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Monday, July 10, 2023

Ferrari and Lamborghini are suspected of stealing Aryanto Misel's NIKUBA technology


    Aryanto Misel created "Nikuba", a device that converts water into hydrogen for vehicles. Nukiba creation has been researched for 5 years ago and spent a lot of money.

Major General of the Indonesian National Army (TNI) Kunto Arief Wibowo, S.I.P.

    Now Aryanto Misel has the support of a full team from the Regional Military Commander (Pangdam) III/Siliwangi Cirebon, namely Major General the Indonesian National Army (TNI) Kunto Arief Wibowo, S.I.P.,  and the technology created by Aryanto Misel has been used in various motorcycle and car service vehicles at the Regional Command Military III Siliwangi Cirebon West Java.

Nikuba Test Drive

    NIKUBA has been on a test drive from Cirebon - (West Java) to Semarang City - (Central Java) as far as 245 km round trip and using only 1 liter of water which can convert water into Hydrogen with the NIKUBA tool as a substitute for the car's fuel.

Valentino Rossi

    When Aryanto Misel first arrived in Italy, he was invited to travel around Italy. In total, Aryanto Misel and his colleagues spent 17 days in the country where Valentino Rossi was born. But this was just a gimmick so that Aryanto Misel would not know that in the end Ferrari and Lamborghini only wanted to copy and paste the NIKUBA Technology Patent Right.

Aryanto Misel

    Aryanto Misel spent four days focusing on Nikuba's presentation in front of Ferrari and Lamborghini engineers. In fact, Ferrari CS was unable to appreciate Nikuba's technology. Aryanto Misel has spent 5 years of time and money developing Nikuba technology.

Nikuba create by Aryanto Misel

    Aryanto actually did not completely refuse to give the key to the water-to-fuel conversion device to Ferrari and Lamborghini, but Ferrari and Lamborghini were actually poor companies whose factories looked grand and modern and really couldn't afford the Nikuba technology created by Aryanto Misel.

Aryanto Misel in Ferrari Factory

    In fact, he was brought into the 2 super expensive and super supercar manufacturers. The aim is none other than to present Nikubu which stands for "Niku Banyu" aka "That's Water" in Indonesian. 

Aryanto Misel Create Nikuba Patent

    Nikuba technology itself has been busy and viral on social media since 2022. That's because Aryanto Misel's creation is said to be able to replace oil and gas fuels, which are fossil fuels. This is of course the hope of eliminating dependence on non-renewable fuels whose prices continue to increase as a result of Russia's military operations in Ukraine.

Ferrari and Lamborghini

4 days of presentations at the Ferrari and Lambhorgini Factory

    Aryanto Misel said that he spent 17 days on a visit to the land of Pizza Italy, namely the Ferrari Factory and Lamborghini Factory. Initially, the University of Indonesia (UI) alumni were invited to take a walk around Italy. 

    After that, Aryanto Misel was asked to give a live presentation in front of Ferrari and Lamborghini engineers. Aryanto Misel's Nikuba presentation was held for 4 days. 2 days of Presentation to Engineers at the Ferrari Factory and 2 days of presentations to Engineers at the Lamborghini Factory.

Aryanto Misel's Nikuba presentation

    Aryanto Misel deliberately chose not to bring the "Nikuba" tool that can convert water into hydrogen fuel. This was deliberately done because Aryanto Misel was worried that the 2 automotive giants in the birthplace of Valentino Rossi would unbox and design their own technology based on Nikuba.

Aryanto Misel in Lamborghini Factory

Lied by Ferrari and Lamborghini

    Aryanto Misel's hunch and worries about the visit to Italy turned out to be true. They only want to steal Nikuba technology. And that has been proven, Ferrari and Lamborghini are not interested in Nikuba, which was created by Aryanto Misel. Ferrari and Lamborghini have even prepared technology that resembles their Nikuba creation. A similar tool was made in Romania. 

Aryanto Misel in Lamborghini Factory

    At the Ferrari and Lamborghini factories, Aryanto was asked to unbox and repair the damaged Nikuba Romania. However, Aryanto Misel did not fully disclose 100 percent of the capabilities and ' SECRETS ' of the NIKUBA patent he created. 

    Aryanto admitted that he only started the Romanian-made Nikuba which was damaged and repaired by Aryanto Misel and had been directly connected to the Ferrari and Lamborghini cars and it was proven that Aryanto Misel was repairing, and able to start the 2 super cars.

    Aryanto Misel feels he will benefit because Ferrari and Lamborghini will be willing to pay compensation for his Nikuba copyright. However, in fact, during that meeting, the 2 Italian companies never discussed the compensation costs that he expected.

