We talk about batteries, so we must also talk about weather changes, the effect of fossil oil being burned as well as coal is one of the contributors to geothermal which results in weather changes that worsen air quality and changes in temperature increase everywhere, resulting in a decrease in human antibodies as well as problems. food shortage.

    Green energy is the solution and all humans are competing to be at the forefront, how do we change the use of coal with water-based energy or hydropower, convert fossil oil with solar power, gasoline-powered cars, and diesel oil into battery-powered vehicles. EV or Electric Vehicle is used as an environmentally friendly vehicle, clean and can be recycled and sustainable if you look at the propaganda.

    Is it true that battery-based electric vehicles are clean? Is it really clean or behind the glitter of the electric battery there is a terrible story called Blood battery or does this electric battery business all contain blood?

    This battery-based motor vehicle industry in fact violates human rights, brings poverty, and enslaves children.

    Electric vehicles are controlled by batteries which you are familiar with of course the question is do you know how these batteries are made? and what is it made of? one of which is a metal that is very rarely available, namely Lithium or Li and Cobalt or CO, cobalt provides stability in the battery.

    Cobalt is a bluish-gray metal obtained from Crust rock or commonly called Crystal Rock. Cobalt has many benefits, such as for turbine engines, jet aircraft, mining equipment, cosmetic coloring pigments as well as smartphone batteries, which generally are Lithium Iron batteries aka 50% cobalt which are currently produced by vehicle batteries or electronic vehicles, whereas in one vehicle battery uses 4 -30 kg of cobalt.

    This metal is found in several regions of the earth such as in Australia, Canada, China, South Africa, and Indonesia. But 70% of the cobalt is produced by a country namely the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    The country of Congo is still full of poverty, full of corruption, and conflict, but under the Congo underground there is the largest cobalt deposit in the world where the population of Congo is 92 million and more than two million people depend on Cobalt mining, they are called the Negociants.

    There are two large groups in the Congo that produce cobalt, there are large-scale industrial companies, and there are illegal or artisanal miners whose businesses are small but produce the most. These illegal miners do not have occupational health protocols, are very brutal, and fight over territory between fellow miners, there is no legal protection here. These illegal miners have more than 100,000 working children, some are even six years old.

    These little children play with death every day. They enter into a narrow and deep well where no adult can enter and it is like entering a hot stove and they only have 20 minutes of oxygen on average, the children have to dig the well in very inhuman conditions. not even digging equipment.

    Most of these children only use their hands, they don't use masks, they don't use tools, they don't use gloves, they don't have enough heat and they don't have oxygen. How much money do they get? not more than one dollar per day Rp. 15,000 not more per day.

    In fact, cobalt transactions per year are worth more than 12 billion dollars and in 2027 it is estimated that the demand will increase by 50% from now. Of course, the money was never distributed because it was the children of underage workers who found and sorted the metal, even though these children bet their lives per year more than 2000 children die trapped in wells that lack oxygen or are crushed by the collapse of the walls of the well, not to mention The victims of lung cancer, skin infections and accidents that cause disability are thousands of people every year in Congo, and in 2021 yesterday a village in the Congo country filed a lawsuit demanding Apple Incorporated and Tesla be responsible for what happened to its citizens, but the lawsuit this never came to fruition this claim was known as John Doe Team 1.

    When asked why his children work in the cobalt mine? because they want to get out of poverty, for the citizens of Congo, cobalt is a gamble that can make them rich like betting crypto coins like a millennial kid's toy in the city.

    Cobalt demand has tripled in the last 10 years and it is expected to triple again in the next 10 years 90% of the demand is driven by the increase in motorized vehicles and electric vehicles.

    In 2022, there will be 6.5 million electric car vehicles and it is estimated that by 2040 there will be 65 million vehicles, a 10-fold increase in the next two decades, during which time cobalt is needed, up 585 percent of its current availability.

    Many families in the combo i.e. Warlord thugs and corrupt officials in Congo get out of poverty!!! really sending their small children to the mines is no longer a necessity, but it is a must for the children to work in illegal mines where there is no protection whatsoever but many large companies accommodate the produce they make cheaply.

    For the businessman, it is cheaper to buy from illegal miners than from big miners. What's more remarkable is that 90% of the buyers were from China, and 70% of the mining companies in Congo were Chinese companies that controlled 15 of the 19 mines in Congo, which took 90% of the products from illegal mining and large mines.

    China currently controls 80% of the world's cobalt refining. China in bartering cobalt did promise to build Congo with road infrastructure, and schools, but only piecemeal, and Congo can certainly be one of the countries played by China which has never shown the result that Congo is a better country than yesterday.

    China can be said to be the biggest contributor to the bloody battery business, namely the Blood battery. Apart from the end result, China is also responsible for spilled blood.

    The largest Chinese-owned company is Congo Dongfang Mining (CDM), a subsidiary of Huayou Cobalt, which supplies all companies in Europe such as Volkswagen, for example, a Chinese company in Congo practices the same thing as illegal cobalt miners without guaranteed work safety and low wages for their employees. if a worker dies, the Chinese company buries him on the spot and bribes the victim's family without ever reporting it to the government.

    So if you think of electric vehicles as killing people even before they are used on the streets, so we can imagine the biggest companies in the world currently using cobalt in their batteries like Tesla, Volvo, Renault, Mercedez, and Volkswagen, use sources from the Congo which are said to implement Zero's tolerance for child labor do not actually apply his tolerance to child labor in the cobalt mines in Congo.

the Tesla Model 3 standard range

    Currently, Tesla is promising to use Zero Cobalt-based LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries in the Tesla Model 3 standard range, but Tesla is still buying Cobalt from Glencore, a Swiss metal trading company that is the biggest buyer in Chinese mines in the Congo.


    Tesla buys 6,000 Tons of cobalt per year, so we are starting to understand that this battery says "Green energy" turns out to be "Dirty Energy" this game is very dirty, it says it wants to make climate change better, but why sacrifice thousands of human children?!!

    Really the battery is still using Koba. The goal of the world is still long to make the world cleaner, so I hope you all understand that Cobalt is actually very evil and in the future, it will definitely be at the end of the dirty game, as well as Indonesia's nickel if the battery is made at the end of the dirty game.




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