Inviting Russia to the G20 event in Bali later in November 2022 by the Indonesian side actually made America angry with Indonesia and threatened to boycott the G20. Is Indonesia's step a strategic move or a blunder, is it important that Mr. Jokowi has to come to America in the ASEAN political lobby, America also lobbied for the G20, or even has to come to Elon Musk's headquarters, we will discuss in more detail about this decision.

    Starting with a fact about the war in Ukraine, where Europe and America turned out to be the ones who financed the Russian war, really America, NATO, and their allies were the countries that fought in Ukraine, giant businessmen producing war machines America and Europe benefited greatly from this war even though 40 million people in Ukraine are suffering and the country surrounding western Ukraine is suffering because it accepts refugees and its territory is used as a route for weapons to enter Ukraine. Are those war machine entrepreneurs not concerned about the victims of the war in Ukraine? What is the answer? Not care!!!

    On the business side of the weapons of war, it is certain that they do not want the war to stop, if, by state, namely European countries and Nato, the attitude of the country is different. On a campaign basis, officials and a country must look noble by asking for the war to be stopped and threatening to impoverish Russia where Europe and America have declared economic sanctions on Russia, they ordered the private sector to leave Russia and not to trade with Russia and ordered allied countries to carry out economic sanctions as well. to Russia but the American government and European countries still buy oil and gas from Russia.

    That's the hypocritical side of their country, they can ban India, and forbid China from buying petroleum from Russia but they themselves still buy the Russian product, it's a real liar from America and its allies, then what India does, for example, raises its middle finger to America and keeps buying oil from Russia?

    Likewise China and India, since the war in Ukraine increased their oil purchases from Russia to 40 million barrels, while Western Europe bought 20 billion barrels from Russia. Please note yes, India bought 40 million barrels during the nearly 3-month war between Russia-Ukraine, while Europe and its allies bought 20 billion barrels 500 times more than India.

    Europe and its allies buy Russian oil at an exchange rate of more than 20 billion dollars every month by the west for three months. Europe-America once again continues to buy Russian oil. The President of the European Union said later that if he really wanted to end the war in Ukraine and stop all purchases of Russian oil and gas by the world, then Russia would no longer have the funds to run the war, but apparently, this is not easy to do.

    There are currently high-level talks in Brussels recently that in the next six months the European Union plans to stop the purchase of Russian oil 100% which of course if it is done, will make Russia dry, the plan will be implemented after the G20 in November, namely in the month of November. This December 2022.

    You can imagine waiting for another six months, maybe six months from now the Ukrainian people no longer live in Ukraine, have moved to another country and Ukraine is in ruins.

Then there was a debate because in December, when winter arrived, Europe needed Russian gas and oil, it should be shifted or added another 3-6 months or 9-to 12 months from now the plan to block 100% of Russian gas oil.

    Then a country like Hungary through its prime minister Viktor Orban even shouted asking for more than 24 months from now to be able to prepare petroleum infrastructure from other places which made prices increase 50% more expensive than Russian oil and gas.

    Russia's oil and gas are sent using pipelines for distribution channels, if other sources use Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU) ships for example, or tankers, Hungary does not have a port, they must deliver new silos, oil tanks, and distribution lines or use coal as a coal-fired power plant. fast preparation.

    Carrying out an EU order to end this year to stop oil and gas from Russia to Hungary for Hungary is tantamount to dropping a nuclear bomb on Hungary. Hungary was not willing, the Slovak state turned out to be in line with Hungary not following the European Union's suggestion to stop Russia's oil and gas by the end of 2022. Why did Hungary and Slovakia disagree and would still buy Russian oil and gas? due to geographical problems, Hungary-Slovakia is a Land Locked Country.

    Land Locked Country is a country that has no sea, no seaport, so if the European Union wants to implement the prohibition on buying Russian oil, its members will experience painful decoupling.

    Another problem is that there are two countries that conspired with NATO to get their countries accepted as NATO members, namely Sweden and Finland where America strongly supports both of them to immediately join in order to put political pressure on Russia, on the Swedish and Finnish sides there is a fear of being attacked by Russia before the application. 

    They were sent to NATO and this is indeed a propaganda statement from Russia that it will attack all new countries that become members of NATO because it threatens the security of the Russian state.

    NATO is the Nation Thread for Russia, so going back to the question at the beginning about America's anger at Indonesia for inviting Russia to the G20 in November 2022 must be resisted because what Indonesia did was right, namely inviting all G20 members without exception, then America was angry at Indonesia and prohibits all countries from buying Russian oil products, but America itself still buys Russian oil, if other countries can't, it's always forbidden if, if it's okay with its own country, it's America that applies double standards, then should Indonesia be afraid of America's threats? ? Do not. Opponent. Show the world that Indonesia's leadership is peace-loving. Show that Indonesia has an attitude.




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