    Aryanto Misel admitted that he was annoyed and regretted that he had come so far to Italy without any clarity but instead was made a "serviceman" to repair Nikuba made in Romania. Finally, Aryanto Misel decided to go home because he had been lied to by Ferrari and Lamborghini and Aryanto Misel intended to sell the "NIKUBA" copyright to Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and Mitsubishi.

Nikuba copyright US$ 1,000,000

    Aryanto Misel has spent 5 years of his time, mind, money, and energy on research to create Nikuba. Time, money, energy, and thoughts that he spent very much. Because of that, he assigned the Nikuba copyright to Ferrari and Lamborghini in the amount of US$ 1,000,000.-

Aryanto Misel

    According to Artyanto Misel, Nikuba's copyright is very suitable as compensation for the research he has done so far. But Ferrari and Lamborghini were unable to buy the patent. Because there is absolutely no talk about it. So, in the near future, Aryanto Misel will go to Japan to sell the patent rights to the country of Sakura. 

Shibuya Japan

    Aryanto Misel also had a negative feeling, and because there was no talk of compensation and he was only used as a repairman for Nikuba Romania, he suspected that Ferrari and Lamborghini only wanted to imitate his Nikuba creations and use them on Ferrari and Lamborghini cars. Even worse, it was done without giving any compensation at all or for free, Ferrari and Lamborghini asked for free NIKUBA technology.

Ferrari and Lamborghini are suspected of stealing "Nikuba" technology.

    When asked to present Nikuba technology in Italy, Aryanto Misel deliberately did not bring the device. Aryanto acknowledged this. He deliberately did not bring the complete Nikuba for fear of being asked to disassemble the device, and this proved to be true. The big surprise came when Ferrari and Lamborghini provided Nikuba made in Romania.

    Aryanto explained that Nikuba Romania is very different from the Nikuba he developed in Cirebon, West Java. The funny thing is, Aryanto Misel was asked to repair the Nikuba Romania because Ferrari and Lamborghini wanted to test it. This Romanian-made device can be repaired by Aryanto Misel very easily and can start these cool supercars.

    After explaining what Nikuba was to the Italian engineer, Aryanto said he was disappointed that there was no chat regarding the copyright compensation he was expecting. Aryanto was finally disappointed and regretted having come to Italy but was only lied to. Aryanto Misel refuses to dismantle "NIKUBA'S SECRET" which is claimed to be able to turn water into hydrogen fuel.

Aryanto Misel Selling patents for extinguishing agents made from cassava peels and bulletproof vests.

    Miyanto Misel also creates organic materials for extinguishing fires, which are made from cassava peels that contain potassium citrate, which functions as a fire retardant and is widely available in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Cassava Extinguisher Created by Aryanto Misel

    Cassava peel can be made in powder or liquid form. And the patent was sold to Japan. Aryanto Misel said that most fire extinguishers sold in the market use halon, a chemical gas with the scientific name Bromochlorodifluoromethane or BCF. because it contributes to the depletion of the ozone layer.

bulletproof vests Hand Made By Aryanto Misel

    Apart from that, Aryanto also makes bulletproof vests made of organic materials as well. The organic materials are lighter coconut fiber and sugarcane fiber cloth as the main materials for making bulletproof vests. 

    Aryanto Misel's creations have also been exported to Japan and Hong Kong. Aryanto's bullet-proof vest can withstand long-barreled level 5 bullets, and assault rifles.

    Aryanto Misel explained that his bulletproof vest did not use plates inside the vest as an additional layer of protection. 

    This bulletproof vest has a thickness of about 2.5 cm. Aryanto said he was confident with his findings, as evidenced by how Hong Kong and Japan consistently used the bullet-proof vests he made. Aryanto sold the patent to Hong Kong and Japan for US$ 60,000.

Monday, June 19, 2023

Pertamina Strengthen Brand in Global Market

    PT Pertamina through its subsidiaries is increasingly strengthening its Brand in the global market. This is evidenced by a number of collaborations carried out within the scope of several activities, namely upstream oil, and gas, export and sale of products, to shipping cooperation.

    The latest is the signing of a new hydrocarbon contract by Pertamina through its Sub Holding Upstream subsidiary, PT Pertamina Internasional EP (PIEP) which operates in Algiers under PT Pertamina Algiers EP (PAEP), at Menzel Lejmat Nord (MLN), Block 405. Investment funds amounting to US$ 800 million are ready to be released to fund the project.

    PIEP and its partners Sonatrach and Repsol Exploracion 405a SA continue to demonstrate their ability to operate onshore oil and gas blocks. With this trust, the production sharing contract signed is a continuation of the memorandum of understanding agreed between the three companies on September 28, 2022. 

