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Tuesday, May 31, 2022


    It's still about Putin's strategy of having joint strength in Europe with Turkey and Russia's strength in the rest of the world with China, it's very cool that their move is for them to become Global players, they take the steps full of calculations like the steps of a chess Grand Master with a rating of 2900, his steps certainly more beautiful, but of course, we start by understanding and discussing the steps of these Russian alliances.

    Russia, Turkey, and China are playing beautifully against the dollar, challenging the swift system, challenging oil and gas using food to starve the world, using gold, and many more ring battles they are playing all of which challenge the hegemony of America and its allies.

    Let's talk about the various wars first, then move on to the Russian-Turkish strategy. This information includes:

    First, in the Defense Pact. In the beginning, the approach was military, but in the end, it was also economic.

    Number two is the ideological war. The communist war versus democracy war, religious war versus communism versus democracy, and lastly we discuss the history of the archipelago which Gajah Mada (Minister of Majapahit empire 1273 AD) used an economic approach in uniting, reads "conquer" the archipelago which is now imitated by China, namely using its economic approach in the conquest of a region, since 2013 the world has shifted away from its main axis which always uses military force or Hard Power to use soft power using economic conquest.

    We are discussing now that in war there is a seizure of territory for economic purposes and the struggle for the territory to spread ideology, namely religious ideology, and political ideologies such as communism versus democracy.

    In fact, the ideological war is the most illegible war, namely the ideological war of money and the war of wealth, if it is wrapped in propaganda for the prosperity of the people, even though oligarchs and people close to power are also the rich. Then there are political ideologies such as communist ideology as well as religious ideologies, both of which are the most visible because there is a physical identity, either individual or group.

    The two ideologies, whether political or religious or religious, are seen as very frightening, they also spill the bigotry of the holders of this ideology, while if they are wrapped in an economy like China's One Belt One Road (OBOR), a biased view is created. One Belt One Road (OBOR) who really prospers? Whose advantage is the biggest? for a country that joins China, the benefit of its people or the benefit of its officials.

    Then also the influence on a country, whoever is the leader of the country waiting for their turn is still determined by Beijing because that is the strategy of conquest, using officials who side with Beijing, whoever the person is, whenever the era, whatever the regime.

    The point is that money is made easy for the official in power and of course, once again the lucky ones are those who have the current soft power strategy, namely China's TORCH. Currently, China's One Belt One Road (OBOR) is doing it. We will elaborate further to understand the meaning of economics by looking at historical facts as well as answering the question why is Europe Rich and Africa Poor?

    Why is North America rich? Why is South America poor? Why are China rich and South Asia poor? the countries of the northern hemisphere of the equator are rich countries that annex the wealth of the countries south of the equator.

    We return to the past briefly the cruelty of the power of wheel and horse transportation where the masterpiece of the world at that time the link between the west and east was the "Silkroad" product exchange and development of Chinese paper production, Chinese gunpowder, Indian spices and gold, Indian clothing materials, Silk from China bartered plates, ceramics, jewelry from Europe to the advancement of shipping navigation technology from the Middle East to Europe.

    When the world of shipping grew less than 50 years in Europe, the Silkroad was only used for less than 20 percent, and the world was more quickly connected by the sea. The advancement of European machinery technology demands a lot of raw materials, the prosperity of Europe demands more and more production goods and production goods require raw materials.

    This was the beginning of the northern nations being more advanced because having four seasons made them for thousands of years whose harsh weather made them at the same time have a hard civilization and had to survive with many innovations.

    Innovation is the key to the survival of a nation and the harshness of the seasons in the north of the equator, most of which are very extreme, ranging from dry heat above 35° Celsius to freezing cold below 10 degrees Celsius, making Northern humans for thousands of years innovate faster in technology than Southern humans who only most of the two seasons whose skills are only natural management of agriculture.

    Southern humans are not very ready for war, fighting 1 on 1 or war between villages, between tribes, maybe there are or experts but few, but wars with hundreds of people even thousands of people fighting, Europeans as well as other Northern nations like China or the Mongols are much more used to it.

    The progress of machinery since the Middle Ages has been in contact with many rulers of kings or Land Lords in many parts of Europe, making them creative and innovative, Europeans since the 17th century moved to find a new world which coincidentally also parallels the European continent, namely the Americas, later on. named America and now almost 250 years of America's independence, America remains the target of human Freethinkers because of the freedom of the state to migrate and settle in America.

    Back to W4R culture. In the first world war in Europe, the 2nd world war in Europe, and Greater East Asia all the territories were on the Northside of the equator then there was the Cold War where the communist side created the Defense Pact. Warsaw Pact against West Side, North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO Why form defenses? because building a military force itself is very expensive then in the long term there is not necessarily an attack, but without preparation for war, a region will be weak and easily conquered by ambitious visionary leaders and usually very fond of past history for the greatness of their nation, the leader has romanticism history is approx.

    We all know that at this time the aggressor country is America, if you don't want to be attacked, just join America or rather submit to America, and the natural wealth of a region is sucked into America for America's interests.

    If you don't obey, your government will be overthrown or embargoed or attacked militarily like Erdogan will be overthrown by America but saved by Russia, also another proof of the current war by America is on fossil oil-producing countries which America will continue to hold oil. and the world's natural gas.

    Returning to Turkey's role this time in the war in Ukraine, Turkey did not carry out NATO's orders to impose economic sanctions and the embargo on Russian products did the opposite. The transactions between the two countries increased dramatically as well as the Russian oligarchs, who are definitely people close to Putin putting their money in Turkey.

    Turkey becomes a Save Haven Russian tycoons and merchants are once again protecting their assets in Turkey, a bold and smart state move from Turkey even before the Ukraine war, Turkey bought a lot of S400 missiles, and air defense missiles from Russia.

    Turkey's move to NATO countries has become a subject of gossip because it considers Turkey no longer suitable to be in NATO because Turkey is a spy and Russia's secret weapon. this is difficult to do in Europe, what is there is to join NATO, or join Russia.

    Maybe after Sweden and Finland will join NATO but are rejected by Turkey, only Switzerland and Austria are still neutral and are very likely to be annexed by NATO even though Moldova is already preparing to join NATO, of course, the map of Europe must also be redrawn by us. In our Redraw Map of Europe, we have to change the way we look at the European countries.

