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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Operatorship Switch, Pertamina Directly Drills Well

PT Pertamina (Persero) said it would immediately drill wells once the management of the Rokan Block switched to Pertamina in August next year. This is to anticipate if the company cannot drill wells during the transition of the operatorship transition or management of the Rokan Block.

the Rokan Block

     Pertamina Upstream Director Dharmawan H Samsu said, his party had offered a joint drilling agreement (JDA in the transition period) to PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia as the existing operator of the Rokan Block, but until now, his side had not reached an agreement with Chevron.

PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia

As a precautionary measure, if there is no agreement, Pertamina has now started preparing well drilling in the Rokan Block. The target is, once the block management switches, the company will immediately drill a well.

"The options we are making now are more to make sure we have the readiness to drill in August 2021. This is the most basic option," he said in Jakarta.

Because, without an agreement with Chevron, Pertamina could not do the drilling in the transition period. Dharmawan acknowledged, with this condition, the condition when the transfer of management of the Mahakam Block could be repeated ie the production of the Rokan Block could go down very large.

Referring to Pertamina's data, Rokan Block's oil production could go down to 140 thousand barrels per day (BPD) if there is no drilling in the transition period. Because of that, his party tried to do well drilling without pause once the management of the Rokan Block turned to Pertamina. It has formed a special team that will prepare drilling in this Rokan Block, including the procurement of rigs and other equipment needed.

     Dharmawan explained, this was important because Pertamina's speed in preparing well drilling would greatly determine whether Rokan Block production could be prevented from continuing to fall.

"The reference is not how many wells can be drilled, but how fast we can procure the equipment and equipment needed," he said.

From discussions that have been carried out, there is indeed a target to drill 70 wells in the Rokan Block. According to him, the figure is a good reference to start drilling preparation.

"So every month we will review the progress of the existing preparations," Dharmawan said.

The drilling equipment procurement usually takes one year, so that the company still has enough time to remember since there are still 15 more months until the existing Rokan Block contract expires. Parallel to the preparation of drilling, it will continue to discuss with Chevron. He believes the government will also try to make the company be able to drill wells in the transition period for the management of the Rokan Block.

"But the most important thing is to ensure that when the transfer is managed, the drilling team is ready to go into the field. So there is no delay, "he stressed.

Earlier in a meeting with Commission VII of the Indonesian House of Representatives, PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia President Director Albert Simanjuntak said it would no longer drill wells in the Rokan Block because the contract would expire in 2021.

This policy is likely to last until the contract expires. Even though the Rokan Block has become one of the mainstays of the government to pursue the national oil production target.

Deputy Head of SKK Migas Fatar Yani Abdurrahman had said that if Pertamina could drill at least 70 wells in the Rokan Block this year, the country could get an additional oil production of around 20 thousand BPD. During its heyday in 1973, Rokan Block's oil production reached almost 1 million BPD.
     However, oil and gas block production continues to decline over time. In 2011, the Rokan Block still produced around 356.98 thousand BPD oil or contributed 39.56% of the total national oil production at that time 902.35 BPD. But referring to SKK Migas data, this year, oil production from the Rokan Block is targeted at only 160 thousand BPD.

Investor Daily, Page-9, Wednesday, March 11, 2020

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