Before we go on about the possibility of the world collapsing or going bankrupt economically we remind our country of the Sri Lankan model of statehood.

    Sri Lanka is a country that is wrong in managing its country. Sri Lanka is indeed intensively building, but building something that is not productive and even consumptive, such as building an airport that is far from where there is an empty need, building a seaport that is not visited by foreign ships except ships from China even though 100% of commercial ships passing through the Malacca Strait must pass. 

    The Andaman Sea, and the Indian Ocean where Sri Lanka's territory was apparently only passed through, did not dock at the port, did not drop off and exchange cargo or other logistics strategies, the empty airport was built very far from requiring air transportation, namely, it was built in the president's hometown and Sri Lanka's prime minister who is a brother and sister, Rajapaksa's hometown.

    Sri Lanka has a state and policies that only benefit the business of its officials, making regulations to protect the power of the Rajapaksa dynasty, which seems to be for the benefit of the people, but it is not. The state only creates wealth among the regime officials and the families of corrupt officials, which in this case are the oligarchs' families and Rajapaksa's colleagues.

    The facts on the ground are Sri Lanka is now in a severe economic crisis, the country is hit by demonstrations every day, hospitals stop performing surgeries, and electricity goes out in 50% of Sri Lanka. Food reserves are only one month left.

    We are heading to Pakistan now. Pakistan's economy needs 36 billion dollars to be able to sustain the life of the Pakistani people when they asked the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for help to bail out Pakistan's debt, apparently, the IMF refused Pakistan's request.

    What caused the rejection? Pakistan can be said to be a dangerous country. It is very dangerous because there are three major terrorist groups living in Pakistan and the number is very large in Pakistan.

    Pakistan is also a country that has nuclear weapons. Currently, the new Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif is in Turkiye, his goal for the Survival Of Pakistan's Nation. Pakistan needs cash to pay its obligations of 36 Billion Dollars.

    Pakistan is Desperate but so far nothing has helped him. Did Pakistan become like the Brazilian country of Latin America during the economic crisis in the 80s like Mexico went bankrupt!!! Now Sri Lanka is like a Mexican country in the '80s.

    In the past, Pakistan's foreign exchange reserves were 10 billion dollars, which could only be used for two months by the Pakistan government. The state of Pakistan asked for IMF assistance again and was rejected because the IMF asked Pakistan to change its state financial strategy first, namely, Cut Costs, be more efficient, remove subsidies for fuel oil and electricity for the poor, raise taxes, make private two state banks, the bank became private because during this time as a state-owned bank there was an extraordinary amount of corruption, cutting off support for the terrorist groups Taliban, Isis, and Al-Qaida, of which there were a total of around 40,000 armed terrorist troops in Pakistan, and expelling terrorists from Pakistan.

    Pakistan must no longer be a safe haven for terrorist countries, the solution that Pakistan tried later was to issue debt securities or Surety Bonds, but it turned out that no one was buying them, then Pakistan moved closer to a friendly country, namely China as Pakistan's largest project lender, and was also rejected by China.

    Then docking to Saudi Arabia and to the United Arab Emirates was also rejected. There is only one condition for the friendly countries, that is, if the IMF agrees, they will help. Let's go into detail again, why don't these countries want to help Pakistan? because of the bad habits of the country of Pakistan itself.

    In the last 20 years, Pakistan has carried out Bail Out 22 times and it is indeed difficult to manage the country. For the 23rd occasion, this time all countries have retreated regularly, causing Pakistan to collapse following in Sri Lanka's Way.

    Now we head to Argentina. Inflation that reached 50% in six months due to high imports of oil, gas, and food, then facing the IMF to ask for a loan of 45 billion dollars has not been granted. At the same time, the countries of El Salvador and Peru shared the same fate as Argentina, where inflation was above 30% and these four months were the worst unemployment in the last 10 years.

    We are heading to sub-Saharan Africa now seems to need 70 billion dollars, Gana needs 45 billion dollars for Bail Out, also happening in South African countries.

    We're heading to Turkiye. Inflation that occurred in Turkiye reached 70 percent in the past 12 months. The Turkiye lira fell 30% in the past 12 months. From this data, all world banks predict that after Sri Lanka there will be 12 more bankrupt countries like Sri Lanka in 2022 because they cannot pay their foreign debt obligations to China.

    We convey information at this time that most developing countries have large and heavy loan problems, the national budget of the country is almost exhausted and even minus, all bankrupt countries are forced to cut state budgets to focus on very emergency needs only.

    Then as New Mind Millennial Official? Is there a solution to this world's economic problems? The first way is to stop debt using other countries' currencies, especially using dollars.

    Then strengthen national food security without importing at all, then cut the state budget, especially for projects that do not create a domino effect of national economic growth, no longer take loans from foreign countries, and build without activating the national economic forces that contribute to development.

    For example, if there is a project, 80% of the minimum content is national strength, both from human resources and capital. Projects that rely on foreign funds, foreign workers, as well as foreign currencies, and foreign technology, should no longer be given opportunities to foreign countries because they can make us trapped in debt. Indeed, the economic debt crisis can cause a security crisis, a defense crisis, and a crisis for your country's sovereignty.




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