    Now the question is, did this war happen because NATO attacked or because Russia attacked? Currently, Ukraine is the spearhead of NATO with 18 billion dollars of new budgets from European and American countries providing more than 40 billion dollars more if totaled in rupiah, which is approximately almost 850 trillion. Around this time in Brussels Belgium where the NATO Central command against Russia is closing ranks. What are their next steps? it seems that the third world war will be a long time.



    Starting with the question, Is Turkey a secret weapon of Russia? when Sweden and Finland saw Russia's military aggression against Ukraine were Sweden and Finland thought Russia could do the same to their countries Sweden and Finland, both of which had been Neutral countries decided to join NATO, the Defense Pact to protect them from Russian attacks, then Turkey rejected the Swedish and Finnish applications.

    What's up friend? This information is about Turkey's role and answers the question why is there such a thing as a Defense Pact? A joint force built for defense or military purposes but in the end, these members will become victims of the economy at least to capitalize on the weapons of war produced by the strong countries that supported the Pact.

    We certainly know NATO, otherwise known as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. We also know the Quad or Quadritarial, the power of 4 countries that block China, namely India, Australia, Japan, and America. We also know that AUKUS, namely Australia, the United Kingdom, and America, was also built to contain China as a note that the defense pact must have an enemy, then the SEATO defense pact in ASEAN where the enemy is communists.

    The anti-communist SEATO, the Warsaw Pact was a Soviet bloc also known as the Eastern Bloc, built against the allied western bloc of NATO. All of these defense factors must have America in them or must be directed to Pro America, then in 2013 there will be a new challenge for the holders of world hegemony, namely America and its western allies, and to understand this we must understand more about the way of the state.

    What happened in 2013 was that China under Xi Jinping initiated what is called the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which is a distribution road for Chinese products, all of which will be tied into a belt to Beijing, which will become the center of world trade.

    The movement seems non-military, but for military intelligence or state officials who understand their country's sovereignty, military threats are one of the defense threats, while defense threats do not only come from the military, economic threats are also a dangerous threat to state sovereignty.

    As an illustration, we first enter the business world to understand the economic threat through Economic W4fare. Let's say we take the example of coca-cola or only domestic products. Like bottled tea products, this is for illustration purposes only. Friends, remember, this is only a simulation to make it easier to understand state lessons.

    Bottled tea sells at retailers, the price we illustrate is IDR 1,000 per bottle, whereas shop resellers buy it for around IDR. 800 per bottle, then other competitors such as Your tea enter, which sells a market price of around Rp. 900 and the shop price is 700 rupiah.

    Because the taste is the same, and the price is cheap, buyers switch to buying Your tea. What did Teh Botol do then? whether to lower the price of bottled tea at resellers to Rp. 600 and the reseller finally bought another bottle of tea and bottled tea was sold for Rp. 800 in general retail. Your tea brand cannot sell for Rp. 600 to resellers and lower the price of 700 Rupiah to the public, bankrupt of course even though at the price of 900 Your tea no one buys, bankrupt too. That's the industry illustration trade strategy by turning off competitors like this bottled tea drink.

    Back to China's OBOR (One Belt One Road), for example, once again, I said that the price of fertilizer in Indonesia, domestically made fertilizer in Indonesia or your country is US$ 2 per kg, China can send fertilizer for only US$ 1 per kg so that officials who If you have a trading mentality, you can import with the reason that the price of Chinese fertilizer is cheaper, the effect is that no fertilizer factory in Indonesia or your country will buy and go bankrupt even though it is cheaper, but if it is from the policy of a stateless official, it is better to increase production, then import fertilizer still prohibited or allowed to import but subject to high taxes so that local fertilizer prices remain cheaper.

    If the garment factory closes, the fertilizer factory closes, onion farmers don't want to plant onions because they are at a loss, that's the wrong strategy of the state officials because the reason for cheap imports turned out to be deadly for a country's producers.

    That's why if the state understands that China's One Belt One Road strategy in partnering with China is a Nation Threat economically, but if it's in the name of building, in the name of not having the country's money, only China can provide financial assistance, only China has human resources, only China can have the technology, and those who speak are officials who are very convincing in their way of speaking to deceive the public, let alone high-level officials, the people become fascinated by forgetting the national threat, national caution and this must be constantly reminded.

    Once again we are just reminding because many countries have become troubled with this China's One Belt One Road strategy like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Uganda. One of them is countries for example and there is another written report from Carmen Reinhard from the University of Harvard in 2020. Overall this study examines 2000 loans from China to 152 countries from 2011 to 2019.

    It was recorded that since 2017 alone, 50 developing countries continue to increase their debt from China, more developed countries owe their debt to China through sovereign bonds, while low-income countries usually get direct debt from Chinese State-Owned Enterprises (SOE). such as the China Development Bank, and then also the Export-Import Bank of China, so whatever it is we must be wary of attacks on state sovereignty.

    Returning to Turkey, which refused Sweden and Finland to become NATO members, is very interesting to discuss so that it becomes a lesson that we will know what an economic pact is and what a defense pact is.

    We are all informed about Russia's threats to many countries to stay neutral, don't join in helping the war as Putin said, or become a member of NATO or increase allied forces to make America the world's police, but Sweden and Finland continue to be supported by America which finally Pivot, moved to NATO, then Turkey bravely defied Sweden and Finland's decision by not signing the agreement.

    Turkey is a member of NATO, and there is a rule that a resolution will come out when all NATO members agree 100% of the members agree. Of the 30 NATO member countries currently, all have the right of veto, Turkey is one of them, and Turkey did not sign Sweden and Finland's application to become NATO members, so the resolution could never be implemented.

    Turkey not only vetoed, but Erdogan openly invited other NATO members to veto Sweden and Finland, Turkey said Sweden and Finland supported the Kurdish insurgency on the Turkish border, but military intelligence saw more of Erdogan's debt of service to Putin.

    Ankara owes a lot to Moscow. One of Erdogan's debts is the revelation of a coup plan in Turkey that would overthrow Erdogan by the CIA, which resulted in the arrest of 2000 people who were anti-Erdogan. The CIA will overthrow Erdogan because Turkey buys ISIS oil and sells some of it to China. It's a complicated state, we have to understand Turkey's steps from the perspective of Erdogan's state. May be useful. 


Monday, May 30, 2022


    We discuss Israel conducting military exercises to attack Iran and discuss Turkey as Russia's secret weapon against NATO.

    Friends, understanding geopolitics is very important to place a country as a state and private global player. If the understanding is not correct, it will make state officials do business for the benefit of their group.