    The joint operation under the contract mentioned above is the MLN field and nine other fields which include the unitization of Ourhoud and El Merk.

    The work program specifically includes the drilling of 12 oil wells and water injection wells, the connection of new development wells, the construction of an LPG extraction unit, and a 3D WAG (Water Alternating Gas) seismic acquisition project, as well as a solar energy production project. 

    The total investment amount planned for the implementation of this development is estimated at more than US$ 800 million and the total resources are almost 150 million barrels of oil equivalent.

    The signing of this contract is in accordance with the wishes of the three partners to realize it within the MLN contractual scope and to strengthen the work in the field of exploration and production of hydrocarbons.

Nicke Widyawati

    The signing of this contract was witnessed by the President Director of PT Pertamina Nicke Widyawati, the Main Director of PT Pertamina Hulu Energi Wiko Migantoro, The President Director of PT Pertamina Internasional EP Jaffee A. Suardin, Group CEO Sonatrach Toufik Hakkar, and other partners Repsol Algiers and Algiers authorities. During the signing ceremony, Nicke Widyawati expressed her appreciation.

"After perfect contract preparations, Pertamina and its partners have finally agreed on a new journey for oil and gas operations in Algiers. Our commitment for the long term will be a new and exciting journey, reaffirming Pertamina's global footprint together with Sonatrach, and Repsol," said Nicke Widyawati.

    Nicke Widyawati said the oil and gas block in Algeria is one of the mainstays of oil and gas production from abroad for Pertamina.

"The acquisition of oil and gas blocks abroad with the concept of "bring the barrel home" is a strategic step for Pertamina to maintain national energy security," said Nicke Widyawati.

    Nicke added, in this new contract, apart from crude oil production, Pertamina was also given a permit to build an LPG factory with a capacity of 1 million metric tons per year, where the product will be brought to Indonesia.

"With this new innovation, it is hoped that it can reduce LPG imports and strengthen Indonesia's trade balance," said Nicke Widyawati.

    At the same time, the Algiers oil and gas block also has the potential in developing renewable energy, especially Solar PV which will be utilized as a green electricity supply for oil and gas block operations.

"This is a form of Pertamina's very strong commitment to reducing carbon emissions in all of its business activities in line with the application of ESG," said Nicke Widyawati.

    Jafee said PIEP has the potential to produce peak production in block 405a of 36,000 BOEPD and open up new development opportunities in the surrounding area in the next 25 years, and the potential for an additional 10 years of a contract extension.

"This reflects Pertamina's strong projection going forward in line with Pertamina's main strategy to become a world-class energy company," said Jaffee.

    Menzel Ledjmet Nord (MLN) Oil Field Algiers is one of the oil and gas fields in the Sahara Desert, Algiers which has been fully operational by PT Pertamina since May 2014, through the Upstream Subholding.

    This block has an oil capacity of 35,000 barrels of oil per day (BOPD) and has 58 solar panels that produce 1,141 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year, resulting in reduced emissions of up to 7,507 tons of C02 per year.

    Pertamina as a leader in the field of energy transition, is committed to supporting the Net Zero Emissions 2060 target by continuing to encourage programs that have a direct impact on the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

    All of these efforts are in line with the implementation of Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) in all of Pertamina's business lines and operations.

    Pertamina Internasional Exploration and Production (PIEP) was established based on the need for international asset management which focuses on managing PT Pertamina's foreign assets. 

    Until now, Pertamina has foreign oil and gas field assets spread across 13 countries, namely Algiers, Malaysia, Iraq, Canada, France, Italy, Namibia, Tanzania, Gabon, Niger, Colombia, Angola, and Venezuela. 

    From 2014 to 2021, PIEP contributed as much as 51 million barrels of oil, or around US$ 2.8 billion to be shipped domestically.

    Another subsidiary is PT Pertamina International Shipping (PIS) through Pertamina International Shipping Pte Ltd which is domiciled in Singapore. This company continues to develop its business wings in the Asia Pacific region so that it transforms into PIS Asia Pacific (PIS AP). 

    The establishment of PIS AP is focused on serving export and import cargo transportation in the international market. PIS is also increasingly aggressively expanding in the global market and has successfully traveled as many as 22 international routes until early 2023.

    Meanwhile, PT Pertamina Lubricants (PTPL), a Subholding Commercial & Trading subsidiary of Pertamina, has owned the Lubricants Technology Center (LTC), the largest lubricants research and innovation center in Indonesia, located in Plumpang, North Jakarta. 

    With an area of 12,500 mz, LTC is equipped with modern facilities and professional human resources to meet the needs of lubricants in the Indonesian market and 14 countries in the world including Australia, Thailand, and South Africa.

