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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Two Oil and Gas Projects Potentially Backward

The Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities (SKK Migas) stated that there are two oil and gas projects whose operational schedule (on stream) will go back to next year 2020, namely the Bukit Tua Phase 3 and Buntal Projects. Both were originally operational at the end of 2019.

SKK Migas Deputy for Operations Julius Wiratno said, not all projects planned to operate by the end of this year will be realized. One project, the Buntal-5 Project, is certain to be delayed in operation until 2020. The same thing has the potential to occur for the Bukit Tua Project Phase 3.

"The pufferfish has been delayed because the drilling rig has entered Indonesia from Vietnam. Bukit Tua may be delayed, but we are recovering, "he said.

The Puffer-5 Project is carried out by Medco E&P Natuna Ltd. The project, with an investment value of US $ 33 million, is targeted to produce gas of 45 million cubic feet per day (mmscfd). The project's scope of work includes the installation of a new 8km umbilical subsea, subsea production control system, subsea protection structure, 8 inch flowline of 175 m, modification of existing SCU software, and pigging facilities.

Furthermore, the Bukit Tua Phase 3 Project in the Ketapang Block was worked on by Petronas Carigali Ketapang II Ltd. The project is estimated to produce 3.82 barrels of oil per day (bpd) and 31 mmscfd of gas. 

    The US $ 15 million project includes the construction of a deck extension on the WHP BTJT-A eskisting, installation of four conductors and clamps, modification of the existing IRCD for chemical injection, addition of a new wellhead control panel, and installation of a wet gas flowmeter.

The two projects are planned to start operating the rest of the year along with four other projects. The Buntal-5 project, according to SKK Migas data, was originally operational in November 2019. While the Bukit Tua Project Phase 3 is scheduled to start operating in December 2019. The other four projects will operate on schedule.

"The remaining projects [which will be operational this year] are Kedung Keris, Bison-Iguana-Gajah Putri, Temelat, Harvest, and Big Bamboo," said Julius.

Premiere Oil Natuna Sea BV

The Bison-Iguana-Gajah Putri project with 163 mmscfd gas production was undertaken by Premiere Oil Natuna Sea BV with an investment of US $ 171 million. The project project by PT Medco E&P Indonesia with an estimated production of 10 mmscfd and an investment of US $ 11 million.

the Cepu Block by EMCL

Harvest Project with an estimated production of 2,000 bpd by PetroChina International Jabung Ltd with an investment of US $ 17 million. Finally, the Full Well Stream Kedung Keris Project in the Cepu Block was undertaken by ExxonMobil Cepu Limited (EMCL) with a production of 3,800 bpd and an investment of US $ 72 million. Regarding the Bamboo Project, Julius said that this was an additional project in 2019.

"We are trying to speed up the Big Bamboo Project to increase oil and gas production in 2019," he said. Although he admitted, the oil and gas production produced by this project was not large to replace the delayed production of Buntal-5 and Bukit Tua Phase 3. "Additional oil from the Great Bamboo Field is approximately 2,700-3,000 bpd," he added.

In addition to two potentially delayed projects, SKK Migas also ensured the cancellation of one project that was originally operational in 2019, namely the YY Project undertaken by PT Pertamina Hulu Offshore North West Java (PHE ONWJ). Because, there was an incident of gas and oil leakage in the project.

PT Pertamina Hulu Offshore North West Java (PHE ONWJ)

The project was originally planned to produce 4,605 ​​bpd of oil and 25.5 mmscfd of gas. However, Julius had revealed, it was difficult to reach the target of lifting oil and gas in 2019, namely 775 thousand bpd of oil and 7,000 mmscfd of gas. Until the end of October 2019, the realization of oil lifting was recorded at 742.9 thousand bpd and 5,892 mmscfd of gas. 

    In addition to pursuing on-stream projects, his office is also trying to realize a work program in 2019, such as well drilling and well maintenance. It will also drain stock in several terminals which can add 500-600 barrels.

"The end of 2019 Outlook is lifting 746.2 thousand bpd of oil and 5,896 mmscfd of gas. It is very challenging (reaching the target), but we are still trying, "he said.


Dua Proyek Migas Berpotensi Mundur

Satuan Kerja Khusus Pelaksana Kegiatan Usaha Hulu Minyak dan Gas Bumi (SKK Migas) menyatakan terdapat dua proyek migas yang jadwal operasinya (on stream) mundur ke tahun depan 2020, yakni Proyek Bukit Tua Phase 3 dan Buntal. Keduanya sedianya beroperasi di akhir tahun 2019.

