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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Subholding Upstream Pertamina Wins The 13th Annual Global CSR Summit & Awards 2021

Labuhan Beach CSR of PHE WMO

    Sub holding Upstream Pertamina won an international award at The 13th Annual Global CSR Summit & Awards 2021 for the implementation of the CSR Program, especially in the aspect of Community Involvement & Development (CID) which is innovative and sustainable and provides measurable benefits for the environment and the community, especially around the operational area on Tuesday (16/11/2021).

Tracking in Labuhan Beach by PHE WMO

    The Annual Global CSR Award event is one of the prestigious awards at the international level which is held every year, with a selective scoring system which this time was participated by companies from 7 countries in the Asia Pacific region.

Labuhan Beach Mangrove Park by PHE WMO

    Pertamina's Upstream Subholding received 6 awards in various categories that contributed to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targets, including supporting Goal 2 Without Hunger, Goal 4 Quality Education, Goal 5 Gender Equality, Goal 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth, Goal 13 Addressing Climate Change, Goal 14 Ocean Ecosystems, and Goal 15 Land Ecosystems.

    In the category of Empowerment of Women Award, Subholding Upstream Pertamina won the Platinum award, which is the highest award, through CSR programs implemented in several work areas. These CSR programs involve and empower women in supporting the achievement of SDGs 5, namely Gender Equality, one of which is the implementation of CSR programs carried out by PHE West Madura Offshore (PHE WMO) and PHE Jambi Merang.

Blogger Agus Punomo in PHE WMO

''The CSR program carried out not only targets the economic value for the beneficiaries but also produces new values, namely, behavior that refers to women's gender equality in the community so that they are also able to become Agents of Change both in their families and communities,'' explained Arya. Dwi Paramita, Corporate Secretary of Pertamina's Upstream Subholding who was met separately.

Gazebo in Labuhan Beach by PHE WMO

    While in the Best Environmental Excellence Award category, Pertamina's Upstream Subholding won 2 awards, namely Gold through the Labuhan Mangrove & Coral Reef Ecotourism Program which is an innovation of PHE WMO, part of Zone 11 Regional East Indonesia, as well as a Silver award for the Footprint Program (Jerih Kerja Karawang, The Spirit of Healthy Farmers for Food Security Increases), which was initiated by PT Pertamina EP (PEP) Subang Field which is part of Zone 7 Regional Java Subholding Upstream Pertamina.

Touring boat in Labuhan Beach

"The Labuhan Mangrove & Coral Reef Ecotourism Program succeeded in planting a total of 76,050 mangroves and sea pine with a total accumulation of carbon sequestration until 2021 of 16,875.77 tons CO2 eq, which has supported Labuhan Village in obtaining the title of ProKlim Utama Village from the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry in 2021," Arya said.

    Pertamina's Upstream Subholding also received a Gold award for the category of Excellence in Provision for Literacy & Education Award through the 'PELITA' Program (Environmental Education for Children) and Waste for Education: One Stop Solution conducted by Pertamina EP Subang Field, part of Zone 7 Regional Java Pertamina Upstream Subholding.

    The other two awards were for the Best Community Program Award category, achieving a Gold rating through the Polyculture Program, Innovation for Optimization of Pond Products developed by Pertamina EP Tambun Field, part of Pertamina's Upstream Java Subholding Zone 7 Regional. 

    In the same category, Pertamina's Upstream Subholding also received a Bronze award for the implementation of the Desa Cinta Bumi Respons Api program, a program based on climate change mitigation and adaptation as an effort to prevent forest and land fires from PHE Jambi Merang, part of Zone 1 Regional Sumatra Subholding Upstream Pertamina.

“This achievement is a manifestation of Pertamina's Upstream Subholding commitment in implementing the CID Program as part of implementing Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) performance aspects to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs. This award provides motivation for us to continue to innovate and strive to spread wider benefits to the community, especially around our operational areas throughout Indonesia,'' concluded Arya.

    In conjunction with the 2021 Global CSR Award, the 12th Annual Global CSR Awards 2020 was also held, which was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In the 2020 Global CSR Award, PHE, which is now Pertamina's Upstream Subholding, won several awards in a number of categories, including the Gold award for the Excellence in Provision for Literacy & Education Award category through the Minority Group Empowerment Program through Education at PHE Jambi Merang and JOB Pertamina- Medco E&P Tomori Sulawesi.

RIG PHE WMO near Labuhan Beach

    In the Best Community Category, PHE through the Community-Based Ecotourism Program from PHE WMO and PHE Siak also won a Bronze Award and a Bronze award in the Women Empowerment category by JOB Pertamina-Medco E&P Tomori Sulawesi with the Sinorang Herbal Village Program.

    The 2020 award was also won by Pertamina EP Tarakan Field from the Border School Program for Education Equity in Disadvantaged Areas in the Excellence in Provision for Literacy & Education Award Category with a Gold rating., Thursday, Nov 18, 2021

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