Investor Daily, Page-13, Monday, June 19, 2023

Pertamina Builds LPG Factory in Algiers


    PT Pertamina has confirmed that it will build a Liquefied Petroleum Gas or LPG factory with a capacity of 1 million metric tons per year in Algiers.

Nicke Widyawati

    The Main Director of Pertamina, Nicke Widyawati, said that her party had obtained a permit to build an LPG factory from the Algerian authorities, because it was part of the management contract for the Menzel Ledjmet Nord Block. Later, products produced from these factories will be brought to Indonesia with the aim of reducing imports of these commodities.

"With this new innovation, it is hoped that it can reduce LPG imports and strengthen Indonesia's trade balance," said Nicke Widyawati.

    In Algeria, Pertamina through PT Pertamina Algiers EP has just received a contract extension for the Menzel Ledjmet Nord Block for the next 35 years.

    The Algerian authorities granted the contract extension because they assessed that Pertamina, Sonatrach, and Repsol Exploration 405a SA were capable of managing the onshore oil and gas block well. The block is also one of the mainstays of Pertamina's oil production from abroad.

"The acquisition of oil and gas blocks abroad with the concept of "bring the barrel home" is Pertamina's strategic move to maintain national energy security," said Nicke Widyawati.

    Menzel Ledjmet Nord Oil Field is an oil and gas block located in the Sahara Desert, approximately 1,000 kilometers southeast of Algiers, the capital city of Algiers. Pertamina Algiers EP has fully managed Menzel Ledjmet Nord Oil Field operations since 2014 with a total Participating Interest (PI) of 65%.

    The block has an oil capacity of 35,000 barrels of oil per day (BOPD), with an average oil production from January to May 2023 reaching 14,875 bpd.

    Not only producing oil, the operator of the Menzel Ledjmet Nord Block also installed S8 solar panels which generate 1.141 kWh of electricity per year, and can reduce carbon emissions by up to 7,507 tons of CO2 equivalent per year.

Bisnis Indonesia, Page-4, Monday, June 19, 2023

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Shell Finally sold 35% Participating Interest shares to Pertamina

Shell Deal with Pertamina

    The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Arifin Tasrif confirmed that the process of transferring Shell's Participating Interest (PI) shares to Pertamina of 35% in the Masela Block will be completed. 

    In fact, according to him, the release price for PI shares offered by Shell is now far below US$ 1 billion, unlike anything previously offered. Previously, Shell extorted the Indonesian government up to US$ 1.4 billion or around Rp. 21 trillion to sell a 35% participating interest to Pertamina.

    According to Arifin, the process of transferring Shell's 35% Participating Interest (PI) shares in the Masela Block will use an acquisition or business-to-business scheme, not through contract termination. 

    There is an option that the Indonesian government can terminate Shell's contract in the Masela Block if the company is still the troublemaker in the process of releasing the 35% Participating Interest (PI) shares.

the Masela Block project

    In the Plan of Development (PoD) document it is stated that if five years since the PoD was signed in 2019 then the Masela Block project has not made significant progress from SHELL, then this jumbo gas block can be returned to Indonesia, and it is proven that SHELL has not done anything for 5 years in the Abadi Masela Oil and Gas block. 

    The acquisition price of 35% SHELL shares is below US$ 1, which is only US$ 500 million or around Rp. 7.5 Trillion.

Inpex Corporation

    Arifin also said that Inpex Corporation from Japan as the operator would also revise the Masela Block development plan (PoD). 

    This is in line with the company's plan to include Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) facilities in the jumbo project.

"Otherwise, there will be less pressure on funding for this fossil energy project to become unattractive, except for renewable energy. 

    In order for this gas to become clean gas, a cost must be included. within Indonesia," said Arifin.

President Director of PT Pertamina Nicke Widyawati

    Previously, President Director of PT Pertamina (Persero) Nicke Widyawati said that currently, his party was finalizing the process of transferring the participating interest shares with Shell. 

    However, Nicke could not speak further because he was bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement/NDA or a confidentiality agreement.

       Nicke realizes that currently, the Indonesian people are looking forward to the development of the Masela Block. 

    Therefore, this Indonesian oil and gas company will be committed to immediately developing gas in the jumbo block.

"Of course, the people really hope that this gas giant block can be worked on immediately, so Pertamina's entry into it is our commitment to develop as soon as possible so that the gas in the Masela block can be monetized and generate state revenue and create a national economy," said Nicke.

    The Masela Block is a National Strategic Project (PSN) and is targeted to produce very large gas, namely 1,600 million standard cubic feet per day (MMSCFD) or the equivalent of 9.5 million tonnes of LNG per year (MTPA) and 150 MMSCFD of pipeline gas, as well as 35,000 barrels oil per day (BOPD).