    Weak understanding of foreign geopolitics of other countries and nations, we must understand how Africa's other sweater color boss plays between conflicts and his country does not have a sea or landlock but can become the richest and fastest-growing country in the last 10 years.

    We have to understand, how Africa's Botswana and Switzerland play between countries conflict and a country that does not have a sea or Landlock but can become the richest and fastest-growing country in the last 40 years.

    Understanding Nigeria as the China of Africa, which focuses on being the leading digital country, understand why Nordic countries and northern European countries are rich because of what? even though they do not have natural resources, understand the five Central Asian countries, understand the steps of Saudi Arabia with its Aramco, understand the turmoil in the South Pacific countries, and understand the drought in Latin America which always makes domestic politics in the region always noisy and chooses to be a supplier of Drugs or drugs - illegal drugs as done by Thailand, China, Myanmar, and Afghanistan too, when Iran in recent months increased arms aid to Hamas in Palestine and Hezbollah in Lebanon, Israel began to become aggressive.

    Israel is a small country with an area only as big as the island of Madura, surrounded by 18 ideologically enemy countries, so to continue to live Israel takes America and Britain behind them, so it's not surprising that in the Middle East region, America and Britain are always entrenched with the argument of control over oil and natural gas.

    Indeed, America is the one that controls 70% of the world's oil. Saudi, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, and Emirates, for example, are producing countries but selling them is America's business, distributing them is an American business, the tankers are American business, giant tanks are American business, and technology is American business.

    Outside of America today, perhaps only Russia understands oil and gas technologically and in terms of distribution. Russia is in Iran, Russia is in Turkey, Russia is in China, and Russia is in East Asian countries such as Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, and so on for oil and gas as technology companies and business partners.

    Returning to Israel, a small country surrounded by enemies, if you are asked who is Israel who has "Enemy Number One", the answer is surely Iran, within the territory of Iran and Israel, there are no territorial disputes, there are no territorial disputes because they are not attached to their country.

    The enemies of Iran and Israel are ideological enemies, both of them have threatened and killed each other for years using intelligence operations in many countries against their respective officials.

    Last month, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi openly threatened Israel, which was putting pressure on the Palestinians what is Israel's reaction this time? Israel conducts war games in the desert and clearly declares these war games to attack Iran.

    The code name of the Israeli operation this time is called "Chariot of Fire"!!! where this war exercise is similar to Drill or the act of Russian military aggression before entering Ukraine, the largest in Israel's history because all of its soldiers and its citizens' conscripted military reservists participated in this war simulation.

    What is Israel's Purpose? First, is the habituation of high-level readiness, namely high level 3 war readiness.

    The 2nd is to increase the capacity of the Israeli army and the third prepare the Israeli army and its citizens for Multi Front War and long-term war if all this happens. Israel said this preparation was important and must be done because Iran's threat was increasing because Iran was planning to attack Israel during Ibrahim Raisi's time. Just One Wrong Move Israel-Iran attack!!! 

    While in Jerusalem for the past two months, the atmosphere has been tense, War atmosphere has been under threat from Israel's gun barrel, the military exercise was held on May 29, 2022, the American and British troops as part of the war games have presented aircraft carriers, Jet Fighters, refueling aircraft in the air, and 3000 soldiers, even the Joint Force Chief Army or the commander of the American joint army sent Michael Kurela to attend this military drill for this war game. Friends, what message did you receive with this information? then what should your country do?



    It is undeniable that currently there has been a food crisis in various regions of the world, this time the problem of food shortages has become a serious problem. Now the world is being hit from two directions, the first being hit by climate change, the second by Russia.

    Russia uses food as a weapon in addition to the current military war, there is also an economic war where Russia is given economic sanctions and an embargo then a financial war by paying rubles based on gold, and now Russia is using food as a war weapon. against non-sovereign countries where the leaders do not yet understand world geopolitics and have not carried out the country's geostrategic role adequately.

    Russia uses the foot as a weapon of war or better known as Food Warfare. This is a fact that is faced today in any hemisphere. Food prices have increased dramatically in recent months in several countries, this food shortage is a threat to life because it is already very short where it is estimated that in the next few months 300 million people in several regions of the world will experience hunger such as in Africa, West Asia, and Latin America. and if not addressed immediately in a few months the world will experience food problems in this decade.

    For this food problem, no country can solve this food problem alone, the question is what is the cause of this food shortage? when the world is currently stuck in a multi-front war or various forms of war, it turns out that the provision of food becomes a weapon of war or Food Weaponezide!!

    One of them is by holding back wheat, then America accuses Russia of this, wheat is the main food in various regions such as East Africa, North Africa, West Asia, Europe, and America of course. President Biden later accused Putin of winning the war. Putin starved the world.

    Anthony Blinken and the US secretary of state at the United Nations said Russia's attack by holding back the availability of wheat and grains hit world food by minus 10% of its effect and made world food prices rise by 15% in three months alone will also make 300 million people food shortages. The world as a direct result of the effects of the Russian war in Ukraine, at least 40 million Ukrainians are currently starving.

    So how does the Russian military play up the world's food supply? One of them is holding back food supplies in Russian and Ukrainian ports, only Odesa The port city that has not been conquered, the port city of Mariupol has stopped operating its port.

    Then bombed all land routes connected to and from Ukraine. Russia is targeting 40 million Ukrainians to starve to a point where neighboring countries plus NATO are forced to provide food that is currently out of stock. There were more than 28 million tonnes of wheat and grain stuck in the ports of Odesa and Mariupol and the Russians bombarded the mills and wheat fields and grain fields.

    We all know this 28 million tons can feed 200 million people a year worldwide, while Russian wheat is the provider of 30% of the world's needs, and this is also being held not shipped worldwide, the total holding of wheat by Russia and Grain by Russia or production Ukraine and Russia could starve 400 million people in the world by accusing America and Europe of Russia's actions that caused the world to starve.

    What is Moscow's real answer? America and its allies are blamed for embargoing and imposing economic sanctions on Russia. Actually, what makes the world's food supply problematic once again is the behavior of America and its allies who embargo and impose economic sanctions on Russia. There are more than 10,000 economic sanctions imposed on Russia which have prevented not only wheat from being shipped but many other types of food which have been hindered by disrupting their availability and distribution.

    Ukraine and Russia produce grains of wheat, corn, and sunflower oil that greatly influence the world. When Guterres Secretary-General of the United Nations asked Russia to release these products, Russia asked to lift economic sanctions against Russia, equal and cruel bargaining, of course, is the act of a sovereign state that cannot be negotiated in the true sense.

