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Monday, July 10, 2023

Ferrari and Lamborghini are suspected of stealing Aryanto Misel's NIKUBA technology


    Aryanto Misel created "Nikuba", a device that converts water into hydrogen for vehicles. Nukiba creation has been researched for 5 years ago and spent a lot of money.

Major General of the Indonesian National Army (TNI) Kunto Arief Wibowo, S.I.P.

    Now Aryanto Misel has the support of a full team from the Regional Military Commander (Pangdam) III/Siliwangi Cirebon, namely Major General the Indonesian National Army (TNI) Kunto Arief Wibowo, S.I.P.,  and the technology created by Aryanto Misel has been used in various motorcycle and car service vehicles at the Regional Command Military III Siliwangi Cirebon West Java.

Nikuba Test Drive

    NIKUBA has been on a test drive from Cirebon - (West Java) to Semarang City - (Central Java) as far as 245 km round trip and using only 1 liter of water which can convert water into Hydrogen with the NIKUBA tool as a substitute for the car's fuel.

Valentino Rossi

    When Aryanto Misel first arrived in Italy, he was invited to travel around Italy. In total, Aryanto Misel and his colleagues spent 17 days in the country where Valentino Rossi was born. But this was just a gimmick so that Aryanto Misel would not know that in the end Ferrari and Lamborghini only wanted to copy and paste the NIKUBA Technology Patent Right.

Aryanto Misel

    Aryanto Misel spent four days focusing on Nikuba's presentation in front of Ferrari and Lamborghini engineers. In fact, Ferrari CS was unable to appreciate Nikuba's technology. Aryanto Misel has spent 5 years of time and money developing Nikuba technology.

Nikuba create by Aryanto Misel

    Aryanto actually did not completely refuse to give the key to the water-to-fuel conversion device to Ferrari and Lamborghini, but Ferrari and Lamborghini were actually poor companies whose factories looked grand and modern and really couldn't afford the Nikuba technology created by Aryanto Misel.

Aryanto Misel in Ferrari Factory

    In fact, he was brought into the 2 super expensive and super supercar manufacturers. The aim is none other than to present Nikubu which stands for "Niku Banyu" aka "That's Water" in Indonesian. 

Aryanto Misel Create Nikuba Patent

    Nikuba technology itself has been busy and viral on social media since 2022. That's because Aryanto Misel's creation is said to be able to replace oil and gas fuels, which are fossil fuels. This is of course the hope of eliminating dependence on non-renewable fuels whose prices continue to increase as a result of Russia's military operations in Ukraine.

Ferrari and Lamborghini

4 days of presentations at the Ferrari and Lambhorgini Factory

    Aryanto Misel said that he spent 17 days on a visit to the land of Pizza Italy, namely the Ferrari Factory and Lamborghini Factory. Initially, the University of Indonesia (UI) alumni were invited to take a walk around Italy. 

    After that, Aryanto Misel was asked to give a live presentation in front of Ferrari and Lamborghini engineers. Aryanto Misel's Nikuba presentation was held for 4 days. 2 days of Presentation to Engineers at the Ferrari Factory and 2 days of presentations to Engineers at the Lamborghini Factory.

Aryanto Misel's Nikuba presentation

    Aryanto Misel deliberately chose not to bring the "Nikuba" tool that can convert water into hydrogen fuel. This was deliberately done because Aryanto Misel was worried that the 2 automotive giants in the birthplace of Valentino Rossi would unbox and design their own technology based on Nikuba.

Aryanto Misel in Lamborghini Factory

Lied by Ferrari and Lamborghini

    Aryanto Misel's hunch and worries about the visit to Italy turned out to be true. They only want to steal Nikuba technology. And that has been proven, Ferrari and Lamborghini are not interested in Nikuba, which was created by Aryanto Misel. Ferrari and Lamborghini have even prepared technology that resembles their Nikuba creation. A similar tool was made in Romania. 

Aryanto Misel in Lamborghini Factory

    At the Ferrari and Lamborghini factories, Aryanto was asked to unbox and repair the damaged Nikuba Romania. However, Aryanto Misel did not fully disclose 100 percent of the capabilities and ' SECRETS ' of the NIKUBA patent he created. 

