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Thursday, November 17, 2022

PGN and Turkiye SOE BOTAS Establish LNG Business

    PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk (PGN) is collaborating with Turkish State-Owned Enterprise (SOE), and BOTAS to work on opportunities in natural gas, and Liquified Natural Gas (LNG).

    PGN President Director M. Haryo Yunianto explained that PGN's cooperation with Botas is not limited to the supply of natural gas and LNG, but also includes the development of hydrogen cooperation, LNG infrastructure, LNG trading, underground gas storage facilities, HR development, and another business potential. 


    Indonesia and Turkey can become essential energy markets for the sustainability of bilateral energy trading, especially natural gas. To support cooperation, PGN and BOTAS continue to coordinate regarding infrastructure readiness such as FSRU and LNG terminals, said Haryo in a press release.

    According to Haryo, diversification of natural gas supply routes and sources is important for the certainty of natural gas and LNG supplies. Therefore, the distribution of natural gas and LNG for Turkiye will also come from other sources, not only from Indonesia.

    Currently, the Arun LNG Hub is operating, which is managed by PT Perta Arun Gas (PAG) as an affiliate of Subholding Gas. Arun's strategic location makes it an Asian LNG trading center and Global LNG Hub destination such as China, Australia, Angola, Egypt, and the United States.

    PAG's main business is the LNG receiving terminal, regasification, and LNG Hub. Strategic location near the Malacca Strait with the potential for nearly 100,000 ships to sail through, making it an important capital for PAG as a world-class LNG Hub center. Its operation is fully supported by the government through the appointment of PAG, explained Haryo.

    Haryo continued, and this collaboration is expected to continue to the commercial stage. Later, it is believed that PGN will benefit from further expanding its business to the international arena. On the other hand, Turkey can be assisted in fulfilling natural gas energy in big cities and industrial centers as consumers of natural gas in large quantities.

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