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Chevron Gives License to Use IT Applications to Pertamina

    In order to support the smooth transition of the Rokan Block, PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia (PT CPI) has agreed to license the use of 123 information technology (IT) applications to Pertamina Hulu Rokan (PHR) as the next operator. These applications have been very important in supporting the digitization of oil and gas operations and production activities in the Rokan Block to run efficiently.

“Information and data technology is one of the main components in the Rokan Block transition process. Therefore, the transfer of management to the next operator must be carried out carefully and systematically so that the operation of the Rokan Block continues without technical problems when it is transferred on August 9," said Managing Director of Chevron IndoAsia Business Unit & President Director of PT CPI Albert Simanjuntak.

    Almost all IT applications that have been used by PT CPI will be granted a user license to PHR. These applications, among others, are used for monitoring oil production and transportation in real-time, monitoring the condition of wells and drilling rig activities, regulating the Duri field steam injection, managing partners, managing the procurement of goods and services, and others.

    Last April, PT CPI, and PHR signed an agreement to activate the Rokan Transition Network (RTN), which is an intermediary network used to transfer PT CPI's applications. PHR will be able to access the RTN to install and test commercial applications. PT CPI supports the preparation of all applications that are licensed to use the PHR so that they can operate properly before the process of transferring the management of the Rokan Block. 

    To date, more than 80 applications have been completed in the RTN. In addition, PT CPI also cooperates intensively with PHR to transfer data into IT systems/applications that will be needed after the transfer of management of the Rokan Block.

Blogger Agus Purnomo in SKK Migas

"The parties involved, namely SKK Migas, PT CPI, and PHR, have the same passion and commitment to realize a safe, smooth, and reliable management transfer so that coordination takes place well," said Albert.

the Rokan Block by Chevron

    Joint Utilization The success of the drilling program is an important part of efforts to maintain production levels in the Rokan Block after the transfer of management. To ensure the availability of material supplies to support the drilling program, PT CPI and PHR have signed a joint utilization agreement of state-owned warehouse facilities in the Rokan Block on April 21. 

    With this agreement, PHR can begin to import and store materials to support the drilling program in warehouses managed by PT CPI in Duri and Dumai. These materials include pipes, conductors, casings, tubing, wellheads, valves, cables, and pumps. Currently, a number of PHR materials have arrived at PT CPI's warehouse in Dumai. The arrival of other materials will follow.

"Hopefully, after the date of the transfer of management later, the drilling program can continue without any disruption to material supply because PHR's materials are already available in the field," said Albert.

Working Area the Rokan Block

    PT CPI is a Cooperation Contract Contractor (KKKS) from the Government of Indonesia that operates the Rokan Block in Riau. In operating the Rokan block, PT CPI works under the supervision and control of SKK Migas.

Investor Daily, Page-10, Thursday, June 3, 2021


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