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Again, Oil Reserves Found in Madura


       Petronas, through its company, PC North Madura II, managed to find oil reserves through the Hidayah-1 Exploration well in the North Madura II Working Area, which is located off the coast of East Java, Indonesia. The discovery was a result of the Hidayah-1 Exploration well drilling started on January 7, 2021, and has reached a depth of 2,739 meters.

Emeliana Rice-Oxley

    Vice President of Exploration, Upstream Petronas Emeliana Rice-Oxley said, Hidayah-1 well managed to find a reservoir layer containing good quality oil in the Ngimbang Carbonate Formation and had a flow test result of 2,100 barrels of oil per day (BOPD) with high quality also good.

"The discovery of the Hidayah-1 Exploration well is a major historical landmark for the North Madura II Work Area as evidenced by the potential for an oil-filled reservoir layer in the area," said Emeliana Rice-Oxley.

"This also encourages the development of the large promising potential of Exploration in Indonesia," said Emeliana Rice-Oxley.

Blogger Agus Purnomo In SKK Migas

    According to the plan, the results of the Hidayah-1 Exploration well drilling will be further evaluated to determine the potential size of these reserves. Meanwhile, Deputy for Planning of SKK Migas Jaffee A Suardin said that currently, his party is conducting a final analysis related to determining the number of resources.

"Of course, this discovery in the future will provide benefits for local governments and local communities after the potential for oil can be produced," he said.

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