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Pertamina EP Boost Search New Oil and Gas Reserves

Pertamina EP Boost Search New Oil and Gas Reserves

     The subsidiary of PT Pertamina, PT Pertamina EP, which is also a Contract of Work Contractor (KKKS) under the auspices of the Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities (SKK Migas) has made another achievement.

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    The commitment shown by this Pertamina subsidiary to find new oil and gas reserves through exploration activities received the best performance award this year from SKK Migas. We are committed to finding and finding oil and gas reserves to support Indonesia's energy security.

     And we are grateful to receive an award from SKK Migas for the category of Best Land Survey, Best Exploration Drilling, and 2nd Place for Best Exploitation Drilling, "said Exploration and New Discovery Project Director of PT Pertamina EP Nanang Abdul Manaf.

    Nanang emphasized that Pertamina EP will remain aggressive in seeking and finding oil and gas reserves because the discovery of exploration reserves guarantees energy security for the next few years.

    According to him, the essence of the upstream oil and gas business is the availability of oil and gas reserves which are then exploited so that the benefits can be felt for the community. Therefore, we will continue to increase exploration activities to areas that have not been explored and have oil and gas potential, as we did in Eastern Indonesia, specifically in Bintuni and other places, "said Nanang.

    Nanang said, this year's target for 3D land (Seismic) survey activities covering an area of ​​785 square kilometers (km). Pertamina EP, according to him, was able to realize up to 951 square kilometers or 121 percent above the target. The 2016 2D Seismic target is 941 km long, and Pertamina EP has succeeded in achieving 953 km or 101 percent above the target. Regarding exploration activities, the target for 2016 is to drill eight exploration wells.

    As of December 2016, five wells had been completed or 63 percent of the target and one well was in the preparation stage for rig installation. Previously, Pertamina EP and PT Sarana GSS Trembul signed an operational cooperation agreement (KSO) for the Trembul Operation Area. The first three-year work program was valued at US $ 7.6 million, with the funds being used for drilling four wells and seismic acquisition activities.

    President Director of GSS Facility Trembul Bambang Mulyadi said the first well (SGT-01) is planned to start drilling in June 2017 and start production in August 2017. He added that Pertamina EP has the exclusive right to carry out oil and gas operations in the Trembul Operation Area from BP Migas ( now SKK Migas) based on Presidential Regulation Number 9 of 2013.

    Furthermore, Pertamina EP appointed PT Sarana Pembangunan Jawa Tengah (BUMD owned by the Regional Government of Central Java) as the partner of choice to carry out oil and gas operations in the region, to carry out operations, PT Sarana Pembangunan Jawa Tengah conducted a joint venture with GSS Energy Limited through a joint venture company PT Sarana GSS Trembul.

    The Trembul Oil and Gas Operation Area is located in Talokwohmojo Village, Ngawen District, Blora Regency, Central Java Province. The operating area covers 47.61 km2 which is located 15 km on the west side of Blora City. In the Trembul Operation Area, there are 24 wells drilled and exploited by NKPM. However, the area was closed in 1942, following the Japanese invasion in World War II. The Trembul area is estimated to have oil reserves of 40.1 million barrels. During 1917-1942, NKPM only took 307 thousand barrels, so there were still plenty of oil reserves left.

Republika, Page-14, Friday, Dec 16,2016
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