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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Pertamina EP Asset 4 Drill in Six New Wells

PT Pertamina EP Asset 4 has carried out the 2020 Work Plan Kickoff activity which was followed by all Field Managers and Managers in Asset with the aim of aligning the vision and mission of Asset 4 in realizing performance targets in 2020.

"We have exceeded 2019 very well although production targets have still not been reached. My hope in 2020 this work plan that we have prepared together can be carried out well and production can be achieved by 16,100 BOPD and for gas by 162.22 MMSCFD, "said Asset 4 General Manager, Agus Amperianto.

Agus Amperianto

Agus added that to support the achievement of the 16,100 BOPD production target and for the gas of 162.22 MMSCFD, Asset 4 has a work plan with 6 new drilling wells, including in Cepu Field 4 Wells (KWG-PWAI, KW G-PCAI, KWG-PXA1, SMG-SMG) P17S), Sukowati Field 1 Well namely SKW-1003 and Papua Field 1 Well namely SLW-A9X.

PT Pertamina EP Asset 4 Area

"In addition, there is 4 work over Wells, in Cepu Field 3 Wells (NGL-P0 l, LDX-P02, SMG-UPD01) and Poleng Field l Well-BWH 4H. Then there are seismic survey activities and other studies, "he said.

In addition to new drilling and workover, for future evaluation, it is also necessary to strengthen Well Intervention and make new efforts such as reinterpretation of data.

Block Cepu Field

"We will see the data again," Agus said.

Donggi Matindok Field in Sulawesi

Meanwhile in 2020 Asset 4 has 85 Well Intervention plans, where Cepu Field plans 24 Job, Poleng Field 7 Job, Donggi Matindok Field in Sulawesi 2 Job, Papua Field 27 Job and Sukowati Tuban Field 25 Job.

Blogger Agus Purnomo in Sukowati Tuban Field

"With the Well Intervention effort, we hope to be able to put a halt to the decline in natural production or the Decline Rate by 30% per year," Agus explained.

For development plans in Eastern Indonesia, Papua Field will conduct drilling at Salawati well SLW-A9X.

"This is well-awaited Wells drilling because after a while we have just had the opportunity to do well drilling. It is hoped that the SLW-A9X well drilling will produce good results of around 220 BOPD, "Agus hoped.

Bhirawa, Page-10, Wednesday, Feb 19, 2020.

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