Deputi Operasi SKK Migas Julius Wiratno menuturkan, tidak semua proyek yang direncanakan beroperasi pada akhir tahun ini akan terealisasi. Salah satu proyek, yakni Proyek Buntal-5 dipastikan akan tertunda operasinya hingga tahun 2020. Hal yang sama berpotensi terjadi untuk Proyek Bukit Tua Phase 3.

“Buntal delayed karena drilling rig-nya telah masuk Indonesia dari Vietnam. Bukit Tua mungkin delay, tetapi sedang kami recovery,” kata dia.

Proyek Buntal-5 dikerjakan oleh Medco E&P Natuna Ltd. Proyek dengan nilai investasi US$ 33 juta ini ditargetkan bisa menghasilkan gas sebesar 45 juta kaki kubik per hari (million standard cubic feet per day/ mmscfd). Lingkup kerja proyek ini mencakup pemasangan new subsea umbilical 8 km, subsea production control system, subsea protection structure, flowline 8 inch sepanjang 175 m, modifikasi eksisting SCU software, dan pigging facilities. 

Selanjutnya, Proyek Bukit Tua Phase 3 di Blok Ketapang digarap oleh Petronas Carigali Ketapang II Ltd. Proyek ini diperkirakan menghasilkan minyak 3.82 barel per hari (bph) dan gas 31 mmscfd. Proyek senilai US$ 15 juta ini mencakup pembangunan deck extention pada esksisting WHP BTJT-A, pemasangan empat buah conductor dan clamp, modifikasi eksisting IRCD untuk chemical injection, penambahan wellhead control panel baru, serta pemasangan wet gas flowmeter.

Kedua proyek ini direncanakan mulai beroperasi pada sisa tahun ini bersama empat proyek lainnya. Proyek Buntal-5, sesuai data SKK Migas, sedianya beroperasi pada November 2019. Sementara Proyek Bukit Tua Phase 3 dijadwalkan mulai beroperasi pada Desember 2019. Empat proyek lainnya akan beroperasi sesuai jadwal.

“Sisa proyek [yang akan operasi tahun ini] adalah Kedung Keris, Bison-Iguana-Gajah Putri, Temelat, Panen, dan Bambu Besar,” tutur Julius.

Proyek Bison-Iguana-Gajah Putri dengan produksi gas 163 mmscfd dikerjakan oleh Premiere Oil Natuna Sea BV dengan nilai investasi US$ 171 juta. Proyek Temelat oleh PT Medco E&P Indonesia dengan perkiraan produksi 10 mmscfd dan nilai investasi US$ 11 juta. 

Proyek Panen dengan estimasi produksi 2.000 bph oleh PetroChina International Jabung Ltd dengan investasi US$ 17 juta. Terakhir, Proyek Full Well Stream Kedung Keris di Blok Cepu dikerjakan oleh ExxonMobil Cepu Limited dengan produksi 3.800 bph dan investasi US$ 72 juta. Terkait Proyek Bambu, Julius menyebutkan bahwa ini merupakan proyek tambahan di 2019. 

“ Proyek Bambu Besar kami coba speed up untuk menambah produksi migas di 2019,” ujarnya. Walaupun diakuinya, produksi migas yang dihasilkan proyek ini tidak besar untuk mengganti produksi yang tertunda dari Buntal-5 dan Bukit Tua Phase 3. “Tambahan minyak dari Lapangan Bambu Besar kira-kira 2.700-3.000 bph,” tambahnya.

Selain dua proyek yang berpotensi tertunda, SKK Migas juga memastikan batalnya satu proyek yang sedianya beroperadi pada tahun 2019, yakni Proyek YY yang dikerjakan oleh PT Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore North West Java (PHE ONWJ). Pasalnya, terjadi insiden kebocoran gas dan minyak di proyek tersebut. 

Proyek ini awalnya direncanakan menghasilkan minyak 4.605 bph dan gas 25,5 mmscfd. Meski demikian, Julius sempat mengungkapkan, sulit mencapai target lifting migas tahun 2019, yakni minyak 775 ribu bph dan gas 7.000 mmscfd. Hingga akhir Oktober 2019, realisasi lifting minyak tercatat sebesar 742,9 ribu bph dan gas 5.892 mmscfd. 

     Selain mengupayakan proyek on stream, pihaknya juga berusaha merealisasikan program kerja tahun 2019, seperti pengeboran sumur dan perawatan sumur. Pihaknya juga akan melakukan pengurasan stok di beberapa terminal yang bisa menambah 500-600 barel.

“Outlook akhir tahun 2019 ini lifting minyak 746,2 ribu bph dan gas 5.896 mmscfd. Sangat menantang (mencapai target), tetapi tetap kami usahakan,” kata dia.

Investor Daily, Page-9, Friday, Nov 15, 2019

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