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Kepodang Field supplies gas again


    The Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities (SKK Migas) stated that the Kepodang Field, Muriah Block, returned to flow gas since last February. This gas supply is around 20 million standard cubic feet per day / Mmscfd. 

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    SKK Migas Operations Deputy Julius Wiratno said that the gas supply from the Kepodang Field has been flowing since some time ago to PLTGU Tambaklorok owned by PT PLN (Persero).

Kepodang Field

"We have returned gas from the Kepodang Field some time ago at a rate of around 15-20 MMscfd," he said.

    This was also confirmed by the Regional Business Director for Java, Madura, and Bali PLN Haryanto WS.

"It is true, the gas from the Kepodang Field has been flowing again," he said.

    Kepodang Field, Blok Muriah started producing 56 MMscfd of gas for the first time at the end of August 2015. This gas supply is supplied by the Kalimantan-Java (Kalija) I pipeline managed by PT Kalimantan Jawa Gas (KJG) to the Tambak Lorok in Semarang Center Java Steam Gas Power Plant (PLTGU) belongs to PLN. 

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    However, in July 2017, Petronas stated that the Kepodang Field was in force majeure because reserves did not match predictions.

    This field gas production was then stopped on September 23, 2019. PT Saka Energi Indonesia then received permission from SKK Migas to restart gas production in the Kepodang Field.

    In the future, his party cannot confirm whether the gas production at Kepodang Field can be increased. The reason is that the field development plan is still being discussed by Saka Energi.

"Regarding the next development plan, we are still evaluating it by considering Saka's potential," he said.

    Director of Strategy and Business Development, Syahrial Mukhtar, once revealed that the Kepodang Field has the potential to produce natural gas on average around 15 billion British thermal units per day / BBTUD for 37 months since the first gas flow (gas in).

    This supply is planned to be channeled to PLTGU Tambak Lorok in Semarang and industrial customers in Central Java with a total volume of around 10-20 Mmscfd. PGN has been involved in managing the Kepodang Field, Muriah Block from the start through Saka Energi Muriah Limited (SEML) with a 20% PI ownership.

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    However, Petronas Carigali Muriah Limited (PCML) and SEML have signed a legal document for the transfer of Petronas' participating interest or Deed of Assignment (DoA) participating interest shares at the end of January. Thus, now SEML holds 100% participating rights in the Muriah Block.

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