyed, Ukraine's second-largest city, Kharkiv, has yet to be conquered even though it is very close to the Russian border, and Ukraine's third-largest city, Odesa, has not even been fully controlled by Russia, and the city of Kyiv, the nation's capital, is still very safe cannot be reached by Russian troops, it is still 30 km away from the nearest Russian troops to reach Kyiv, and the calculation of the achievement of the Russian invasion can only conquer 20% of the territory of Ukraine and not move forward anymore, the cities within the reach of 20% of the area that has been annexed the battle is still fierce happened as in Karkiev for example. 20% of the territory controlled by Russia today is about 120 thousand km2 outside of Crimea which was annexed in 2014 this raises the question now, Is by controlling 20% ​​of Ukraine the Russian attack considered a success?

    How about if we compare it with "Operation Barbarossa" in 1941, namely the German blitzkrieg into Soviet territory which was a sudden attack where in one week managed to advance 300 KM, and in two weeks 700 KM German troops had entered Soviet territory then when it reached the time One month, the Germans stopped short and strengthened their reserves and logistics and then attacked wide to other Soviet territories, but did not attack directly into Moscow. With the number of German troops attacking Russia is very large, at first, the Russians did not give significant resistance, but as we all know "Operation Barbarossa", the German troops lost to the Soviets.

Map of  Operation Barbarossa

    The German error was a mistimed, inappropriate attack on the Soviets in winter, and misread the morale of the militant Soviet soldiers. We now compare it with the allied attack on Iraq in 2003 where in one week, 300 KM of American and allied troops entered the area of ​​the capital Baghdad which then in six weeks and one and a half months later Iraq was defeated.

    Subdued because the Iraqi troops did not have the fighting spirit and did not believe in their leader who was from a minority, and the style of the leader was very dictatorial, namely Saddam Hussein.

    Back to the Russian attack on Ukraine. The Russian attack on Ukraine compared to the allied American attack on Iraq which amounted to three hundred thousand troops or the German attack on the Soviets with 1,000,000 troops or more, the Russian attack on Ukraine in the first week only deployed 60% of the 190,000 troops on the attacking border. enter Ukraine.

    The rest of the troops guarded and watched how the Ukrainians and the Natos reacted. it was estimated by the head of Russian defense intelligence at the time, that the morale of the Ukrainian army and the Ukrainian population was low, they would not defend their pro-western leader, and also from the minority, Volodymyr Zelensky.

    It turned out that all the initial estimates were wrong. Ukraine to this day still survives. Zelensky is still in control. Now we analyze what will happen, see Russia using a scorched earth strategy, and see refugees out of Ukraine already reaching four million citizens. 

    Seeing that more than 10 million Ukrainians in the Russian-occupied territory, which controls 20% of the territory, are almost empty and abandoned, it seems that it is mission impossible for Zelinski to make the first best, and the worst decision is to surrender or fight until the last drop of blood. Following Russia's desire to become a Neutral country, not joining NATO, relinquishing Donbas territory, accepting the release of Crimea or continuing to persist not giving up but being open to negotiations, playing long games while waiting for new arms shipments from NATO countries, smuggling weapons continuously from the Polish border to the city LVIV, adding to the mercenaries from the west, shifted the population to the west side of Ukraine and then left the east side vacated by population, then defended sporadically using insurgency attacks with urban warfare in eastern Ukraine.


    Then there is another analysis that is very important for us to consider. We all know the delta virus is a mutation of the Alphavirus. Who is exposed to Alpha, is not exposed to Delta? Then there is Omicron, where people affected by the Alpha variant and the Delta variant can still get Omicron, what does that mean? there are two meanings.

    First, the vaccine is not effective because it has been vaccinated, it is still affected even though the important words are not severe,

    Secondly, it can also mean that Omicron is not a Delta mutation, because those affected by the Alfa or Delta variants can still be affected, so the latest news analysis is that if the Ukraine war passes quickly, less than five months from now, the pandemic task is not over. 

    There is a mutation Delta Crown, the Omicron mutation will continue and prepare the world to do another Lockdown if the Ukraine war lasts a very long time of up to 2 years, then the artificial food stock will be played in episode 2, then the big countries will benefit. Hope you all understand and end the war right now for the sake of humanity. Because war causes the losers to turn to ashes, the winners turn to be burned.