    Medvedev, Russia's representative at the United Nations who is also the former President of Russia, said it would be unfair if you impose economic sanctions on the Russian people, but you ask to release food for your sake, that's a strange act and request, "We are not Idiots".

    The phrase "We are not fools" is a challenge to allies and to NATO. All this puts millions of people at risk of death, food should not be a weapon to kill humans and not a weapon to be a bargaining chip in this war, but that is what is happening now.

    This is where world-class leaders should come to save the world's food because maybe if the leader understands the meaning of geopolitics in this food war and this food shortage, Indonesia, as a country has 100% sun in its territory and also its territory, contains more than 90% freshwater, organic fertilizer from The spill of Mount Merapi can make Indonesia a world food powerhouse as The Biggest Foot Country. My friends, I hope you understand.



    Inviting Russia to the G20 event in Bali later in November 2022 by the Indonesian side actually made America angry with Indonesia and threatened to boycott the G20. Is Indonesia's step a strategic move or a blunder, is it important that Mr. Jokowi has to come to America in the ASEAN political lobby, America also lobbied for the G20, or even has to come to Elon Musk's headquarters, we will discuss in more detail about this decision.

    Starting with a fact about the war in Ukraine, where Europe and America turned out to be the ones who financed the Russian war, really America, NATO, and their allies were the countries that fought in Ukraine, giant businessmen producing war machines America and Europe benefited greatly from this war even though 40 million people in Ukraine are suffering and the country surrounding western Ukraine is suffering because it accepts refugees and its territory is used as a route for weapons to enter Ukraine. Are those war machine entrepreneurs not concerned about the victims of the war in Ukraine? What is the answer? Not care!!!

    On the business side of the weapons of war, it is certain that they do not want the war to stop, if, by state, namely European countries and Nato, the attitude of the country is different. On a campaign basis, officials and a country must look noble by asking for the war to be stopped and threatening to impoverish Russia where Europe and America have declared economic sanctions on Russia, they ordered the private sector to leave Russia and not to trade with Russia and ordered allied countries to carry out economic sanctions as well. to Russia but the American government and European countries still buy oil and gas from Russia.

    That's the hypocritical side of their country, they can ban India, and forbid China from buying petroleum from Russia but they themselves still buy the Russian product, it's a real liar from America and its allies, then what India does, for example, raises its middle finger to America and keeps buying oil from Russia?

    Likewise China and India, since the war in Ukraine increased their oil purchases from Russia to 40 million barrels, while Western Europe bought 20 billion barrels from Russia. Please note yes, India bought 40 million barrels during the nearly 3-month war between Russia-Ukraine, while Europe and its allies bought 20 billion barrels 500 times more than India.

    Europe and its allies buy Russian oil at an exchange rate of more than 20 billion dollars every month by the west for three months. Europe-America once again continues to buy Russian oil. The President of the European Union said later that if he really wanted to end the war in Ukraine and stop all purchases of Russian oil and gas by the world, then Russia would no longer have the funds to run the war, but apparently, this is not easy to do.

    There are currently high-level talks in Brussels recently that in the next six months the European Union plans to stop the purchase of Russian oil 100% which of course if it is done, will make Russia dry, the plan will be implemented after the G20 in November, namely in the month of November. This December 2022.

    You can imagine waiting for another six months, maybe six months from now the Ukrainian people no longer live in Ukraine, have moved to another country and Ukraine is in ruins.

Then there was a debate because in December, when winter arrived, Europe needed Russian gas and oil, it should be shifted or added another 3-6 months or 9-to 12 months from now the plan to block 100% of Russian gas oil.

    Then a country like Hungary through its prime minister Viktor Orban even shouted asking for more than 24 months from now to be able to prepare petroleum infrastructure from other places which made prices increase 50% more expensive than Russian oil and gas.

    Russia's oil and gas are sent using pipelines for distribution channels, if other sources use Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU) ships for example, or tankers, Hungary does not have a port, they must deliver new silos, oil tanks, and distribution lines or use coal as a coal-fired power plant. fast preparation.

    Carrying out an EU order to end this year to stop oil and gas from Russia to Hungary for Hungary is tantamount to dropping a nuclear bomb on Hungary. Hungary was not willing, the Slovak state turned out to be in line with Hungary not following the European Union's suggestion to stop Russia's oil and gas by the end of 2022. Why did Hungary and Slovakia disagree and would still buy Russian oil and gas? due to geographical problems, Hungary-Slovakia is a Land Locked Country.

    Land Locked Country is a country that has no sea, no seaport, so if the European Union wants to implement the prohibition on buying Russian oil, its members will experience painful decoupling.

    Another problem is that there are two countries that conspired with NATO to get their countries accepted as NATO members, namely Sweden and Finland where America strongly supports both of them to immediately join in order to put political pressure on Russia, on the Swedish and Finnish sides there is a fear of being attacked by Russia before the application. 

    They were sent to NATO and this is indeed a propaganda statement from Russia that it will attack all new countries that become members of NATO because it threatens the security of the Russian state.

    NATO is the Nation Thread for Russia, so going back to the question at the beginning about America's anger at Indonesia for inviting Russia to the G20 in November 2022 must be resisted because what Indonesia did was right, namely inviting all G20 members without exception, then America was angry at Indonesia and prohibits all countries from buying Russian oil products, but America itself still buys Russian oil, if other countries can't, it's always forbidden if, if it's okay with its own country, it's America that applies double standards, then should Indonesia be afraid of America's threats? ? Do not. Opponent. Show the world that Indonesia's leadership is peace-loving. Show that Indonesia has an attitude.



    We are into the world cooking oil crisis. Friends in the world wherever you are right now be prepared. You are entering a difficult economic period, symptoms of rising inflation and declining purchasing power have become a symptom of the world. And Germany and other European countries have felt the impact of the heavy economic period due to the war.

    But let's talk about things in a little more detail about cooking oil or cooking oil from world geopolitics. We start from Indonesia. Indonesia as the largest palm oil-producing country in the world blocks palm oil exports because of the effects of palm oil entrepreneurs playing with the bureaucracy, exporting more than domestic market needs, exceeding domestic market needs domestically because it is driven by a desire to get rich quick and its officials also conspired with the government. Oligarchy, then there is a scarcity of cooking oil in Indonesia.

