When a war occurs in a region, there are interesting facts about the Coronavirus, because the Corona virus does not circulate in an area that is at war. Are viruses afraid of bullets, Howitzers, NLAW, Switch Blade Drones, SAM-400, TOR-M2? answer: Yes!!!

    Some people believe that the Wuhan virus pandemic is a "Natural Sisaster" like the "Spanish flu" in the early 20th century or the Black Death in medieval Europe, some people believe this is a "PLANDEMIC" that was "planned" or planned to be known by the famous slogan "PLANDEMIC". It is very clear that there are targets for achievement.

    The Wuhan Effect has an achievement target, there is a need that is created or "Creates Demand", and there are solutions that have been prepared. The country that owns the Giant Pharmacy agrees with "Plandemic". They think that seeing officials who suppress their people, officials or governments are afraid or unable to compete with oligarchs, means that "Plandemic" is carried out by oligarchs who benefit materially by influencing officials and government which are used as "tools" as extensions of the provider of these needs. People of a conspiracy for those who believe.

Let's see now. Is there a correlation between the war in Ukraine versus the pandemic? also previously we saw What are Russia's war tactics in Ukraine, and what is the Counter-Attack Strategy of Ukraine's defense and counterattack?

    As the world learned on 24 February 2002, within 48 hours or two days after the Russian aggressor's attack on Ukraine, progress was very fast, reaching more than 80 km from the Ukrainian border, partly because the Ukrainian military and officials did not believe that Russia would enter into attacking Ukraine.

    Then the Russian attack began to slow down, even two weeks after reaching 80 KM, it turned out that the attack only increased the range of 15-20 KM. Until now, only the port city of Mariupol has been destroyed, Ukraine's second-largest city, Kharkiv, has yet to be conquered even though it is very close to the Russian border, and Ukraine's third-largest city, Odesa, has not even been fully controlled by Russia, and the city of Kyiv, the nation's capital, is still very safe cannot be reached by Russian troops, it is still 30 km away from the nearest Russian troops to reach Kyiv, and the calculation of the achievement of the Russian invasion can only conquer 20% of the territory of Ukraine and not move forward anymore, the cities within the reach of 20% of the area that has been annexed the battle is still fierce happened as in Karkiev for example. 20% of the territory controlled by Russia today is about 120 thousand km2 outside of Crimea which was annexed in 2014 this raises the question now, Is by controlling 20% ​​of Ukraine the Russian attack considered a success?

    How about if we compare it with "Operation Barbarossa" in 1941, namely the German blitzkrieg into Soviet territory which was a sudden attack where in one week managed to advance 300 KM, and in two weeks 700 KM German troops had entered Soviet territory then when it reached the time One month, the Germans stopped short and strengthened their reserves and logistics and then attacked wide to other Soviet territories, but did not attack directly into Moscow. With the number of German troops attacking Russia is very large, at first, the Russians did not give significant resistance, but as we all know "Operation Barbarossa", the German troops lost to the Soviets.

Map of  Operation Barbarossa

    The German error was a mistimed, inappropriate attack on the Soviets in winter, and misread the morale of the militant Soviet soldiers. We now compare it with the allied attack on Iraq in 2003 where in one week, 300 KM of American and allied troops entered the area of ​​the capital Baghdad which then in six weeks and one and a half months later Iraq was defeated.

    Subdued because the Iraqi troops did not have the fighting spirit and did not believe in their leader who was from a minority, and the style of the leader was very dictatorial, namely Saddam Hussein.

    Back to the Russian attack on Ukraine. The Russian attack on Ukraine compared to the allied American attack on Iraq which amounted to three hundred thousand troops or the German attack on the Soviets with 1,000,000 troops or more, the Russian attack on Ukraine in the first week only deployed 60% of the 190,000 troops on the attacking border. enter Ukraine.

    The rest of the troops guarded and watched how the Ukrainians and the Natos reacted. it was estimated by the head of Russian defense intelligence at the time, that the morale of the Ukrainian army and the Ukrainian population was low, they would not defend their pro-western leader, and also from the minority, Volodymyr Zelensky.

    It turned out that all the initial estimates were wrong. Ukraine to this day still survives. Zelensky is still in control. Now we analyze what will happen, see Russia using a scorched earth strategy, and see refugees out of Ukraine already reaching four million citizens. 

    Seeing that more than 10 million Ukrainians in the Russian-occupied territory, which controls 20% of the territory, are almost empty and abandoned, it seems that it is mission impossible for Zelinski to make the first best, and the worst decision is to surrender or fight until the last drop of blood. Following Russia's desire to become a Neutral country, not joining NATO, relinquishing Donbas territory, accepting the release of Crimea or continuing to persist not giving up but being open to negotiations, playing long games while waiting for new arms shipments from NATO countries, smuggling weapons continuously from the Polish border to the city LVIV, adding to the mercenaries from the west, shifted the population to the west side of Ukraine and then left the east side vacated by population, then defended sporadically using insurgency attacks with urban warfare in eastern Ukraine.


    Then there is another analysis that is very important for us to consider. We all know the delta virus is a mutation of the Alphavirus. Who is exposed to Alpha, is not exposed to Delta? Then there is Omicron, where people affected by the Alpha variant and the Delta variant can still get Omicron, what does that mean? there are two meanings.

    First, the vaccine is not effective because it has been vaccinated, it is still affected even though the important words are not severe,

    Secondly, it can also mean that Omicron is not a Delta mutation, because those affected by the Alfa or Delta variants can still be affected, so the latest news analysis is that if the Ukraine war passes quickly, less than five months from now, the pandemic task is not over. 

    There is a mutation Delta Crown, the Omicron mutation will continue and prepare the world to do another Lockdown if the Ukraine war lasts a very long time of up to 2 years, then the artificial food stock will be played in episode 2, then the big countries will benefit. Hope you all understand and end the war right now for the sake of humanity. Because war causes the losers to turn to ashes, the winners turn to be burned.




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