    Indonesia's foreign geopolitics must be raised even higher if it wants to become a Global Player country. One way is how to make all neighboring countries respect Indonesia. The Indonesian state must quickly gather this "respect". Really "respect is something we have to earn", that respect cannot be forced, it must be collected little by little. For that, we must understand what happened to the movement of the Melanesian race.


    We have to make a special strategy to build respect in Eastern Indonesia, which is currently a struggle for influence between The Quadrilateral (QUAD) and China. So, the first stage is that we must be able to answer why Vanuatu and Solomon Island are so anti-Indonesia, they often attack Indonesia and even the United Liberation Movement of West Papua (ULMWP) or the separatist movement to liberate Papua from the territory of the Republic of Indonesia built and based in Vanuatu.

    We will discuss this issue, regarding this region, including discussing China's steps which are twice as fast as the steps of Australia and America to control the territory.

    We will continue the discussion about the eastern part of Indonesia. I briefly discussed asymmetrical warfare, which is a form of war that is dissimilar. If we compare it to the business world, the post office is not able to compete quickly with SMS or WhatsApp in the information war. The business model is different from correspondence to SMS and WA, but the service at the post office will slowly die.

    So in the "Asymmetric War" where the enemy uses Military Hard Power using weapons, there is no need to fight with weapons frontally but can fight with other forms, namely war of diplomacy or war of political influence plus an economic war.

Back to Papua. Currently, there are OPM or ULMWP terrorists in Papua who always kill civilians, teachers, doctors, bridge workers, and telecommunications employees, an organization that wants Papua to be separated from Indonesia, and the ULMWP (United Liberation Movement of West Papua) is not fighting arms but building diplomacy to Europe and Africa also to the Melanesian region.

    Let's explain a little about the Melanesian race. There are five provinces in Indonesia whose population is Melanesian, such as West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Flores, Maluku, and Papua. The Melanesian race is the same as the population in Papua New Guinea (PNG), Fiji, Vanuatu, Nauru, Solomon Islands, and so on.

    The United Liberation Movement of West Papua (ULMWP) is culturally close, racially, and diplomatically, to Melanesian countries in the South Pacific. The Indonesian Ambassador to New Zealand has a tough task. The ambassador is very serious about fighting the asymmetric war in Papua, it requires the seriousness of the Indonesian government.

    We see the weakness of the state in the past that must be a lesson and not be repeated again. For example in the case of the seizure of the island of Sipadan-Ligitan which was annexed by Malaysia. Malaysia took the island from Indonesia without using weapons. Malaysia has been working asymmetrically with Indonesia for more than 20 years in silence, and in Shadow.

    Malaysia lobbied the International Court of Justice, and Malaysia lobbied the United Nations (UN). Then placing traditional Malaysian fishermen continue to circulate in the area of ​​the 2 islands on the border with Indonesia so the Currency Ringgit is used, and Malaysian radio broadcasts, so that local residents only know Malaysia.

    When the time was right, Tipping Point Malaysia claimed the island of Sipadan-Ligitan. Wuuzzz, the territory is gone from the Indonesian island. Indonesia lost diplomacy at the international level, and Indonesia lost evidence. Because the residents already use the Malaysian language, the Malaysian currency, the radio broadcasts in Malaysian, Malaysian songs are played every day on the radio, marrying local Indonesians even though the island actually belongs to Indonesia. In the end, the island was separated from Indonesia and became the property of Malaysia.


    That's asymmetrical warfare. That is also China's strategy in the war with QUAD in the Pacific. We are again discussing China's strategy against QUAD in the Pacific. Friends, we all know that Pacific countries are not stupid developing countries, they are very good at understanding China's steps.

    China promised many things in the agreement with the Pacific nation such as providing US$ 3 billion to build infrastructure, then a strategy to deal with the impact of climate change that could sink many Pacific islands, sending 200 medical personnel, and 5,000,000 vaccines to deal with the Wuhan virus, sending 2,500 teachers, Lectures, and a thousand soldiers for security.