    The people are angry and the next action to save the names of high-ranking officials is now they are blocking the way for palm oil shipments around the world, this no export has made the world panic, we all know that two sunflower oil-producing countries are currently at war, there are also other cooking oils such as vegetable oil. Made from soybeans or soybean oil, but currently, they are facing problems with the extreme climate being too hot in recent years, causing many droughts in their country's land which has caused many crop failures in several countries, also canola oil is experiencing the same problem.

    The question is How do you get cooking oil with all those problems in the world? Indeed, not all dishes require cooking oil, but it is still necessary, even if you eat prayer, it is best if you pour a little olive oil on the dressing or mayonnaise. There is a little cooking oil everywhere in every main dish when baking, sauteing, and even in flour for cooking the pizza uses cooking oil and currently, the supply of cooking oil is starting to be limited.

    What's your second plan? Should we increase the stock of cooking oil at home? So far, cooking oil worldwide, which has increased by 23 percent in price in Indonesia, is even higher, we will detail the root of the problem. Ukraine exports 5.4 million tons of flower oil per year and fulfills almost 50% of the world's sunflower oil needs because it is currently at war and there is no supply from Ukraine for sunflower oil.

    Russia is also a provider of sunflower oil, about 25% of the world's needs and Russia is currently under economic sanctions. We are going to Canada now, as the largest country that produces Rapeseed oil, Canada is being affected by extreme weather so domestic production has fallen by 25 percent.

    Then we go to Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay as soybean oil-producing countries and these countries are struggling because of severe drought problems so their country production has fallen by more than 30 percent in the last two years.

    Malaysia, the second-largest palm oil producer, lacks labor in oil palm plantations, resulting in reduced production. To add to the complexity of the world, Indonesia throws gasoline in the middle of the fire, Indonesia as the largest palm oil producing country prohibits the export of palm oil. Indonesia is the producer of a third of cooking oil exports or 30 million tons per year.

    The biggest importers of Indonesian Palm Oil are India and China. India even depends on more than 50% of its cooking oil needs from Indonesia, where India is the world's largest user of cooking oil, which is 13 million tons per year, 60% of which is palm oil, 25 percent is soybean oil and the remaining 12 percent is sunflower oil and the rest are other types of oil, such as olive oil, for example, if calculated per person, India needs 19 kg of cooking oil or cooking oil per year, Indonesia can meet more than 50%, then Malaysia 30% It is estimated that India will experience the effects of a cooking oil shortage and limited supplies will make cooking oil prices rise close to 30% and will bring inflation to one percent in India.

    Indonesia being able to make India inflation, this proves that Indonesia is a global player from the start, Indonesia's destiny is to become a big country as a whole world, now the price of palm oil has increased by 55% in the American market, soybean prices have increased by 27, Rapeseed Oil has increased by 50% in Europe also America and all of this is going to get worse in the future, so as a consumer what should you do? Do you buy a lot of stock cooking oil to keep at home? because in Western Europe at this time all cooking oil, Sunflower Oil, and Rapeseed oil, olive oil, can only buy no more than two bottles of cooking oil per person because they are already limited.

    There is another possibility, where 15% of cooking oil is used as fuel at this time, formerly to lower the price of gasoline where the price of cooking oil as a counterweight, now it is much more expensive so this will make the world will lack 15% of the need for oil as fuel, and we can see how dire all this is the chain effect is technically no way to increase production and in short, this is geopolitics hitting the world's households.



    Today the world is changing very fast. Speed ​​to follow change is important and it is very important that we get ahead of change to become the leading change leader

    For Indonesia to be a leading player, all information is provided to understand what is happening around the world and what Indonesia will do to anticipate it, of course, also to be able to get ahead of now, we talk about things that Indonesia has everything but Indonesia is not considered even ignored because it does not care about the country's potential alone.

    We are talking about a great world war but this is a war below the Radar Under the Radar. The Secret Ingredient War is the new Alchemy secret formula war that will change the future of the world. You can call it the new gold, you can also call it the oil whatever it is, but it is certain that it is more powerful than gold or petroleum.

    We will explain the rare earth war or The Battle of Rare Earth. What is the Rare Earth? The Rare Earth is a very powerful element that is very strong, a metal that has Supernatural Powers like Mithril in the Lord of the Rings movie, a special material that only exists on Mount of Moria or there is also a rock called Vibranium in Wakanda in the Black Panther movie.

    We are not all in Wakanda or in mount Moriah. We all live in the real world on earth which also has powerful mineral rocks called rare earth minerals.

    We must also realize now that Rare Earth has controlled our lives from smartphones to Supersonic planes, the RareEarth is the secret formula to the wonders of science today and in the future, there will also be a country that is above the very high reserves of these Rare Earth.

    Before I tell you, let's explain first. Do you remember the periodic table in high school? For those of you who used to study in high school majoring in science or check on Wikipedia, now in the periodic table, there are two bottom rows that are separated from the main row. In the bottom row, it was a Rare Earth Element. This rare-earth element is very precious right now, very very precious.

the periodic table

    Why are they said to be rare or rare? because rarely does not appear in large mine deposits. Rare Earth is spread evenly everywhere, is very small and difficult to mine, is difficult to indicate and purify, and is definitely very expensive. The cost of refining it becomes very expensive.

    There is a country that has a third of the world's rare earth reserves and has produced 90% of the world's needs, starting to accumulate goods for more than 50% of the world's rare earth reserves by taking from Indonesian and African stocks.

    Which country are we talking about? You are right, namely China. There are three regions in China as producers and producers of rare, namely the Inner Mongolia region, Southern China as Guangxi, Fujian, Wannan, and Sichuan Province.

    These three regions are the producers of 98% of China's Rare Earth and what is China made of. Rare Earth is to be used to produce many industrial needs such as airplanes, guided missiles, wind turbines, electric cars, smartphones, battery chargers, cameras, energy-saving lamps, and even fertilizer.

    So, if Middle Eastern countries have oil, China has Rare Earth. This sentence was said by the visionary leader of China Deng Xiaoping in 1992. The current president of China is the only president of China for life. Lifelong President Xi Jinping holds the power of Rare Earth as firmly as the CIA controls the dollar in the world.

    Rare Earth is used as China's secret weapon in the war against America which makes China never be conquered by America because America's needs for Rare Earth are 80% supplied by China. The Chinese Communist Party has stated time and again that it will stop sending Rare-Earth if the import tax on Chinese goods to America is not lowered.

    This war strategy is modeled after Russia's oil and gas wars that suppressed Western Europe. China has used rare earth as a deterrent or deterrent, a factor as a political tool to suppress many big countries. Does the world have other options besides China?

