It's still about Putin's strategy of having joint strength in Europe with Turkey and Russia's strength in the rest of the world with China, it's very cool that their move is for them to become Global players, they take the steps full of calculations like the steps of a chess Grand Master with a rating of 2900, his steps certainly more beautiful, but of course, we start by understanding and discussing the steps of these Russian alliances.

    Russia, Turkey, and China are playing beautifully against the dollar, challenging the swift system, challenging oil and gas using food to starve the world, using gold, and many more ring battles they are playing all of which challenge the hegemony of America and its allies.

    Let's talk about the various wars first, then move on to the Russian-Turkish strategy. This information includes:

    First, in the Defense Pact. In the beginning, the approach was military, but in the end, it was also economic.

    Number two is the ideological war. The communist war versus democracy war, religious war versus communism versus democracy, and lastly we discuss the history of the archipelago which Gajah Mada (Minister of Majapahit empire 1273 AD) used an economic approach in uniting, reads "conquer" the archipelago which is now imitated by China, namely using its economic approach in the conquest of a region, since 2013 the world has shifted away from its main axis which always uses military force or Hard Power to use soft power using economic conquest.

    We are discussing now that in war there is a seizure of territory for economic purposes and the struggle for the territory to spread ideology, namely religious ideology, and political ideologies such as communism versus democracy.

    In fact, the ideological war is the most illegible war, namely the ideological war of money and the war of wealth, if it is wrapped in propaganda for the prosperity of the people, even though oligarchs and people close to power are also the rich. Then there are political ideologies such as communist ideology as well as religious ideologies, both of which are the most visible because there is a physical identity, either individual or group.

    The two ideologies, whether political or religious or religious, are seen as very frightening, they also spill the bigotry of the holders of this ideology, while if they are wrapped in an economy like China's One Belt One Road (OBOR), a biased view is created. One Belt One Road (OBOR) who really prospers? Whose advantage is the biggest? for a country that joins China, the benefit of its people or the benefit of its officials.

    Then also the influence on a country, whoever is the leader of the country waiting for their turn is still determined by Beijing because that is the strategy of conquest, using officials who side with Beijing, whoever the person is, whenever the era, whatever the regime.

    The point is that money is made easy for the official in power and of course, once again the lucky ones are those who have the current soft power strategy, namely China's TORCH. Currently, China's One Belt One Road (OBOR) is doing it. We will elaborate further to understand the meaning of economics by looking at historical facts as well as answering the question why is Europe Rich and Africa Poor?

    Why is North America rich? Why is South America poor? Why are China rich and South Asia poor? the countries of the northern hemisphere of the equator are rich countries that annex the wealth of the countries south of the equator.

    We return to the past briefly the cruelty of the power of wheel and horse transportation where the masterpiece of the world at that time the link between the west and east was the "Silkroad" product exchange and development of Chinese paper production, Chinese gunpowder, Indian spices and gold, Indian clothing materials, Silk from China bartered plates, ceramics, jewelry from Europe to the advancement of shipping navigation technology from the Middle East to Europe.

    When the world of shipping grew less than 50 years in Europe, the Silkroad was only used for less than 20 percent, and the world was more quickly connected by the sea. The advancement of European machinery technology demands a lot of raw materials, the prosperity of Europe demands more and more production goods and production goods require raw materials.

    This was the beginning of the northern nations being more advanced because having four seasons made them for thousands of years whose harsh weather made them at the same time have a hard civilization and had to survive with many innovations.

    Innovation is the key to the survival of a nation and the harshness of the seasons in the north of the equator, most of which are very extreme, ranging from dry heat above 35° Celsius to freezing cold below 10 degrees Celsius, making Northern humans for thousands of years innovate faster in technology than Southern humans who only most of the two seasons whose skills are only natural management of agriculture.

    Southern humans are not very ready for war, fighting 1 on 1 or war between villages, between tribes, maybe there are or experts but few, but wars with hundreds of people even thousands of people fighting, Europeans as well as other Northern nations like China or the Mongols are much more used to it.

    The progress of machinery since the Middle Ages has been in contact with many rulers of kings or Land Lords in many parts of Europe, making them creative and innovative, Europeans since the 17th century moved to find a new world which coincidentally also parallels the European continent, namely the Americas, later on. named America and now almost 250 years of America's independence, America remains the target of human Freethinkers because of the freedom of the state to migrate and settle in America.

    Back to W4R culture. In the first world war in Europe, the 2nd world war in Europe, and Greater East Asia all the territories were on the Northside of the equator then there was the Cold War where the communist side created the Defense Pact. Warsaw Pact against West Side, North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO Why form defenses? because building a military force itself is very expensive then in the long term there is not necessarily an attack, but without preparation for war, a region will be weak and easily conquered by ambitious visionary leaders and usually very fond of past history for the greatness of their nation, the leader has romanticism history is approx.

    We all know that at this time the aggressor country is America, if you don't want to be attacked, just join America or rather submit to America, and the natural wealth of a region is sucked into America for America's interests.

    If you don't obey, your government will be overthrown or embargoed or attacked militarily like Erdogan will be overthrown by America but saved by Russia, also another proof of the current war by America is on fossil oil-producing countries which America will continue to hold oil. and the world's natural gas.

    Returning to Turkey's role this time in the war in Ukraine, Turkey did not carry out NATO's orders to impose economic sanctions and the embargo on Russian products did the opposite. The transactions between the two countries increased dramatically as well as the Russian oligarchs, who are definitely people close to Putin putting their money in Turkey.

    Turkey becomes a Save Haven Russian tycoons and merchants are once again protecting their assets in Turkey, a bold and smart state move from Turkey even before the Ukraine war, Turkey bought a lot of S400 missiles, and air defense missiles from Russia.

    Turkey's move to NATO countries has become a subject of gossip because it considers Turkey no longer suitable to be in NATO because Turkey is a spy and Russia's secret weapon. this is difficult to do in Europe, what is there is to join NATO, or join Russia.

    Maybe after Sweden and Finland will join NATO but are rejected by Turkey, only Switzerland and Austria are still neutral and are very likely to be annexed by NATO even though Moldova is already preparing to join NATO, of course, the map of Europe must also be redrawn by us. In our Redraw Map of Europe, we have to change the way we look at the European countries.

    Now the question is, did this war happen because NATO attacked or because Russia attacked? Currently, Ukraine is the spearhead of NATO with 18 billion dollars of new budgets from European and American countries providing more than 40 billion dollars more if totaled in rupiah, which is approximately almost 850 trillion. Around this time in Brussels Belgium where the NATO Central command against Russia is closing ranks. What are their next steps? it seems that the third world war will be a long time.




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