    Currently, the Masela Block is still being managed by Inpex Masela Ltd Japan which acts as the operator and holds a 65% participating interest, and 35% is owned by Shell which will soon belong to Pertamina.

This project is said to be "giant" because it is estimated to cost up to US$ 19.8 billion. 

    The manager of this block, Inpex, and the new partner, will later build a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) refinery on land, which was initially targeted to be operational in 2027. The latest progress, the operation of this project is estimated to be late to 2029 due to the actions of the SHELL zonk which did nothing for 5 years since the project was signed in 2019.

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Minister EMR in Jakarta: sHELL ran away from the Masela Block Irresponsible

    The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Arifin Tasrif was very angry with the behavior of the British oil company sHELL. As of today, sHELL does not want to release its 35% participating interest (PI) shares in the Masela Block.

    sHELL has declared that it has run away from working on an oil and gas mining project in the Masela Block. With the PI not being released, the project has been stuck to this day and is very detrimental to Indonesia. 

    Even though Inpex Japan is very interested and able to work on this jumbo project.

    The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Arifin Tasrif was very angry with the behavior of the British oil company, sHELL. The reason is, to this day the company does not want to release its participating interest (PI) in the Masela Block.

    Arifin said that because of Shell's actions, Indonesia felt disadvantaged, because if the oil and gas mining project in the Masela Block was carried out, it would produce gas of 1,600 million standard cubic feet per day (MMSCFD) or the equivalent of 9.5 million tonnes of LNG per year (MTPA) and pipeline gas of 150 MMSCFD, as well as 35,000 barrels of oil per day.

The Masela Block

    The Masela Block is being worked on by a Japanese company, namely Inpex Corporation as the operator with a 65 percent stake and the remaining 35 percent is held by Shell Upstream Overseas Services. Everything should be handed over to Japan because sHELL is just playing around and not being serious.

    Arifin continued, if by 2024 there is no activity in the Masela Block, then the government will take over the Abadi gas field development project. 

    This is based on the provisions in the Masela Block development plan or Plan of Development (PoD).

    The Masela block is an oil and gas mine located in the Aru Sea and has been explored since 1998. This project requires a very large capital expenditure (capex), estimated at US$ 20 billion. So it will be difficult if a single investor develops this block without a shareholder partner.

    The Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan said PT Pertamina (Persero) had now agreed to form a consortium to run the oil and gas project to replace sHELL.


    The Masela Block has been finalized with Petronas. So SKK Migas has discussed the deal with Petronas, if the price is right, give it immediately, this year it can be done," said Luhut.

Blogger Agus Purnomo in SKK Migas

    Luhut also explained that there were no problems with the process of purchasing Shell's participating interest (PI), it's just that the price bidding process at the Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities (SKK Migas) took a long time because Shell tried to extort Indonesia.

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Nord Stream Blow Up with Code Name BALTOPS 22

    In a video from youtube, USA Senator Richard Black, reveals the purpose of the US occupation of Syria.

    This is the statement from USA Senator Richard Black: "Syria used to have a  significant grain surplus, people in Syria used to be very well off before the w4r"

"We (the US) want to take the wheat to create hunger.

    The idea is that by stealing Syrian oil and gas we can shut down  the transportation system in Syria and at the same time same, in winter we can freeze to death Syrian civilians"

"We facilitate the arrival of t3rr0r1sts from 100 countries of the world. They are given information that when they come to Syria it is legal to k1ll their husbands, then they can control their wives and children. Then they do it massively, so what happens is a campaign of r4pe, this is a campaign of r4pe organized"

    The point is that Syria was attacked by ISIS, and behind ISIS  there is the support of Israel, America, and Britain, especially America, who are the masterminds.

Baltic Operations 2022

    The aim is to reduce Syria's power in the Middle East so that the balance of power remains with western countries. Who is helping Syria? obviously Russian. Bashar Al-Assad is an ally of Russia.

    It's the same with Turkey, therefore Bashar Al-Assad, even though the Turkish army earlier this year entered as far as 30 km into Syrian territory, Bashar Al-Assad doesn't mind, because together strengthening their respective territories against the Kurdish uprising movement.

    It is very clear that also behind the Kurds is America. Syria used to be a prosperous country in the Middle East, but now it is devastated by America's targets so that there is no power other than a country whose leaders are puppets who are obedient under American control or who are weak leaders that America can control who are not attacked by their leaders.

    Russia was very lucky to protect Bashar Al-Assad, if not been protected by Russia, Bashar Al-Assad is the third leader killed by America in 20 years after Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and Muammar Gaddafi in Libya was wiped off the earth.

    The world is silent, not daring to blaspheme. In contrast to Russia, which is fighting against NATO is considered a crime, even though the Self Defense of the Offense is America. Then we head to the Nord Stream pipe.