    The answer is definite. There are countries that have a lot of reserves of this rare earth, if extracted, produced, and purified, it can meet the world's needs which increase by 30% every year for developed countries for the American and European markets which also end China's monopoly, namely Canada, Brazil, Vietnam, Australia, India. and the largest of them is Indonesia.

    The state of India, for example, was one of the first countries to realize the power of this rare earth since the 1950s, there was a company established in India called Indian Rare Earth Limited which was established in Mumbai but was not managed properly because of the world's political problems that many observers even considered. says targeted for shutdown.

    The Rare-Earth India deposit is in the south of India, starting from the Karrallah region, Andhra Pradesh, to West Bengal near the Bangladesh border. Indonesia's territory of rare earth deposits is along the South Coast of Java on the west coast of Sumatra along the Indian Ocean side, Southeast Sulawesi Island to Maluku Island, and Halmahera Island.

    The government must immediately make big plans for this to make Rare-Earth a deterrent force, don't be fooled by the sweetness of natural resource community buyers who participate in transporting rare earth minerals that are transported to China without us knowing or not caring which have proven to have consumed wealth. our nation and country. From now on, we repeat from the beginning that we must become a great nation by mastering this Rare Earth.


Wednesday, May 18, 2022



    Seeing the record of Russia's steps against western sanctions, Putin bravely fought economic sanctions with economic steps as well, namely buying Russian gas and oil, having to pay using the Ruble which is Backed By Gold, and can also receive gold in addition to paying using Ruble.

    In connection with this, many economic observers and military observers have said that from the start, Putin's intention was not only to attack Ukraine to protect the Buffer Country's borders from NATO attacks, where NATO has annexed 12 ex-Soviet countries in the last 15 years. being a member of the defense fact that is present to fight Russia, but actually, Putin really wants to challenge the dollar, challenge the hegemony of world security guards, and challenge America.

    Putin challenges the dollar. What happens if in fact since 2009. Where the dollar was challenged by the digital currency Bitcoin, it turned out that Putin was behind it. We will slowly explain this conspiracy analysis with the history of colonialization and dollarization.

    In the Lebensraum or living space strategy or maintaining the livelihood of a region, colonizing an area to take the wealth of a country is something that powerful countries usually do.

    China uses a 5.0 colonization strategy that uses an economic approach or an economics approach to annex the wealth of a region. Colonialization version 5.0 using soft power seemed to help as if the area in the colony was taken for its natural wealth was assisted by helping to build something even though making it was built using a debt scheme which did not necessarily profit because there were no local elements built or used, or only land. course, which in the future will entangle the colony.

    Russia on the other side of America and the allies is also expansive but uses its colonial strategy using the colonialization model version 3.0, which is annexed states that become part of the confederation.

    If the colonialization version 2.0 is like the old Europeans in the style of the Netherlands, England, Spain, and France, in the Middle Ages. Colonizing and taking an area of ​​the country into a colony or making a colony.

    Colonialization version 1.0 is Genghis Khan's method, the Roman way of expanding territory to neighboring countries was physically annexed then the local rulers were people from the center, and the governor was usually the position of expansion of the territory attached to the border, the key to colonialization version 1.0.

    Meanwhile, if Colonialization version 3.0 of the region is free of state, it can only do two things, namely financial monetary, and military.

    Money-Monetary is Central, and the military is also Central. As for the local police, the tax is local colonialization version 2.0, the area is far away, and only natural wealth is taken until the colony is poor, then abandoned.

    Returning to Putin challenging the dollar has been proven since the last 10 years the Russian cyber Army attacked America one day can be more than 10,000 attacks. One of the successful attacks was Hillary's email was leaked to the public right on a quiet week in the presidential election which made Hillary lose at that time.

    In a cyberattack, it can be estimated that in the 2024 American Presidential Election, Donald Trump will definitely be assisted by Putin because Trump will take Backed By Gold dollars and create a Federal Reserve under the ministry of finance and this is indeed the same way of managing Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) adopted by Indonesia. Later, Rupiah by Gold and Bank Indonesia will be under the Ministry of Finance to become the Directorate General of Monetary, in the same principle.

    In terms of the Russian cyber Army, Russia's sophistication and technology are indeed thumbs up, the cyber Army is the best if America is strong in the military, physically, China excels in the production of necessities, Russia is superior in digital technology, even though the technology on the Orlan-10 Drone still uses ancient technology. such as Canon entry-level DSLR Camera, Duct Tape, and Bottle Top...Lol.

    Russia and China have repeatedly stated that they prefer to pay for their country's products using rubles for Russia and Yuan for China, this is a form of resistance for countries that lose influence, and they will surely fall.

    If in the Free Thinker's mind, dollars printed without any guarantee is an insult to other sovereign countries, it is very surprising that an official of a country defends to death dollars that are not their country's currency, a lot of foreign exchange is recorded in dollars. Building the country a lot of using dollar loans.

    Truly blind faith in the dollar is absolute stupidity because it reflects a lack of courage to be sovereign. In the future, Indonesian government officials must play more beautiful things to remind all of us, because it is true that the dollars that are released as gold guarantees are very unfair!!!

    Millennial officials don't like it, because millennial officials are free humans aka Freethinkers. We examine the next pressure weapon, namely Bitcoin.

    Bitcoin, which was originally issued with a total of 21 million Bitcoins, has now circulated around 18.9 million Bitcoins that have been mined or exist in the world.

    Satoshi represents 1/100,000 Bitcoin. Satoshi is the smallest unit of Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency is named after Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of the protocol used in the blockchain and Cryptocurrency of Bitcoin.

Satoshi Sakamoto

    Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? The answer is that there are no real humans. This is just a fictitious creation where in order to maintain confidentiality and the amount of Bitcoin in circulation is always constant, the Mother Chain Blockchain key of BTC or Bitcoin is lost.

Nick Szabo

    Nick Szabo is a computer scientist, the creator of bitcoin, a law scholar, and a cryptographer known for his research in digital contracts and digital currencies. He graduated from the University of Washington in 1989 with a degree in computer science and received a law degree from the George Washington University Law School.

Hal Finney

    Harold Thomas Finney is a developer for PGP Corporation and was the second developer to be hired after Phil Zimmermann. Hal Finney is one of the bitcoin creator Teams

Here is one of the digital footprints on Twitter of Hal Finney launching Bitcoin in 2009.

