Starting with the question, Is Turkey a secret weapon of Russia? when Sweden and Finland saw Russia's military aggression against Ukraine were Sweden and Finland thought Russia could do the same to their countries Sweden and Finland, both of which had been Neutral countries decided to join NATO, the Defense Pact to protect them from Russian attacks, then Turkey rejected the Swedish and Finnish applications.

    What's up friend? This information is about Turkey's role and answers the question why is there such a thing as a Defense Pact? A joint force built for defense or military purposes but in the end, these members will become victims of the economy at least to capitalize on the weapons of war produced by the strong countries that supported the Pact.

    We certainly know NATO, otherwise known as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. We also know the Quad or Quadritarial, the power of 4 countries that block China, namely India, Australia, Japan, and America. We also know that AUKUS, namely Australia, the United Kingdom, and America, was also built to contain China as a note that the defense pact must have an enemy, then the SEATO defense pact in ASEAN where the enemy is communists.

    The anti-communist SEATO, the Warsaw Pact was a Soviet bloc also known as the Eastern Bloc, built against the allied western bloc of NATO. All of these defense factors must have America in them or must be directed to Pro America, then in 2013 there will be a new challenge for the holders of world hegemony, namely America and its western allies, and to understand this we must understand more about the way of the state.

    What happened in 2013 was that China under Xi Jinping initiated what is called the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which is a distribution road for Chinese products, all of which will be tied into a belt to Beijing, which will become the center of world trade.

    The movement seems non-military, but for military intelligence or state officials who understand their country's sovereignty, military threats are one of the defense threats, while defense threats do not only come from the military, economic threats are also a dangerous threat to state sovereignty.

    As an illustration, we first enter the business world to understand the economic threat through Economic W4fare. Let's say we take the example of coca-cola or only domestic products. Like bottled tea products, this is for illustration purposes only. Friends, remember, this is only a simulation to make it easier to understand state lessons.

    Bottled tea sells at retailers, the price we illustrate is IDR 1,000 per bottle, whereas shop resellers buy it for around IDR. 800 per bottle, then other competitors such as Your tea enter, which sells a market price of around Rp. 900 and the shop price is 700 rupiah.

    Because the taste is the same, and the price is cheap, buyers switch to buying Your tea. What did Teh Botol do then? whether to lower the price of bottled tea at resellers to Rp. 600 and the reseller finally bought another bottle of tea and bottled tea was sold for Rp. 800 in general retail. Your tea brand cannot sell for Rp. 600 to resellers and lower the price of 700 Rupiah to the public, bankrupt of course even though at the price of 900 Your tea no one buys, bankrupt too. That's the industry illustration trade strategy by turning off competitors like this bottled tea drink.

    Back to China's OBOR (One Belt One Road), for example, once again, I said that the price of fertilizer in Indonesia, domestically made fertilizer in Indonesia or your country is US$ 2 per kg, China can send fertilizer for only US$ 1 per kg so that officials who If you have a trading mentality, you can import with the reason that the price of Chinese fertilizer is cheaper, the effect is that no fertilizer factory in Indonesia or your country will buy and go bankrupt even though it is cheaper, but if it is from the policy of a stateless official, it is better to increase production, then import fertilizer still prohibited or allowed to import but subject to high taxes so that local fertilizer prices remain cheaper.

    If the garment factory closes, the fertilizer factory closes, onion farmers don't want to plant onions because they are at a loss, that's the wrong strategy of the state officials because the reason for cheap imports turned out to be deadly for a country's producers.

    That's why if the state understands that China's One Belt One Road strategy in partnering with China is a Nation Threat economically, but if it's in the name of building, in the name of not having the country's money, only China can provide financial assistance, only China has human resources, only China can have the technology, and those who speak are officials who are very convincing in their way of speaking to deceive the public, let alone high-level officials, the people become fascinated by forgetting the national threat, national caution and this must be constantly reminded.

    Once again we are just reminding because many countries have become troubled with this China's One Belt One Road strategy like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Uganda. One of them is countries for example and there is another written report from Carmen Reinhard from the University of Harvard in 2020. Overall this study examines 2000 loans from China to 152 countries from 2011 to 2019.

    It was recorded that since 2017 alone, 50 developing countries continue to increase their debt from China, more developed countries owe their debt to China through sovereign bonds, while low-income countries usually get direct debt from Chinese State-Owned Enterprises (SOE). such as the China Development Bank, and then also the Export-Import Bank of China, so whatever it is we must be wary of attacks on state sovereignty.

    Returning to Turkey, which refused Sweden and Finland to become NATO members, is very interesting to discuss so that it becomes a lesson that we will know what an economic pact is and what a defense pact is.

    We are all informed about Russia's threats to many countries to stay neutral, don't join in helping the war as Putin said, or become a member of NATO or increase allied forces to make America the world's police, but Sweden and Finland continue to be supported by America which finally Pivot, moved to NATO, then Turkey bravely defied Sweden and Finland's decision by not signing the agreement.

    Turkey is a member of NATO, and there is a rule that a resolution will come out when all NATO members agree 100% of the members agree. Of the 30 NATO member countries currently, all have the right of veto, Turkey is one of them, and Turkey did not sign Sweden and Finland's application to become NATO members, so the resolution could never be implemented.

    Turkey not only vetoed, but Erdogan openly invited other NATO members to veto Sweden and Finland, Turkey said Sweden and Finland supported the Kurdish insurgency on the Turkish border, but military intelligence saw more of Erdogan's debt of service to Putin.

    Ankara owes a lot to Moscow. One of Erdogan's debts is the revelation of a coup plan in Turkey that would overthrow Erdogan by the CIA, which resulted in the arrest of 2000 people who were anti-Erdogan. The CIA will overthrow Erdogan because Turkey buys ISIS oil and sells some of it to China. It's a complicated state, we have to understand Turkey's steps from the perspective of Erdogan's state. May be useful. 




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