    Six months ago we all know there was an explosion in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines and we have confirmed it was the Americans because not many troops or soldiers could carry out bomb attacks in underwater explosions such as in cold Baltic Sea positions, very deep, and undetected by countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania.

    The Nord Stream pipeline is two pipelines each 750 miles long or about 1100 KM in length from Russia to Germany via the Baltic sea. Why is it important that we discuss it? because as a sovereign country, your country must take the right attitude and be able to take advantage of the situation so that your country becomes a superpower country, a global player.

    Nord Stream 1 is an important gas that powers 60% of electricity in Germany and 30% of the rest of Western Europe.

    Nord Stream 2 in 2021 was barely operational when Russia invaded Ukraine. And on September 26, 2022, 2 bombs blew up the pipe. Whoever blew up the pipe was not just sabotaging t3rror1sm but an act of w4r on Russia and w4r on the German people.

    The climax is the Pulitzer Winner, a journalist named Seymour Hers reveals all the secrets of the bomb attack.

    The Nord Stream pipeline whose headwaters are in the Viborg region of Russia through the baltic exclusive zone 5 lands in Germany in the Greifswald region; the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is upstream from the Russian territory in Ust Luger, it also lands in Germany's Greifswald. The 2 bombs that detonated occurred near the Danish island of Bornholm.

    Intelligence data confirms that the military operation to attack the Nord Stream gas pipeline was carried out directly by Jake Sullivan, chairman of the NSC (American National Security Council) or Joe Biden's current security advisor.

    Jake Sullivan, a young man, an aggressive, 47-year-old man who is known to be aggressive and close to the defense of American military contractors who are the most important part of the Industrial

    The American Military Complex and international news have spread that the Nord Stream detonation plan is planned for December 2021, which is 3 months before Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

    An official meeting which was attended by Joe Biden and Jake Sullivan was also attended by the Chief of Staff of the military or joint staff of the American Army and the Director of the CIA, then after several weeks of brainstorming, divers from the US Navy, from the Salvage Center in Panama City.

    Panama was chosen directly by top military officials, and the CIA, to execute the task. This is done so that there is no leakage of information until this sabotage operation is completed or forever nothing is leaked to the media with a very secretive level, the Highly Secretive Mission.

    The Nord Stream pipeline blasting exercise was carried out directly in the batik sea because this operation became a multinational effort in which 3 countries assisted, namely Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

    Why Norway? This large European gas-producing country is an early member country of NATO. It has reliable sailors, especially the Navy, it is the Norwegian sea troop that helps determine where the exact bombing spot is that is not detected by the Russian sea controllers.

    Then the American navy detonated the bomb after dozens of drills or "Baltops 22" in the Baltic area which is a multinational diving drill.

    All of that was finally done on September 6, 2022 yesterday. When the bomb exploded in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipes, America celebrated the happiness of millions of other people. 

    The Potus said through its foreign minister, Blinken, that "this is the time when Europe will no longer depend on Russian gas because Putin has made gas a weapon to paralyze Europe."

    America forgot a little and pretended to forget that the bomb that detonated harmed Western Europe, especially its own allies, namely the German people.

    This is an action that can create a long war in Europe, which according to America's wishes that it can sell weapons and territory away from the American mainland so that America continues to colonize Europe, just as America colonized the Middle East, colonized Asia, colonized Africa, all of which are continuously gripped by America.

    Next question Is Putin going to push his nuclear button aboard the Russian doomsday plane?

 #Peace. #Geopolitics

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Pertamina Add 10% Participating Interest in Iraq

PT Pertamina Internasional EP (PIEP) through its direct subsidiary, namely - PT Pertamina Iraq EP has purchased 10% Participating Interest (PI) from ExxonMobil Iraq Limited's (EMIL). 

The field operated by EMIL as the Lead Contractor is in the southern part of Iraq, close to the city of Basra which is 400 km southeast of the capital Baghdad.

Since obtaining cooperation contracts in several countries, PIEP has carried out its commitment as a partner who has added value in various aspects of operations and always prioritizes active collaboration with various partners in all of its operations. 

In its operations in West Qurna 1, PIREP as a direct subsidiary of PIEP partners very harmoniously with EMIL, ITOCHU, PetroChina, and Oil Exploration Company (OEC) Iraq. This is proven by the completion of the 10% PI purchase at the end of 2022.

Wiko Migantoro, the Main Director of Pertamina Hulu Energi as Subholding Upstream Pertamina, expressed his gratitude to all stakeholders who have helped. 

"All the main stakeholders in Iraq continue to place their trust in Pertamina to continue its existence as an important partner in the management of the West Qurna 1 operating field," said Wiko.