Phil Zimmermann

    Philip R. Zimmermann (born 1954) is an American computer scientist and cryptographer. He is the creator of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), the most widely used email encryption software in the world. He is also known for his work in VoIP encryption protocols, most notably ZRTP and Zfone. Zimmermann is the co-founder and Chief Scientist of the global encrypted communications company Silent Circle. Philip R. Zimmermann is one of the bitcoin creator Teams.

    Disappeared to be like the Holy Grill of Cryptocurrency, when we examined it carefully it turned out that 70% of the initial transactions for buying Bitcoin were accounts from Russia. Could it be a Russian toy? This Japanese Japanese name is just camouflage.

    The history of Bitcoin as a medium of exchange or means of payment was first used to buy two pizza pans, approximately the largest pizza worth 8 dollars, paid for with 10,000 Bitcoin.

    Imagine on 3-1-2009 bitcoin was launched to the public at a price of 0.0008 per 1 Bitcoin and then in 2010 for the first time, Bitcoin was traded outside the digital world with a barter system for two pizzas pans paid for 10,000 pieces of Bitcoin.

    Do you know how much 10,000 Bitcoin is now? 1 Bitcoin is currently around 500 million aka 10,000 Bitcoin. Buy the most expensive pizza in the world, the value is as bad as 5 Trillion Rupiah.

    Back to Putin, many financial observers suspect that Bitcoin is a Russian Conspiracy to attack the dollar. Russia really wants to attack the financial supremacy of the Dollar because it is considered dishonest and fools the world.

Bitcoin is a long-term plan designed to attack the hegemony of the dollar as well as open fake information, and fake education about the dollar in the economic system led by Western countries.

    That is the idea of Putin who wants the destruction of the Western economy while he is still in office. Putin's current strategy is to use Roble by Gold as well as pay in gold against Russian oil and gas and then promote Bitcoin as a digital payment instrument in the commercial world outside of Russia of course.

    Yesterday, it was just announced that Gucci, a well-known fashion brand, stated that starting next month it will accept Cryptocurrency as a means of payment. This is one of the results of Putin's last meeting with French leader Emmanuel Macron who coded for France to play Cryptocurrency to which Gucci responded and soon Balenciaga, Bottega, Veneta, Alexander McQueen, and Yves Saint Laurent will accept crypto as a means of payment.

    Meanwhile in Indonesia, although not yet a medium of exchange, Cryptocurrency transactions on the Indonesia Exchange in the last two years will increase drastically.

    Even in the financial records of CoFTRA (Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency) transactions per day on the crypto exchange in Indonesia are worth 2.8 trillion Rupiah per day compared to the Indonesian Stock Exchange, which has stood for more than thirty years, the average transaction per day is only 9 Trillion Rupiah. With the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), transactions per day are 60 Billion Dollars or 100 transactions on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. 

    Then if we compare with Binance transactions, the largest Cryptocurrency exchange in the world, transactions on Binance are close to 80 billion dollars per day, above the NYSE, which is already 100 years before Binance.

    Cryptocurrency starts to shine especially when it starts to be used as a means of payment, the volume of crypto trading will be even greater if you consider the history of money, then Cryptocurrency, NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a tablet and barter version 2.0!!!

    A counterattack by Russia with Ruble by Gold. Gold, and Bitcoin transactions as a means of digital commercial payment in the world, will make the dollar inflamed. The question is, will Putin be made like Kaddafi? Or will it be world war 3??? let's just wait for the game Putin and Biden.


Friday, May 13, 2022

America Wants to Profit from the Ukraine-Russia Conflict!!!

    It seems that America does not want the war in Ukraine to stop, even as Putin said during the Victory Day military parade on May 9, 2012 yesterday. Russia won big and will defend the territory it already controls, which is 20% of Ukraine's East Side.

    Russia succeeded in liberating the territories that were colonized by western countries. On the American side, the allies and Nato will arm Ukraine to become an attacker in the territory that has been controlled by Russia. Why did they do that? how did war machine entrepreneurs profit from the war in Ukraine?

    How did the war machine giants profit from the war in Ukraine? America in the 70 years after the second world war launched more than 80 military attacks that can be patterned as attacks, namely 70% of its territory is the territory of countries producing fossil oil or oil and gas.

    The rest is territory that is expected to be taken by the communists in ideological matters, therefore it is attacked by America, and the rest is to influence a government to submit to America. Because the candidate for leader or leader in a country is indeed anti-American, therefore it must be controlled in quotation marks from the point of view of geopolitics and American-style foreign strategy.

    America is a private country, where weapons of war are private producers. War for war equipment entrepreneurs is a big harvest because America's GDP 25% is obtained from the sale of this war equipment and 43 percent of world war weapons are produced and sold by America to countries around the world.

    Back in the days of Dwight Eisenhower, America's 34th President during the cold war with the Soviets after the second world war once detailed how much it would cost or cost a bomber to generate two power plants for 500,000 residents.

    Building one fighter jet can be used to build 100 school buildings plus two modern hospitals with complete facilities. The cost of building a destroyer ship is worth 500 km of asphalt road or US$ 1.843 Billion per ship. With the cost of an aircraft carrier, we can build a city with 80,000 residential buildings.

    At the end of his tenure, Dwight Eisenhower 1961 warned of the dangers of the Industrial Military Complex as an economic tool because it requires that there is always bloodshed or war.

    As a record of the era of the 34th president, the era after the second world war, America was in the prime of baby boomers and there was no military war which meant only an intelligence war, but the race for weapons from NATO, the Allies, and the Soviet Union was racing on a massive scale after he was replaced by Kennedy who did not want war except for an attack on the Bay of Pigs to Cuba and America was defeated which according to the next conspiracy news Kennedy was executed by CIA insiders themselves for the sake of holding the war in Vietnam.

    After Kennedy's Vice President Lindon B. Johnson became president, the Vietnam war broke out. 40 years after Dwight Eisenhower said in 1961 or around 2001 a Russian leader on his journey to this day revives Russia with his new Soviet.

    It's been more than 20 years since he became the Russian autocracy, which for the past two months has made Europe enter a dark era since the Second World War with this Ukrainian war, who actually won? Ukrainian side? or the Russian side that we can confirm the winner is the Military-Industrial Complex.

    These war equipment entrepreneurs certainly do not want the war in Ukraine to end. They paid anything to the countries of Western Europe, especially America for the sake of continuing the Ukraine war. Even though what is being sold is in the name of democracy or in the name of humanity, Putin has repeatedly said.


