Quad is NATO in Asia-Pacific just as NATO is most likely Quad either because of the expansion of NATO's goal or is against Russia or an enemy from the east for Europe.

    While Quad is containing China. Contain so that we understand Simplify the meaning of containerizing a country, put in an iron box, in a block so that it cannot develop.

    We take a brief look at history in the 1900s when all regions of the world were in a state of tension preparing for war over territory, border wars over colonies for expansion of colonies.

    So the warring countries are fellow colonialists, as well as the invaders in their respective territories also face the anti-colonial nationalist movement that undermines the invaders from the country itself.

    Frictions between colonial countries, for example, made Britain go to war with France in several parts of Africa. Portugal was at war with Spain in Latin America, essentially many colonial countries, the Netherlands, England, France, Spain, Portugal, and so on, everywhere in many areas fought each other, conflicted, and were ready to go to war.

    Meanwhile, on the European plains, the German block versus the British block also monitors each other to prepare for war. It is only a mirror of history in the early 20th century. The beginning before the first World War which allowed history to repeat itself now in all regions is experiencing tensions both economic and defense and security.

    In the current military discourse, there is the Russian bloc, there are also neutral countries, there are countries that play by being double agents and there are those who are in opposition because they are afraid of America even though they like Russia.

    There are those who are contrary to the Russian block, if in economic discourse there are two major blocks, namely G2 (Govt 2), because only two countries are playing, namely China with the One Belt One Road (OBOR) expansion plan which has bound 70 countries, the second in America, and the western allied bloc by tying through dollars.

    The One Belt One Road (OBOR) is the Economic War Tool, also the dollar is the Economic War Tool, that is, the weapon of economic war. To understand the state, we first look at these two things, were to become a big country, one must be dominated, and one must be conquered.

    The country's foreign strategy is based on conquest, there is a strategy based on the Economic Approach, and the second is conquest with the military Approach.

    First, let's talk about QUAD, now we have been informed that China is carrying out its geopolitical strategy in the countries of the South Pacific, which was carried out simultaneously with the Quad, which arrived in Japan recently.

    China plans to build up its political and military power in cooperation with these South Pacific countries. Just imagine, when tensions in the European region occur, tensions in the Pacific region also increase.

    What China is doing as we know China's approach is an economic approach. China promises to build a territory because it is in the tiny South Pacific island nation on the Chinese side.

Chinese naval military base in Fiery Cross Reef

    China wants the freedom to fish in the area that's a fake strategy China wants to help other countries in Asia-Pacific but actually wants to get a fishing permit for the area, and build a Chinese naval military base.

Chinese naval military base in Fiery Cross Reef

    If we are in natural resource-producing countries, we all know China's strategy. Taking natural resources from another country is bartered with development. African and Asian countries have felt it. In the South Pacific country, the wealth of marine products that are willing to be bartered with debts for infrastructure development and other building needs.

    For this strategy, China has prepared a strategy to control the defense of a country in the south Pacific. Apart from offering development and control over the defense of natural resources and its narrative, China intends to carry out Natural Security Control and narrative to make it appear that China is a good country.

    To do this, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi, who was sent by President Xi Jinping last week, went on a tour of the Pacific countries with 25 delegates with a document containing the quotation marks "PRE RETURN DEAL" China's strategy to obtain natural resources. The seas of these Pacific countries.

    When he returned to Beijing, Wang Yi got 10 South Pacific countries' agreements with China which would build barter with permission to control China's fishing areas in the Pacific.

    The 10 countries are Solomon Island, Kiribati, Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, Cook Island, Papua New Guinea, Niue, and Micronesia. Then the Chinese this was stated as one of China's strategies against the Quad.

    Quad is military cooperation between India, Japan, Australia, and America when they are holding a summit in Japan. China is provoking economic cooperation with these 10 countries.

    We follow the Update Summit Quad first. In yesterday's Quad agreement, Quad decided to launch a satellite-based maritime system that specifically monitors illegal fishing activities carried out by China in the Pacific region to the Indian Ocean.

    To counter the accusation of illegal fishing, China made deals with 10 Pacific countries to make it legal, the contents of China's "PRE RETURN DEAL" agreement with 10 Pacific countries are "Maritime Special Plans" including fishing permits, military training for warships at sea, vocational-technical assistance, development port, the agreement also allows the port to become a Chinese naval military base, even to the point that Mandarin films are provided free of charge in the agreement.

    This cooperation is military cooperation and economic cooperation for five years with the title "ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT" so the question is who will benefit the most?!!

    So China said that of course, the Pacific countries would benefit the most, as China's foreign minister Wang Yi said last week at various media conferences in the Pacific country, adding that words to sweeten the cooperation assistance were "NO POLITICAL STRING ATTACHED" or not. any political ties. This cooperation is purely business but I and all of you military intelligence know very well what China means?




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