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Saturday, March 11, 2023

Nord Stream Blow Up with Code Name BALTOPS 22

    In a video from youtube, USA Senator Richard Black, reveals the purpose of the US occupation of Syria.

    This is the statement from USA Senator Richard Black: "Syria used to have a  significant grain surplus, people in Syria used to be very well off before the w4r"

"We (the US) want to take the wheat to create hunger.

    The idea is that by stealing Syrian oil and gas we can shut down  the transportation system in Syria and at the same time same, in winter we can freeze to death Syrian civilians"

"We facilitate the arrival of t3rr0r1sts from 100 countries of the world. They are given information that when they come to Syria it is legal to k1ll their husbands, then they can control their wives and children. Then they do it massively, so what happens is a campaign of r4pe, this is a campaign of r4pe organized"

    The point is that Syria was attacked by ISIS, and behind ISIS  there is the support of Israel, America, and Britain, especially America, who are the masterminds.

Baltic Operations 2022

    The aim is to reduce Syria's power in the Middle East so that the balance of power remains with western countries. Who is helping Syria? obviously Russian. Bashar Al-Assad is an ally of Russia.

    It's the same with Turkey, therefore Bashar Al-Assad, even though the Turkish army earlier this year entered as far as 30 km into Syrian territory, Bashar Al-Assad doesn't mind, because together strengthening their respective territories against the Kurdish uprising movement.

    It is very clear that also behind the Kurds is America. Syria used to be a prosperous country in the Middle East, but now it is devastated by America's targets so that there is no power other than a country whose leaders are puppets who are obedient under American control or who are weak leaders that America can control who are not attacked by their leaders.

    Russia was very lucky to protect Bashar Al-Assad, if not been protected by Russia, Bashar Al-Assad is the third leader killed by America in 20 years after Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and Muammar Gaddafi in Libya was wiped off the earth.

    The world is silent, not daring to blaspheme. In contrast to Russia, which is fighting against NATO is considered a crime, even though the Self Defense of the Offense is America. Then we head to the Nord Stream pipe.

    Six months ago we all know there was an explosion in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines and we have confirmed it was the Americans because not many troops or soldiers could carry out bomb attacks in underwater explosions such as in cold Baltic Sea positions, very deep, and undetected by countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania.

    The Nord Stream pipeline is two pipelines each 750 miles long or about 1100 KM in length from Russia to Germany via the Baltic sea. Why is it important that we discuss it? because as a sovereign country, your country must take the right attitude and be able to take advantage of the situation so that your country becomes a superpower country, a global player.

    Nord Stream 1 is an important gas that powers 60% of electricity in Germany and 30% of the rest of Western Europe.

    Nord Stream 2 in 2021 was barely operational when Russia invaded Ukraine. And on September 26, 2022, 2 bombs blew up the pipe. Whoever blew up the pipe was not just sabotaging t3rror1sm but an act of w4r on Russia and w4r on the German people.

    The climax is the Pulitzer Winner, a journalist named Seymour Hers reveals all the secrets of the bomb attack.

    The Nord Stream pipeline whose headwaters are in the Viborg region of Russia through the baltic exclusive zone 5 lands in Germany in the Greifswald region; the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is upstream from the Russian territory in Ust Luger, it also lands in Germany's Greifswald. The 2 bombs that detonated occurred near the Danish island of Bornholm.

    Intelligence data confirms that the military operation to attack the Nord Stream gas pipeline was carried out directly by Jake Sullivan, chairman of the NSC (American National Security Council) or Joe Biden's current security advisor.

    Jake Sullivan, a young man, an aggressive, 47-year-old man who is known to be aggressive and close to the defense of American military contractors who are the most important part of the Industrial

    The American Military Complex and international news have spread that the Nord Stream detonation plan is planned for December 2021, which is 3 months before Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

    An official meeting which was attended by Joe Biden and Jake Sullivan was also attended by the Chief of Staff of the military or joint staff of the American Army and the Director of the CIA, then after several weeks of brainstorming, divers from the US Navy, from the Salvage Center in Panama City.

    Panama was chosen directly by top military officials, and the CIA, to execute the task. This is done so that there is no leakage of information until this sabotage operation is completed or forever nothing is leaked to the media with a very secretive level, the Highly Secretive Mission.

    The Nord Stream pipeline blasting exercise was carried out directly in the batik sea because this operation became a multinational effort in which 3 countries assisted, namely Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

    Why Norway? This large European gas-producing country is an early member country of NATO. It has reliable sailors, especially the Navy, it is the Norwegian sea troop that helps determine where the exact bombing spot is that is not detected by the Russian sea controllers.

    Then the American navy detonated the bomb after dozens of drills or "Baltops 22" in the Baltic area which is a multinational diving drill.

    All of that was finally done on September 6, 2022 yesterday. When the bomb exploded in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipes, America celebrated the happiness of millions of other people. 

    The Potus said through its foreign minister, Blinken, that "this is the time when Europe will no longer depend on Russian gas because Putin has made gas a weapon to paralyze Europe."

    America forgot a little and pretended to forget that the bomb that detonated harmed Western Europe, especially its own allies, namely the German people.

    This is an action that can create a long war in Europe, which according to America's wishes that it can sell weapons and territory away from the American mainland so that America continues to colonize Europe, just as America colonized the Middle East, colonized Asia, colonized Africa, all of which are continuously gripped by America.

    Next question Is Putin going to push his nuclear button aboard the Russian doomsday plane?

 #Peace. #Geopolitics