    This is all because of NATO, this is all because of western countries. Russia is defending and defending its rights. Should we not survive and defend ourselves from the attack of NATO annexation which will also strangle the Russian economy? OK, let's just go to war with an embargo and economic sanctions, because it's the same later or now, it's better now Russia is better prepared.

    We discuss data on the supply of world war equipment, the fact is that 80% of manufacturers of war equipment are from six main countries, namely the United States, Russia, Britain, China, France, and Germany.

    Outside of China, Russia's arms producers whose aggressors and weapons providers are America, Britain, France, and Germany, are all directly involved at this time in the Ukraine war and what's even more amazing is that the five countries involved in the war in Ukraine are permanent members of the UN Security Council which have The veto rights are America, Britain, Germany, France, and Russia, which should be a buffer for world peace, instead, they are directly involved in the war.

    Maybe hobby is war? and of course, America is the most prominent country because 80% of the procurement of world war equipment is America providing 43 percent of it.

    Why America is the world's largest exporter of war weapons is because the top five war equipment companies are in America, namely Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop, Raytheon, and finally General Dynamic.

Javelin sent to Ukraine

    American-made weapons are currently all in Ukraine. The killer weapon, namely the most modern Lethal Weapon is there, such as Switch Blade Drones, Armor and Tactical Vehicles, Howitzers, anti-tank Javelin Missiles, and so on.

Anti-tank Javelin Missiles

    The point is currently the war equipment businessmen are convincing the American government to prepare additional ammunition and weapons for Ukraine and its allies for the war in Ukraine.

    So, the question is who wants the war to end? It is certain that the superpower countries do not want this war to end. Countries that have great power are indeed looking for excuses for long continuous wars. What are the suggestions for other small countries? Are we going to be a balancing nation? if so, decide for si vis Pacem para Bellum. If you want peace, prepare for war.


Thursday, May 12, 2022

Plot Putin Must Die !!! Follow Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and Soekarno!!!

    Who would have thought that the "backed by gold" Russian ruble turned out to be effective? Is this what causes America to be more aggressive in helping Ukraine as an extension of America to attack Russia or is it really going to be a long war to move America's Industrial Military Complex to work fully in the midst of America's lowest weakening economy in the last 40 years? or like Soekarno, Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Putin Must Die!!!

    We all know the hypocrisy of the western allies and America by imposing economic sanctions on Russia where Uniqlo, Starbucks, KFC, Apple, and many big corporations closed their business in Russia but still, their country buys oil and gas from Russia, not just buys them according to payment using currency Ruble or using gold Amazingly, the Ruble did not use Back By Dollar or the value of the ruble did not float against the dollar but the ruble became stable using the standard gold price. the gold standard then, in fact, the Ukrainian war will be long and in the long run, Europe will go bankrupt as well as America will go bankrupt.

the Gold Bar of PT Freeport Indonesia Gold Mine

    The rubble backed by gold and the gold transaction to buy oil and gas will be the topic of our discussion this time because many military observers have concluded that the US and British allied actions were not in the name of humanity defending Ukraine, but the rubble backed by gold will dangerous in the US Dollar and Pound sterling going forward this is their main course of action.

    The US Dollar which controls 65% of world trade plus the Euro around 22 percent is 87% of the majority of transactions in the world will be threatened with rubles and gold as a means of payment so that Russia must be attacked and its role is ended. We return to the Obama era who said "People of Libya need to be protected"?

Muammar Gaddafi

    Protected from whom from whom? From Muammar Gaddafi?  Muammar  Gaddafi, who made Libya the richest country in Africa, is a bit strange, American propaganda and real allies, but in the end, we know that America wants to control Libya's oil and wants to control Libya's gold to protect the dollar because Gaddafi is aggressively promoting Gold as a payment instrument in Africa full of buying oil. Libya for an African country.

    Gaddafi also prepared the gold dinar as Africa's single currency, we all know plans like this, the plan is to get rid of the dollar as the world's currency, don't ever do it because you will be targeted, the Libyan state has been very aggressive in promoting this gold currency from 1996 to 2000. 

    Which received a positive response from many African countries even at the height of the American intervention attacks into Libya, Gaddafi was still able to make a meeting with many African heads of state and Islamic countries to join in running the gold currency as a means of payment, which made America accelerate its military aggression by making transactions using gold will challenge the dollar and the euro which will make the dollar price unstable and shift the balance of the world economy towards African countries also make the wealth of a foreign exchange country no longer as proud as it is today, increase its dollar reserves, but how big its gold reserves are at this time That's why Libya has gold reserves of 144 tons, Britain has three times as much as 450 tons, but the population of Britain is 10 times the population of Libya, so when Libya's oil is paid for using gold, America is in danger.

    Gaddafi must be a sinner and the Libyan people must be protected, Obama said. Whereas America wants to control Libya's oil and gold. It's greedy America and its allies who silence America's oppression!!!

Saddam Hussein

    We remind again that before Gaddafi's Libya was executed, Saddam Hussein was also bullied, for promoting the same thing as Gaddafi, Iraq's oil transactions could only use Euros and Gold.

    It's still better because it can still accept the Euro, but most African countries buy Iraqi oil with gold guarantees that America will embargo Iraq, under the pretext that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, Iraqi gold is robbed and taken all of it to America, only a few are returned to the Iraqi people.

    Finally imposed economic sanctions and the invasion toppled Saddam Hussein's government. Of course, using Gold as a means of payment will make Middle Eastern countries and African countries become sovereign and strong countries and for America, it must be avoided at any cost it must not happen, namely gold must not be in power using other than dollars is a true "Self-Determination". 

    Or state sovereignty, the United Nations does not even support countries to become sovereign, the United Nations which America and its western allies do not want other countries to be prosperous and sovereign to implement a system outside their system, namely the dollar system.

    When OPEC and the oil-producing countries are compact, they don't use the dollar as a means of payment, this will make countries that are thirsty for oil, the world's big countries will not be able to buy the oil because in dollars or pounds they can print the money themselves and pay the price of the oil. 

    But if they use gold, the limited amount of gold they have will make the price of gold go up, the price of oil they pay becomes more expensive, and the oil-producing country will become a rich country, not America, Europe, and even China are rich. Those countries that bought the oil earlier, America, Europe, and China went bankrupt or could never be as big as it is today, so they returned to Ukraine and returned to rubles Backed by Gold as payment for Russian oil and gas transactions using Gold or Rubles with gold prices.

 This is the main reason why weapons of war began to flow and were sent to Ukraine, the goal is not humanity, the goal is not to let the Rubel win and gold reign supreme.