    Aryanto admitted that he only started the Romanian-made Nikuba which was damaged and repaired by Aryanto Misel and had been directly connected to the Ferrari and Lamborghini cars and it was proven that Aryanto Misel was repairing, and able to start the 2 super cars.

    Aryanto Misel feels he will benefit because Ferrari and Lamborghini will be willing to pay compensation for his Nikuba copyright. However, in fact, during that meeting, the 2 Italian companies never discussed the compensation costs that he expected.

    Aryanto Misel admitted that he was annoyed and regretted that he had come so far to Italy without any clarity but instead was made a "serviceman" to repair Nikuba made in Romania. Finally, Aryanto Misel decided to go home because he had been lied to by Ferrari and Lamborghini and Aryanto Misel intended to sell the "NIKUBA" copyright to Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and Mitsubishi.

Nikuba copyright US$ 1,000,000

    Aryanto Misel has spent 5 years of his time, mind, money, and energy on research to create Nikuba. Time, money, energy, and thoughts that he spent very much. Because of that, he assigned the Nikuba copyright to Ferrari and Lamborghini in the amount of US$ 1,000,000.-

Aryanto Misel

    According to Artyanto Misel, Nikuba's copyright is very suitable as compensation for the research he has done so far. But Ferrari and Lamborghini were unable to buy the patent. Because there is absolutely no talk about it. So, in the near future, Aryanto Misel will go to Japan to sell the patent rights to the country of Sakura. 

Shibuya Japan

    Aryanto Misel also had a negative feeling, and because there was no talk of compensation and he was only used as a repairman for Nikuba Romania, he suspected that Ferrari and Lamborghini only wanted to imitate his Nikuba creations and use them on Ferrari and Lamborghini cars. Even worse, it was done without giving any compensation at all or for free, Ferrari and Lamborghini asked for free NIKUBA technology.

Ferrari and Lamborghini are suspected of stealing "Nikuba" technology.

    When asked to present Nikuba technology in Italy, Aryanto Misel deliberately did not bring the device. Aryanto acknowledged this. He deliberately did not bring the complete Nikuba for fear of being asked to disassemble the device, and this proved to be true. The big surprise came when Ferrari and Lamborghini provided Nikuba made in Romania.

    Aryanto explained that Nikuba Romania is very different from the Nikuba he developed in Cirebon, West Java. The funny thing is, Aryanto Misel was asked to repair the Nikuba Romania because Ferrari and Lamborghini wanted to test it. This Romanian-made device can be repaired by Aryanto Misel very easily and can start these cool supercars.

    After explaining what Nikuba was to the Italian engineer, Aryanto said he was disappointed that there was no chat regarding the copyright compensation he was expecting. Aryanto was finally disappointed and regretted having come to Italy but was only lied to. Aryanto Misel refuses to dismantle "NIKUBA'S SECRET" which is claimed to be able to turn water into hydrogen fuel.

Aryanto Misel Selling patents for extinguishing agents made from cassava peels and bulletproof vests.

    Miyanto Misel also creates organic materials for extinguishing fires, which are made from cassava peels that contain potassium citrate, which functions as a fire retardant and is widely available in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Cassava Extinguisher Created by Aryanto Misel

    Cassava peel can be made in powder or liquid form. And the patent was sold to Japan. Aryanto Misel said that most fire extinguishers sold in the market use halon, a chemical gas with the scientific name Bromochlorodifluoromethane or BCF. because it contributes to the depletion of the ozone layer.

bulletproof vests Hand Made By Aryanto Misel

    Apart from that, Aryanto also makes bulletproof vests made of organic materials as well. The organic materials are lighter coconut fiber and sugarcane fiber cloth as the main materials for making bulletproof vests. 

    Aryanto Misel's creations have also been exported to Japan and Hong Kong. Aryanto's bullet-proof vest can withstand long-barreled level 5 bullets, and assault rifles.

    Aryanto Misel explained that his bulletproof vest did not use plates inside the vest as an additional layer of protection. 

    This bulletproof vest has a thickness of about 2.5 cm. Aryanto said he was confident with his findings, as evidenced by how Hong Kong and Japan consistently used the bullet-proof vests he made. Aryanto sold the patent to Hong Kong and Japan for US$ 60,000.