It is undeniable that currently there has been a food crisis in various regions of the world, this time the problem of food shortages has become a serious problem. Now the world is being hit from two directions, the first being hit by climate change, the second by Russia.

    Russia uses food as a weapon in addition to the current military war, there is also an economic war where Russia is given economic sanctions and an embargo then a financial war by paying rubles based on gold, and now Russia is using food as a war weapon. against non-sovereign countries where the leaders do not yet understand world geopolitics and have not carried out the country's geostrategic role adequately.

    Russia uses the foot as a weapon of war or better known as Food Warfare. This is a fact that is faced today in any hemisphere. Food prices have increased dramatically in recent months in several countries, this food shortage is a threat to life because it is already very short where it is estimated that in the next few months 300 million people in several regions of the world will experience hunger such as in Africa, West Asia, and Latin America. and if not addressed immediately in a few months the world will experience food problems in this decade.

    For this food problem, no country can solve this food problem alone, the question is what is the cause of this food shortage? when the world is currently stuck in a multi-front war or various forms of war, it turns out that the provision of food becomes a weapon of war or Food Weaponezide!!

    One of them is by holding back wheat, then America accuses Russia of this, wheat is the main food in various regions such as East Africa, North Africa, West Asia, Europe, and America of course. President Biden later accused Putin of winning the war. Putin starved the world.

    Anthony Blinken and the US secretary of state at the United Nations said Russia's attack by holding back the availability of wheat and grains hit world food by minus 10% of its effect and made world food prices rise by 15% in three months alone will also make 300 million people food shortages. The world as a direct result of the effects of the Russian war in Ukraine, at least 40 million Ukrainians are currently starving.

    So how does the Russian military play up the world's food supply? One of them is holding back food supplies in Russian and Ukrainian ports, only Odesa The port city that has not been conquered, the port city of Mariupol has stopped operating its port.

    Then bombed all land routes connected to and from Ukraine. Russia is targeting 40 million Ukrainians to starve to a point where neighboring countries plus NATO are forced to provide food that is currently out of stock. There were more than 28 million tonnes of wheat and grain stuck in the ports of Odesa and Mariupol and the Russians bombarded the mills and wheat fields and grain fields.

    We all know this 28 million tons can feed 200 million people a year worldwide, while Russian wheat is the provider of 30% of the world's needs, and this is also being held not shipped worldwide, the total holding of wheat by Russia and Grain by Russia or production Ukraine and Russia could starve 400 million people in the world by accusing America and Europe of Russia's actions that caused the world to starve.

    What is Moscow's real answer? America and its allies are blamed for embargoing and imposing economic sanctions on Russia. Actually, what makes the world's food supply problematic once again is the behavior of America and its allies who embargo and impose economic sanctions on Russia. There are more than 10,000 economic sanctions imposed on Russia which have prevented not only wheat from being shipped but many other types of food which have been hindered by disrupting their availability and distribution.

    Ukraine and Russia produce grains of wheat, corn, and sunflower oil that greatly influence the world. When Guterres Secretary-General of the United Nations asked Russia to release these products, Russia asked to lift economic sanctions against Russia, equal and cruel bargaining, of course, is the act of a sovereign state that cannot be negotiated in the true sense.

    Medvedev, Russia's representative at the United Nations who is also the former President of Russia, said it would be unfair if you impose economic sanctions on the Russian people, but you ask to release food for your sake, that's a strange act and request, "We are not Idiots".

    The phrase "We are not fools" is a challenge to allies and to NATO. All this puts millions of people at risk of death, food should not be a weapon to kill humans and not a weapon to be a bargaining chip in this war, but that is what is happening now.

    This is where world-class leaders should come to save the world's food because maybe if the leader understands the meaning of geopolitics in this food war and this food shortage, Indonesia, as a country has 100% sun in its territory and also its territory, contains more than 90% freshwater, organic fertilizer from The spill of Mount Merapi can make Indonesia a world food powerhouse as The Biggest Foot Country. My friends, I hope you understand.




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