We continue to learn from many countries, especially from countries that intend to dominate the world, such as Russia, America, China, Turkey, Britain, France, and Israel.

    We all know that as far as modern human civilization is concerned, the world has taken turns being ruled by a nation or state which was started by the Roman empire, then the Mongols, then Great Britain in the Middle Ages until the Second World War, and since the 2nd World War until now America is still the center of the world. the controller, at least with Soft power, namely the dollar which is used for more than 70% of transactions between countries in the world today.

    America to dominate the world in its future vision of a "New World Order" has faced many challenges from the beginning, namely since the Second World War was challenged by the Soviet Union with its cold war which was finally won by America with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

    Since 2008 America began to be challenged by China in the domination of the world at least economically where many countries were starting to be controlled by China at that time when countries under China's influence began to dare to say "we don't need America anymore" which peaked at In 2017, the trade war between the two countries began.

    And then since the competition between the two has started everywhere and everywhere, there has been an escalation of competition, initially a trade war then a military strategy in 2022. This is interesting to watch and your country must always be aware of its effects and have anticipatory steps so as not to go bankrupt like Sri Lanka. Lanka.

    What is the evidence of America vs China tensions? a fact at the Shangri-La dialogue a while ago in Singapore. China's Defense Minister Wei Fenghe turned out to have to the point of challenging America in terms of the military, of course, in the affairs of Taiwan.

Wei Fenghe

    The Chinese defense minister said in the sentence that if Taiwan declares its independence, that is the right tipping point that China will attack Taiwan and we will destroy anyone who defends Taiwan, this is a very bold and courageous statement.

    Right now the world is analyzing this statement because it is like throwing water from a glass directly in America's face. Dare America act to defend Taiwan? There are two things that we will explain in this information, namely America's hypocrisy and China's strategy to dominate the world.

    Let's go to America first. When Joe Biden was elected president of America his campaign platform was "Reviving America" ​​or reviving America, namely his American spirit was built where we know America has propaganda as a country called "Land of Opportunity", Land of The Brave, Land of Freedom, and that is the campaign platform for Joe Biden who wants to revive his American spirit and that looks noble as his campaign promise. Joe Biden says America is back to how it used to be. A year later we know what Joe Biden meant.

    America is shooting at children again in schools, America is entering a period of armed terror again, America is betraying its friends again, America is betraying its allies again, and all of this happened under the Joe Biden administration.

    We were shocked by armed terror where there were 13 incidents in less than three months in America that claimed the lives of schoolchildren, incidents at graduation parties, incidents in class, events in the dining room, incidents in front of schools, also in public places such as cafes, places of worship. which should be a safe place for the public, where it is said to be the "Land of Freedom" everywhere people with guns are now easily shooting other people freely.

    Is that what Reviving America means? Of course, we can't blame Joe Biden as a madman or a psychopath. But we blame Joe Biden for dealing with guns that are freely available to anyone in America.

    In 2022 alone, there have been 246 violent shootings in the masses. Remember, it's still June, aka every day there are shootings in America right now, and how can Joe Biden explain this? what kind of head of state is Joe Biden? At home, Joe Biden is being ridiculed, so to gain sympathy, Joe Biden builds diplomacy abroad, but the results are the same.

    America was dumped by its neighbors. America is currently holding a high-level meeting "The Summit of America's" namely the group of countries of the Americas, OAS, in the organization of American States.

    The OAS consists of 34 countries from the Americas, starting from Canada to the South of Argentina, apparently, the meeting was underestimated by many other American countries because America was considered selfish, and uncooperative.

    Mexico as a neighboring country to America that attaches the border fence with America did not attend and did not send its head of state, only sent its Minister of Foreign Affairs. Summit This is the first time America has hosted the Summit since 1994.

    Mexico's absence was a serious blow to America because, after America, Mexico is the second-largest economy in the Americas, apart from the absence of Mexican leaders, many leaders from other countries did not attend, such as Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

    So what is the explanation for the boycott of the leaders of these countries not attending? Among the absences due to the boycott, there were three American countries that were not invited to the "Sumit of America's" namely Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua on the grounds that these three countries were not invited because they did not implement democracy in their respective countries, and America did not want to have anything to do with it. they, when they say they don't want to have anything to do with a non-democratic country, America turns out to be very different from China, America turns out to be very shrunken, and can't do anything about it.

    China is not a democracy, but it is America's biggest trading partner. So, if you see America pretending to put pressure on other Latin American countries that are not democratic, China will take this opportunity, and China will make them a trading partner where for example Venezuela's oil is taken by China.

    Countries that did not attend the "summit of America" ​​due to a boycott or were not invited are all China's partners, trading partners, and China's largest business. With all these events Joe Biden must improve the condition of America from inside and outside the country.

    But overseas, without the Mexico that China has taken, there is little chance that America will be victorious again. Friends, this is the time for us to understand and take the sovereign opportunity of all information, and opportunities for those who understand a good state.




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