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21 EOR Projects will be Upstream Until 2030

    The Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities (SKK Migas) plans 21 enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects to start operating until 2030. EOR is planned to support the achievement of the oil production target of 1 million barrels per day (BPD)  by 2030.

Blogger Agus Purnomo in SKK Migas

Head of SKK Dwi Soetjipto said, if there is no effort, national oil production will continue to decline in the future. In order to achieve the target of 1 million bpd by 2030, a number of strategies have been formulated by his party, namely accelerating the transformation from reserves to production, exploration, and implementation of EOR activities.

Dwi Soetjipto

"A total of 21 EOR projects using polymers, surfactants, and CO2, are planned to start onstream until 2030," he said.

He explained that his party had identified which oil and gas fields this EOR activity would apply. In SKK Migas data, there are 42 oil and gas fields that are candidates for this EOR activity. Unfortunately, the implementing agency for upstream oil and gas activities did not specify which fields would start producing additional production by 2030.

"We have identified which arenas [for EOR], and what the reserves and production are like," said Dwi.

The 42 oil and gas fields are Minas, Melibur, Bangko, Medium Water, Widuri, Bajubang, Kenali Asam, Batang, Tanjung, Bekasap, Guruh, Ramba, Jatibarang, Zelda, Eman, Walio, and Duri Ring fields. Apart from that, there were Krisna, Rantau, Limau PQ, Tanjung Tiga Barat, Zulu, Pedada, Rantau Bais, Jirak, Balam South, Tempino, Farmers, Handil, Gemah, Kaji May, Prosperous, Kulin, Zamrud, and Raja fields.

Referring to SKK Migas data, the EOR project is targeted to start increasing national oil production in 2024 with two projects starting onstream. Furthermore, in 2025 and 2027, two projects each are targeted to start producing. After that, a total of 6 EOR projects are planned to start operating in 2028, 5 projects in 2029, and 4 projects in 2030.

Meanwhile, the rest of the EOR projects are scheduled to start production in 2031-2040. In detail, as many as 8 EOR projects will operate in 2031, 5 projects in 2032, 3 projects each in 2033-2034, 2 projects in 2035, 1 project in 2036, 4 projects in 2037, 1 project in 2038, and finally 4 projects by 2040.

Secretary-General of the Indonesian Petroleum Engineering Experts Association (IATMI) Hadi Ismoyo said, there is indeed the potential for additional oil production from EOR activities. However, not only technical aspects but the government must also pay attention to economic aspects so that additional production can be realized.

"The government must open up and provide extraordinary support, including from the fiscal side," he said.

The Rokan Block Chevron

Rokan Block

Dwi added, one of the large potential additional oil production from EOR is expected to come from the Minas Field, Rokan Block. Referring to SKK Migas data, Minas Field will become the backbone of national oil production with production reaching 52 thousand bpd in 2030.

"We hope that EOR Minas can be executed. We depend on Pertamina and partners to make it happen, "he said.

Hadi added that it should be focused on fields that have the potential to generate large amounts of additional oil production, one of which is the field in the Rokan Block. This is because EOR activities are not necessarily economical if they are applied in small fields.

"In Rokan, the original oil base is 8.5 billion barrels. If we talk about 10% recovery, we will already get 850 million barrels, ”he said.

PT Pertamina Hulu Energi (PHE)

Director of Strategic Planning and Business Development of PT Pertamina Hulu Energi (PHE) John H Simamora said, in the EOR planning by SKK Migas, the Rokan Block was included in it. 

    He has entrusted the government and SKK Migas with regard to the EOR project, primarily for the implementation of the EOR test which has been carried out by PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia as the current Rokan Block operator. However, his party is concerned about the economic aspects of the EOR project in the Rokan Block if you see the current oil price developments.

"If the price of oil is still like today, I myself don't think we can run EOR economically," he said.

However, this could be different if the government had other perspectives in implementing this EOR. One of them, if the government will provide incentives to increase the economy of the EOR project.

"But primarily, we want oil prices to improve," said John.

When signing the Rokan Block contract, the implementation of EOR activities was one of Pertamina's commitments. This is as stated in the Decree of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources 1923K / 10 / MEM / 2018. Some of these activities are the US $ 4 million EOR study, US $ 247 million stage-1 CEOR 7 pattern, and the US $ 88.6 million stage-1 steam flood Kulin or Rantau Bais.

Investor Daily, Page-10, Monday, Nov 23, 2020


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