While John Anis, Main Director of PIEP also emphasized, "With a total of 20% PI, Pertamina's role as a partner that has good performance, is reliable and continues to grow to carry out active cooperation with all partners, especially EMIL in supporting its work program to develop West Qurna 1 to achieve its best potential in producing oil in the field and continue to provide added value to other partners."

John Anis further added, "in 2023 and in the future, PIEP can ensure that this acquisition can provide additional production to Pertamina's Upstream Subholding of 100,000 BOPD and it is hoped that this production can continue to increase in accordance with the potential of the West Qurna 1 field".

"With the spirit of Go Global, Pertamina believes that with a strong commitment to continue to grow and develop, it will strengthen its position as a World Class National Energy Company," concluded Wiko.

PT Pertamina Hulu Energi (PHE) as Subholding Upstream through PT Pertamina Internasional EP (PIEP) plays a key role in cooperation with foreign partners, especially in the field of Oil and Gas Exploration and Production which operates on 4 continents and 12 countries, one of which is oil and gas operations in Iraq which has one of the largest oil and gas reserves in the world. 

Other countries are Algeria, Malaysia, Canada, Colombia, France, Gabon, Italy, Myanmar, Namibia, Nigeria, and Tanzania.

One of the main objectives of establishing PIEP by PT Pertamina (Persero) is to strengthen the role of PT Pertamina (Persero) in managing national energy security, by increasing oil and gas reserves and production from overseas assets and operations.

Since its establishment, PIEP has been committed to contributing by bringing products from abroad to Indonesia (Bring Barrels Home) to meet the needs of PT Pertamina (Persero) refineries, as well as a form of PIEP's contribution in filling the gap between demand and supply of oil and gas in Indonesia.

Based on PIEP's 2021 Financial Report, from 2014 to 2021, PIEP has contributed as much as 51 million barrels of oil, or around US$ 2.8 billion to be sent domestically. This means that PIEP has contributed to improving Indonesia's balance of payments. About more than 80% of the oil produced from abroad has been sent to domestic refineries.

PIEP's net profit in 2021 recorded the highest record with an achievement of US$ 254.98 million or grew 134.31% year on year (YOY). In 2021, PIEP has succeeded in implementing the OPTIMUS project which is a net profit optimization program with a total achievement or exceeding 377% of the optimization target of US$ 11.06 million. This achievement consisted of additional revenue growth of US$3.24 million which was an acceleration of Place Into Service (PIS) in Algeria and US$38.49 million which came from cost optimization. 

PIEP's net profit in 2021 recorded the highest record at US$ 254.98 million which grew by 134.31% (YOY).

PIEP's crude oil production in 2021 was realized at 96.67 MBOPD or 101.43% of the target of 95.31 MBOPD and the realization of PIEP's natural gas production in 2021 was recorded at 326.61 MMSCFD or 104.54% of the target of 312.42 MMSCFD.

Investor Daily, Page-10, Tuesday, Feb 21, 2023

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

How to Change the Blogspot Domain to a Custom Domain is very easy at Niaga Hoster

    Blogspot is still one of the favorite choices for those who want to create a Blogspot. According to data owned by the BuiltWith website, currently Blogspot ranks second in the category of blogs in Indonesia.

    This platform is generally preferred because it can be used as a way to create a free website and is easy to use. In addition, Blogspot also provides various Attractive responsive Blogger templates.

    Blogspot has many advantages because we need to buy expensive hosting. The files hosted by Google are free forever and will not be lost even if our domain expires late and is extended by 1 month, the files will still be there forever. Unlike WordPress, the hosting is expensive and not free, and if our domain is renewed 14 days late, the data will automatically be lost forever and we will start all over again entering data one by one and which is very annoying.

    But there is the latest update from Google that since March 20, 2023, subdomains are no longer valid. You can no longer add or manage subdomains that are part of the Sites found on the Sites tab. Any subdomains in your account that are part of the Site will be deleted. this change will not affect ad serving or your earnings.

    Apart from being long and unattractive, using subdomains can reduce the credibility of your blog. Fortunately, you can replace it with a domain name of your own choice. Here, you will learn how to easily change your Blogspot domain.

Table of Content :

I How to Change Blogspot Domain Manually

1. Enter New CNAME in cPanel

1.1. Log in to the member area of your Niagahoster account

1.2. Click the Domain tab and the domain name to use.

1.3. Select the DNS Management tab, then click the Add New Record button.

1.4. In the Record Type column, select CNAME. 

1.5. Click the Save Changes button.

2. Point Domain IP to Google Server IP

3. Overlay Domain to Blogspot

II. Ways to Change Blogspot Domains Automatically

III. Why do you need to use a custom domain on Blogspot?

IV. Let's Replace Your Blogspot Domain with a Custom Domain!

I. How to Change Blogspot Domain Manually

How to change the Blogspot domain name manually is a rather long process, but it's easy to put into practice. Just follow the steps below This:

1. Enter New CNAME in cPanel

The first step is to add a new CNAME to your domain management panel's DNS management. Follow these steps.