    In this deal, there is information that China may build a maritime military base and deploy military personnel in the Pacific region. China's foreign minister Wang Yi is a Chinese diplomat and politician who has been a foreign minister since March 2013. He previously served as Deputy Foreign Minister, Ambassador to Japan, and Director of the Taiwan Affairs Office while in the Pacific Islands for several days on a visit to 7 Pacific Countries and 3 virtual meetings with three other countries.

    The center of this movement is all on Solomon Island, and finally in Fiji. Wang Yi gave a press statement on the work plan with the 10 Pacific Countries with China in Fiji country. This China Pacific activity hit the new Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese hard because all of this was happening in Australia's backyard, thus putting QUAD on standby and Canberra rushing to send Australia's foreign minister to Fiji at the same time.

    Indeed, China's plan panicked QUAD, which panicked Australia, which lost its influence in the Pacific countries. There is very interesting information about countries that are being influenced by China. In that Pacific country, there is a very small country that is not visible on the map or the globe, which is against China and does not allow its territory to be fished by China, which does not want to join an agreement with China. This country is Micronesia.

Micronesia Island

    Micronesia is a very small country with a population of only 150,000 people, where the president of Micronesia, David Panuelo, wrote a warning letter to China's 21st Pacific nation's soft power move as a step toward conquest and potentially removing sovereignty from Pacific countries for its own natural wealth.

David Panuelo

    China is considered to be seeking access to control the Pacific region. David Panuelo asked 21 Pacific countries to refuse cooperation with China. On the other hand, China denied the existence of warning letters and emails from the Micronesian leader to all Pacific countries including 10 countries that will carry out economic cooperation with China. How did China know the email was being sent to small countries in the Pacific? You must already know the answer.

Wang Yi

    As Wang Yi denied, the spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has repeatedly denied the existence of the letter from David Panuelo because China believes this cooperation will benefit all Pacific countries.

    But we believe that Pacific countries also know what is best for their respective countries, and what is the nation's interest in developing forward without being trapped by debt loans from China. Surely they can build their respective countries without debt, hopefully in the end Wang Yi the Chinese foreign minister does not succeed in bringing diplomacy results when he returns to China. Pacific countries, just wait for QUAD. Surely cooperation with QUAD will be more beneficial to both parties, all benefit more fairly.


Saturday, July 2, 2022



    China and Russia want to form a rival G7 or G7 alternative. German media outlet Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported that Beijing and Moscow wished to expand the BRICS to include four more countries.

    China and Russia want to expand BRICS, a club of five major developing countries, into a counterbalance to the Western-dominated Group of Seven (G7). To this end, Beijing and Moscow appear to be seeking to expand the group, beyond Brazil, India, and South Africa.

    In a report on Wednesday, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung claimed that since the start of Russia's attack on Ukraine, and the imposition of sanctions from the West, Moscow has sought to strengthen and expand its alliances with countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

    The Kremlin has reportedly been growing hopes of turning the BRICS into a rival G7 for years, having been expelled from the previous G8. According to German newspapers, the Kremlin has now realized this effort.

    On Monday, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova announced that two more countries, Argentina and Iran, had signed up to join the group. On his Telegram channel, the diplomat noted that this situation occurred when the White House was contemplating what to break, ban or destroy in the world.

    Earlier, officials in Tehran and Buenos Aires confirmed their countries' willingness to become full members.

    Also commenting on Telegram, Russian senator Aleksey Pushkov, who previously served as head of the Committee on Foreign Affairs in the State Duma, argued on Monday that although the BRICS did not state this, they are capable of being an alternative and even counterweight to the G7 in the future as it brings countries together. leading in the non-Western world.

    Pushkov described Iran's and Argentina's offer as a brilliant innovation step forward, as it undermined Western efforts to isolate Russia, and significantly expanded the political-economic organization of the non-Western world.

Meanwhile, experts quoted by Russian news agency RIA Novosti claim that ten more countries could join the BRICS in the future, including Turkiye, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico.

    According to Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, another founding member of BRICS, China, would also like to see the club develop further. Beijing will also invite Egypt and Indonesia and join the organization. China regards the larger BRICS as a potential alternative or rival to rival the Western-dominated G7.