1.1. Log in to the member area of your Niagahoster account

1.2. Click the Domain tab and the domain name to use.

1.3. Select the DNS Management tab, then click the Add New Record button.

1.4. In the Record Type column, select CNAME. Then fill in the "Subdomain" column with "www" and the Hostname column with "".

1.5. Click the Save Changes button.

2. Point Domain IP to Google Server IP

Still on the DNS Management page, you have to click the Add New Record button again. But this time the selected record type is A Record. Add the following 4 A records pointing to the Google IP. If an A record for "" already exists, you must delete the existing A record. After that, enter the following IP addresses one by one in the IPv4 Address field:

3. Overlay Domain to Blogspot

For the last stage, do the steps below:

3.1. Login to the Google account used for your Blog.

3.2. Click the Settings menu on the left side of the page.

3.3. In the Publishing section, click the "Custom domain" button.

3.4. Enter your custom domain in the column provided, then click the Save button. Keep in mind that Blogspot cannot use naked domains. Therefore, whatever your domain is, add www in front of it followed by a period before the domain name.

3.5. A statement will appear that you have not succeeded in connecting the domain with Blogspot. Do not worry. The purpose of this step is to display The Cname shown below the message. Cname Blogspot consists of two, named "Name" and "Destination". Copy the two Cname codes and leave this page open.

Sub Domain : 1, Hostname 2

3.6. Return to the DNS Management page in the domain panel. Click the Add new record button and select CNAME as the record type. According to the illustration above, enter the code on the left into the Subdomain field. Then enter the other code into the Hostname column. Click Save changes.

3.7. Reopen the Blogspot settings page and click the Save Record.

3.8. If it still fails, try clicking Save again until it works. The cause of this failure is propagation, which is the process of connecting your domain to the server Blogspot. This process can take up to several minutes.

II. How to Change Blogspot Domain Automatically

There is a shorter way for those of you who buy a domain name at Niagahoster. On Niagahoster, you can easily change your Blogspot to (dot) .COM using the One Click Blogspot Integration feature. Here are the steps:

1. You can immediately start by requesting a CNAME from Blogspot as previously explained.

2. Enter the DNS Management page on the Niagahoster account panel. Click the Custom Blogspot button.

3. A pop-up menu will appear containing the Domain and Value columns. Enter Cname in both fields as in the previous method. After that, click Save changes.

4. Return to the Blogspot settings page and click the Save button.

III. Why Do You Need to Use a Custom Domain on Blogspot?

    Don't rush to follow how to delete a blog on Blogspot. In fact, you can use a custom domain or a domain name that you choose yourself. Following is the reason for using a custom domain:

FLEXIBILITY. Subdomains cannot be moved to other platforms. If one day you decide to switch to a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, an existing blog address cannot be used on the new platform. You will lose if you already have many loyal readers.

    Hard to find on Google. When entering a search keyword on Google, most likely no blog from Blogspot will appear. Therefore, Blogspot is not the right choice if you want your blog to be famous.

    Not professional looking. Blogspot is not the right medium to build a brand. The amount of spam that is done with reduces the credibility of this platform.

    Hard to get backlinks. Backlinks are one way to make your blog easy for Google to find. But with the reasons above, the blog owner or other websites are usually reluctant to provide backlinks if you use Blogspot.

    Can be used to create emails. Domain owners can also create an email account with their blog name behind it, such as If used in a business context, of course, the email address makes you look professional.

IV. Let's Replace Your Blogspot Domain with a Custom Domain!

    Blogspot users usually get a subdomain, but you can replace it with a custom domain.

    There are several stages that must be passed in the replacement process, namely entering a new Cname, directing the IP domain to Google's IP server, and connecting the domain to Blogspot.

    Users who buy domains on Niagahoster can also do it in an easier way. You only need to get the Cname from Blogspot and copy it into the Blogspot custom menu in the Niagahoster domain panel.

    So, you are more confident about buying a domain at Niagahoster, right? If so, click the button below.


    Hope this guide is useful for you. If you have questions, you can leave a comment in the column provided below this article.

    Domains need not be expensive. Domain prices don't always drain your wallet. Several domain extensions such as .xyz, .online, and .site are available for a price affordable. You can even buy a cheap domain with a .site extension for only IDR 14,000 or US$1 at Niagahoster. Have a Nice Business.